Re: Mark de Clive-Lowe live in NY?

From: Andy Mitchell (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 02:22:04 CEST

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    > I think I figured it out. This is the listing of peeps at the DEMF. So
    > when it says toronto, nyc, ect...that's the city the DJ/whatever is from,
    > not where they're playing.

    No no, there's nothing more to it than a bunch of gigs, all of which seem to
    have fallen over apart from the DEMF (which was the catalyst for a possible
    US "tour" in the first place). So it's either at the DEMF or the Omoa Music
    launch party Aaron mentioned that you can catch Mark in action... Sorry
    'bout getting people's hopes up about those other gigs, but these things
    happen. Hell, if was living Stateside I'd definitely be heading for Detroit
    this weekend anyway.

    By the way, I've got the Omoa promo CD and it's got some cool trcaks on it.
    My favourite is a guy named Ayro who's also performing at the DEMF. Some guy
    doing cool Stevie Wonder business armed only with a sampler.

    > oh well it would have been nice to see that show on thursday. But is
    > MarkDCL *really* a part of the NYC giant step crew? I never really see
    > anything about it...

    Nah. They like 'im though. He was listed on somebody from Giant Step's Top
    10 of 2000, so there's no doubt that he'll hook up with them at some stage
    for a NY gig. Are Giant Step a "crew" anyway? I thought they were just a
    promotion company/record company.


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