Re: Truffaz in LA (error)

From: Wm. ERROL PACE (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 00:30:52 CEST

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    Thanks to Mark Turner for pointing out the error of my ways...

    The Truffaz LA show is Thursday night.... Truffaz will be in SF on Friday...

    Man!!! I know I should have save up more of my Delta Sky Miles for these
    shows. Lucky Dawgs, LA and San Fran add those to my fortunate places. I
    heard Judas Priest was going to open up for Erik but I heard Maxi, you know
    Judas's Brother, is now singing vocals for the band. Damn!!! that should be
    a show!!! Bullet Boys Sing!!! "Smooth Up...." Happy Trails!!!

    Semper Motociclismo,


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