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From: Wm. ERROL PACE (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 01:42:25 CEST

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    >Do you guys know of any releases on CD by Rollercone. I have only heard
    > what is on compilations on Shadow called Five Star Galaxy Part I and II.
    > Point me in the right direction on this. Happy trails!!!!

    i have a copy of the same compilation, and i didn't fail to notice this
    name...rollercone had a single released with nuphonic in 1999 called 'palais
    mascotte', which was a straight jazzy house tune; but their tracks on 5-star
    galaxy are not house at it the same artist?

    I am not sure but I do like what I have heard on the 5 Star Galaxy
    Compilation. I also like some stuff from Le Gooster or is it Goo? Makes
    you wanna go shopping for some tunes!!!


    Semper Motociclismo,

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