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Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 22:08:32 CEST

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    DAY ONE (Saturday)

    I started off the day watching FRANCISCO MORA's band.
    As you probably know he is the percussionist for
    Innerzone Orchestra (and ex-Sun Ra Arkestra). Really
    nice live set.

    KIRK DEGIORGIO's dj set was next, decent stuff but it
    didn't really excite me much. So I went over to see
    AFRONAUGHT's dj set. He threw down some awesome West
    London Broken Beats. I wasn't familiar with very many
    of the tunes, pretty awesome stuff. I can't wait for
    these to start filtering into the shops.

    Next up was P'TAAH live, they had a really good "live"
    sound...Latin percussion, jazz tangents, intricate
    digital rhythms. Pretty tight.

    I also cruise over to check out PREFUSE 73. I watched
    about two songs and wasn't feelin it.

    MARK DE CLIVE-LOWE's live set was probably my favorite
    of the day. He had a band and a dj scratching. I
    remember he played El Dia Perfecto and Melodius Funk.
    Most of it was on the jazz trip hop vein, but one tune
    sounded almost jungle in tempo. Great performance, I
    wish they could have played for another hour! GREAT!

    Next up I went to see KIT CLAYTON, although I have
    liked some of his live sets in the past. I was not
    into this one.

    Next act I saw was TORTOISE. The first tune I heard
    from them was absolutely awesome. So I stuck around
    for the rest of their set. They had some really great
    moments, and some that were a little boring. Overall
    a pretty neat performance.

    Next up I started watching JAZZANOVA and AUTECHRE.
    Since I wanted to see both of them, I went back and
    forth. The only criticism I have for DEMF is that
    Autechre should have played in a much bigger area,
    because there were so many people there for them.
    What I heard of Autechre was really cool, and the
    crowd was going nuts. I saw about a dozen people
    jumping 12 feet down just to get down to the floor.
    Security seemed worried that things were going to get
    out of control. After a while I went back out to see
    Jazzanova. There was a massive crowd out there
    dancing in the rain. Jazzanova set was a lot of fun.
    When they dropped UR's "Millenium To Millenium" the
    crowd cheered and started to dance even harder.
    Speaking of "Millenium To Millenium" I heard it played
    so many times it seemed like the anthem of the event.

    I should have stayed for Jay Denham's set, but I
    rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the 7Th City
    Afterhours party. At the 7th City party I saw a few
    djs that I didn't know. I was excited to see Anthony
    Shakir, Titonton Duvante and John Tejada. John's set
    seemed way too short. Anthony Shakir set started off
    with some problems someone accidentally cut the power
    to his tables, Anthony seemed pissed and say "aww
    your making me look like a novice dj, that doesn't
    know what they're doing". Anthony then started
    tearing up the decks, the highlight of his set was
    when he mixed his tune "My Computer is An Optimist"
    into Radiohead's "Idioteque". Titonton never got to
    spin, and Dan Bell hit the decks.


    DAY TWO (Sunday)

    I went out in the rain to check out OPTIC NERVE (Keith
    Tucker). I think the moisture from the rain was
    wreaking havoc on his computer so they had to
    improvise. The people on stage were doing more funk
    oriented stuff. It wasn't bad but it didn't keep my
    interest either. So I went record shopping at the
    Record Time Tent.

    Later in the day I caught part of LAURENT GARNIER
    "live" set. He had some pretty good moments
    especially when he had a guy playing sax over his
    music. Overall, his music sounded a little bland.
    Not bad, but it didn't keep me entertained for very

    Next I saw TITONTON DUVANTE. His live set consisted
    of a violin player, a drummer, a female vocalist, and
    his gear. From start to finish it was absolutely
    BRILLIANT!!! His set was by far the best thing I saw
    at the DEMF. At least two of the tunes he played were
    off his new CD "Selections For Intercourse" on
    Residual. The first tune he played was called
    "Intrigue" (which is only on the CD version of his
    release), and he also played "Enterlude" (which is
    both on the vinyl and CD). If you ever get a chance
    to see him live, don't miss it!!

    Next I went to see KENNY LARKIN spin. The crowd was
    going nuts! He threw down some classic tunes by
    Plastikman, and Lil Louis "French Kiss". I
    unfortunately couldn't stay for too much of his set
    because I wanted to catch SHAKE & STRAND from
    Frictional Records. ANTHONY SHAKIR played a few
    tunes I didn't recognize. The tunes that got everyone
    pumped up was "The FloorFiller" and "With A Piece Of
    Ice.." from his Da Sampla days. STRAND has a lot of
    problems with their set up, but what I heard sounded
    pretty cool.

    I rushed over to see STACEY PULLEN, and he had the
    crowd in a frenzy. He was very slamming and very
    entertaining to watch. I watched his set for a while
    but left early to get ready for the Planet E 10th year
    anniversary party.
    I should note that throughout both days a lot of the
    performers were saying that they showed support for
    Carl Craig, who had recently been fired from the DEMF
    staff. There were tons of people wearing "We Support
    Carl Craig" stickers and people wearing "Carl Was
    Framed Shirts". There were even trucks driving around
    afterparties with animated visuals that would flash we
    support Carl Craig.

    The Planet E 10th Year Anniversary party was
    awesome!!! ORIN WALTERS (Afronaught) played a really
    cool set. LAURENT GARNIER was good for a while, but
    then I got bored. His set was way too long in my
    opinion. After Laurent's set COMMON FACTOR took the
    stage for a live performance. It was pretty
    impressive set, very cool and quirky at times.
    Finally sometime after 5am CARL CRAIG hit the decks.
    He played an eclectic set, that was really great.
    Even though it was after 6am when he finished, I
    wished he would have played a little longer.

    I missed DAY THREE of the DEMF because I had to fly
    back to California. It was a really incredible two
    days!!!! Massive respect to Carl Craig!!! Hopefully,
    next year's event will have the same sort of vibe and
    music integrity that this year has.

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