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Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 06:17:52 CEST

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    This is about one of the best e-mails I've received all week. Yes, it is bizarre to see so much retro-activity lately... Much shame that Radio has
    to resort to recycling than to broaden with such genres (genre?) as acid
    jazz, or trip hop, or jungle or anything new for that matter.

    I just hope we don't have to wait over 12 years to get it on the radio...


    So should I remove my spam from your list? I shall... what's the address?

    At 10:16 PM 5/30/2001 -0000, Wm. ERROL PACE wrote:
    >jmare, aRgo, and Tempo of the Down,
    >What i'd like to see is a metal gods tribute featuring remix work from Alex
    >Attias, Seiji, and P'taah...
    >That sounds interesting. I really love the Vibe on Sade's "No Ordinary
    >Love" from -Love Deluxe-, Stuart Matthewman guitar textures gave it a great
    >vibe with punch.
    >This is an acid jazz list and your post is considered spam here.
    >No offense to anyone at'all but it was sort of refreshing seeing jmare's
    >post here.
    >Plus you
    >are about 15 years too late for 1986,
    >I have to say I live in the past a little too. 1987 was one of those years
    >that Heavy Metal didn't suck. It was refreshing to hear The Cult again on
    >the radio the other day wit their new single "Rise" off of -Beyond Good and
    >Evil-. I saw The Cult open for Billy Idol/Steve Stevens back in 87 on the
    >Whiplash Smile Tour, psst!! those were the days.
    >move out of your moms house
    >Oh the irony there, Man!!! I wouldn't mind moving back in with me Mom,
    >LOL!!! I can take any genre especially if it is Spacey, Ambient and
    >Downtempo. One song I think would cross over really well into Acid Jazz
    >would be Steve Miller's "Fly Like and Eagle", Seal did a pretty good job of
    >it with one of the Batman movies OST I think. "Fly like and Eagle" has one
    >of those awesome vibes to it that fit well into Rock and I think would fit
    >well into Acid Jazz.
    >and lose
    >the mullet.
    >Whatza Mullet? Isn't that a fish? Hell!!! I know what a Mallet is, that's
    >what me Mom would beat me with when she would catch girls climbing in my
    >window, I wager she would have beat me with a Mullet if she could grab hold
    >of one but actually I glad she didn't. Hmm!!! what else in the realm of
    >Hard Rock and Heavy Metal would sound good in the realm of Acid Jazz,
    >Hmm?!!! Till then Ladies and Gentlemen, "Detroit Rock City". Happy
    >Semper Motociclimso,
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    >Subject: Upcoming Houston Weekend Events!
    >The following list of events are brought to you by
    >Propaganda Promotions, or in conjunction with.
    >- Vatos Locos West Coast Tour Kick-Off @ Mary Jane's
    >- Clash of the Titans - Metal Tribute Night @ Cardis
    >- 106.9FM presents POINTFEST - Best of the 80's Festival
    >Come check out over 5 bands for only $5 this Thursday
    >LONE STAR DEVILS (from Texas City)
    >and PWI
    >Thursday, May 31st
    >MARY JANE's - 4216 Washington Ave - (713)869-5263
    >This Friday night, June 1st, Tree Pomotions and
    >Propaganda present Clash of the Titans - Metal
    >Tribute night! Performing all your favorite metal
    >jams will be "Metal Gods" a tribute to Judas Priest
    >featuring James Rivera (Metal Blade Records recording
    >artist with Destiny's End and ex-member of Helstar),
    >"The Band Not Formally Known as Kiss" a tribute to
    >Kiss and special guest "Ozzmosis" a tribute to Ozzy.
    >You'd swear it was the actual bands themselves!
    >The event will take place at:
    >Cardis located at 9301 Bissonnet @59SW FWY.
    >For more info call 713 270-0053.
    >*Local Houstonians may have seen the add in Music
    >News for the event to take place at Club Rio but
    >it has been changed.
    >106.9 The Point presents Point Fest! Featuring some
    >of the best 80's bands live on one stage:
    >The Fixx, Berlin, Asia, A Flock of Seagulls, and
    >The Outfield.
    >POINTFEST will take place in Downtown Houston at
    >Eleanor Tinsley Park Saturday June 9th.
    >Tickets are available at ticketmaster and children
    >under 12 are free.
    >For more information:
    >Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at

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