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    The album is basically deep house with heavy afro and latin grooves. It came out in fall of 1999 on Ibadan Records. IMO the focus is percussion on the album. Lots of intricate subtle rythms laced through the album. It even features (no joke!) Babatunde Olatunji on "Ja Ka Jo"! "Languages" is some of the most mature sounding house I've been exposed to. The songs are mostly warm and sensual except for Suspicious Dub which is COLD and funky as hell. Heres a tracklisting:

    1. Spiritual Inssurection
    2. Git Wa
    3. Marco Polo
    4. Kryptic Elements
    5. Gbedu's Ressurection
    6. Mateen's Theme
    7. Je Ka Jo (Vocal)
    8. Suspicious Dub

    I don't really know anything more, hoped that helped. peace
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            what is mr. joe claussell doing these days? I bought the Language album the day it came out (the second record i ever bought) and still like it to this day esp. "Mateen's Theme". Whats the word on him and Ibadan? peace
        could you tell me what the album's like? I've got know idea what it's like. IS it new material, what sounds,...? Thanks


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