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Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 18:14:30 CEST

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    Heloo! you are the man on that side of the atlantic you suggest a place to meet up! it would be a good idea to meet prior to the beginning of the festival! don't you agree? Keep us posted!!!



    P.S. In America it's CDMA not GSM and a lot of funcitionality (like SMS) missing in them! but still we can exchange #'s!

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    >going to the friday night........maybe all the drumrythm goers that wants to
    >hookup and drink a beer can exchange mobilephone numbers? (GSM ;)
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    >> Hiya All!
    >> Who's going over to the Drum Festival, I heard a couple of you that
    >already had booked tickets! I want to hook up there, email me personally I
    >'ll be there since the 6th of June! hope to seeya there!
    >> Serch
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