Re: Petalpusher's "Breakin it Down" from Midnight Snack Vol. 1

From: Gen Kanai (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 05:23:42 CEST

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    Steve, Pace,

    I humbly suggest that you visit my "deep house compilations/albums" page
    which has links to many great deep house comps across the net.$86

    My suggestions would be

    "Beach House" (Hed Kandi)
    "Lazy Dog" (Astralwerks)
    "Carte Blanche 1&2" (Naked Music)
    "Harry the Bastard presents: Club H 1&2" (Statra)
    Tom Middleton "Jedi's Knight Out" (DMC/Mixer)


    At 08:51 AM 5/31/01 +0800, Steve Oldmeadow wrote:
    >Petalpusher = DJ Miguel Migs. If you like that Petalpusher vibe I suggest
    >you check out the Beach House compilation on Hed Kandi. Despite the dodgy
    >name it is a great compilation of deep house in the Petalpusher vein. If
    >you haven't heard Music & Wine by Blue Six yet you are missing out.
    >However, if you don't like the last track on Midnight Snack (Lovetronic -
    >Always) then it may not be your cup of tea.
    >Similar stuff I have been digging includes Jesper Dahlback's Stockholm Mix
    >Sessions, Miguel Mig's Nude Dimensions mix compilation on Naked (starts off
    >with Breakin' it Down), Galaxy compilation on Svek and anything by the

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