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Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 17:43:24 CEST

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    Thur. June 7

    08:00 PM

    Erik Truffaz

    With his second U.S. release, Revisité, the young trumpeter from France, has
    taken the original spirit of the ‘70s fusion movement and applied it to the
    highly creative jazz scene in Paris, stirring a new brew. What started in
    England as acid jazz and then spawned on the continent as trip-hop, drum ‘n’
    bass, electro-acoustic and probably some other name as this is written, has
    come together on Revisité as music that’s completely original, and perhaps
    beyond category. Stylistically, strongly influenced by Miles Davis, the
    young French man
    also owes a debt to the spacious recording style of Kenny Wheeler, the
    sensuality of Chet Baker, the dexterity of boppers Booker Little and Dizzy
    Gillespie, as well as the free explorations of Don Cherry. Like Miles, a
    visionary to be sure, Truffaz has stood on the edge of what’s currently
    contemporary, cradled and nurtured it, and then threw it further ahead.

    TICKETS ($8.00 | $8.00)

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