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Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 23:02:07 CEST

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    Thanks for the dublab props Beau.

    This might be a good time for me to fill people in on current events at dublab...

    First off, I am no longer a full-time employee of dublab. I still record a show, "Damage Control" for them on a bi-monthly basis and maintain their L.A. events mailing list. My brother Frosty and Jon Buck are the ones that are steering the dublab ship now.

    A lot of people have been under the impression that dublab is no longer streaming, which is false. What you hear now on the live stream is a rotating archive of dublab DJs that are updated on a bi-monthly basis. A selection of archives from past dublab guests is also available.

    Frosty and Jon are currently working on restructuring the website for a phase 2 launch. They are shooting for July 4th as the relaunch date. I can't really let the cat out of the bag, but expect more streams and guest archives laid out in a more logical/accessible manner.

    Also, keep an eye out for the 'dublab presents: freeways compilation' on Emperor Norton records to hit the bins June 12th. 'freeways' will feature exclusive tracks from Los Angeles artists, such as: Languis, Daedelus, Mia Doi Todd, Dntel, John Tejada, Mannequin Lung, Yesterday's New Quintet (aka Madlib), Divine Styler, Damon Aaron, Nowhereman (aka DJ Nobody), Ammoncontact, Skull Valley (aka Tom Chasteen), and Adam Rudolph.

    There will be a release party at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on June 28th. Most of the album's artists will be performing or DJing and the aforementioned Garth Trinidad (KCRW) will be hosting.

    So there you have it.



    Oh, if you have any job leads in the Los Angeles area, please e-mail them to me.

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    Subject: Re: best dance music websites the live stream is always on point some good stuff in here, but you have to look through the archives.

    for audio my favorites are dublab and interactivedj as mentioned before.

    another good place to look is public radio websites. is the one here and check out the programming schedule for some a-j related stuff. Giles on Saturday nights, Garth Trinidad weeknights, and several other good shows. peace.

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        Subject: best dance music websites
        quickie poll--what are peeps favorite websites for dance music, specifically music close to the a-j bone?
        kevin k
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