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    Hey Mark,

    I am glad to see that we are on the same page regarding "Songs of Praise"! I
    had thought that I was a loner on that one but I am very glad that you love
    it as well, it has long been one of my favorite albums since I first heard
    it years ago. I recommend it highly to anyone willing to take the time to
    find and listen to it, it has many elements that I love from the drum
    patterns, spacey electronic effects and vocal chants and it is also well
    played throughout!

    leslie/The Power of Sound
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    > > What is this like? Think I'm going to get some of their stuff, havent
    > > heard anything from them yet, but for some strange reason I find myself
    > > strongly attracted to them like i just have to hear it. Anyone have
    > > other recommendations from On U Sound? peace.
    > >
    > > 8/. African Head Charge - Stebeni's Theme - The Master Recordings - On
    > U.Sound
    > Oh man, don't get me started! On-U Sound are one of my all-time favorite
    > obsessions. There is so much great material to recommend. As for the track
    > in question, it's from their 1981 album MY LIFE IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND.
    > It's based around a nyabinghi drum pattern, to which are added some female
    > vocal chanting, and some spacey electronic dub effects which flit in and
    > of the track. Pretty minimal, actually.
    > My favorite African Head Charge album, and one of my favorite albums
    > *period*, has to be SONGS OF PRAISE, from 1990. By this time the band was
    > liberally incorporating all styles of folk music and field recordings into
    > their African dub mix. Highly, highly recommended!
    > The best overall introduction to the On-U Sound label is a double-CD
    > compilation on Virgin Records entitled 15 YEARS IN AN OPEN BOAT. This was
    > released in 1997 but may be pretty difficult to find these days. You might
    > also try any of the 6 volumes in the PAY IT ALL BACK series. Numbers 3 and
    > are my personal favorites.
    > Hope this helps.
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