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From: Wm. ERROL PACE (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 23:34:45 CEST

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    ok's what we were all hoping for! CO dates. If your not near NYC
    maybe you can hop the border to Canada. Don't miss'em. Giddy w/
    delight...can hardly wait!!

    Giddy, Hell I am Giddy with you though I am bogarted down here but for those
    of you that get the chance don't pass this one up!!! BTW I heard Vancouver
    ROCKS!!! I heard Toronto has a great film festival too. If you don't have
    Cinematic Orchestra's Motion CD, well let's just say this is by far one of
    the best Spacey Downtempo selections I have been bless to hear, Gotta love
    that acoustic Bass and the overall vibe with this. Would love to have their
    vinyl singles on CD singles. Happy Trails to all and enjoy the music.

    Semper Motociclismo,




        Forthcomin US/Canada live dates:
        Tue 19-JUN-2001 Canada, OTTAWA, Babylon
        Wed 20-JUN-2001 Canada, TORONTO, Harbourfront
        Centre, Main Stage
        Fri 22-JUN-2001 Canada, WINNIPEG JAZZ FESTIVAL @
        The Pyramid Cabaret
        Sat 23-JUN-2001 Canada, VANCOUVER, Commodore
        Sun 24-JUN-2001 Canada, VANCOUVER, Performance
        Mon 25-JUN-2001 Canada, VANCOUVER, Sonar
        Thu 28-JUN-2001 USA, NEW YORK, Central Park
        Fri 29-JUN-2001 USA, NEW YORK, Knitting Factory
        Sat 30-JUN-2001 Canada, MONTREAL
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