RE: Petalpusher's "Breakin it Down" from Midnight Snack Vol. 1

From: Law, Alistair (DEM, North Ryde) (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 01:37:56 CEST

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    ->Found something else out that really does it for me. Take a
    ->listen to track
    ->#9 from Midnight Snack Volume One
    ->by Petalpusher
    ->"Breakin'it Down". Have anyone of you heard this one before?
    -> Does anyone
    ->anyhting else by these folks? Whatta awesome vibe with this
    ->one!!! I could
    ->use more stuff like this in my collection. Give me a holler
    ->and Happy

    This disc was one of my recent aquisitions as well. I'm digging most of the
    stuff I've heard from Naked Music - in particular Carte Blanche vol2 which
    is in the same vein as Midnight Snack - perhaps better. Also on the
    Downtempo vibe, have you heard Slide Five's "people, places and things"?
    It's a few years old now and I don't know if it's still available but IMHO
    it's a Downtempo classic. I still give it a listen on a regular basis.



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