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Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 11:02:59 CEST

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    At 06:13 PM 5/30/01 -0700, Shane Schaetz wrote:
    >the effect it has on hard disk recording is minimal.

    Actually, it's recommended you DEFRAGMENT your HD often if you're doing HD
    recording, but not necessarily reformat them. I haven't reformatted my c:
    drive since November 1999, when I bought this computer...I do defragment
    and run Norton Win Doctor regularly.

    It's also ideal to keep your OS/program files and audio data on separate
    physical hard drives (and not just separate partitions on the same drive).
    This is beneficial in two ways: 1) If your HD or OS crashes, you can merely
    reinstall the OS and apps and your precious, irreplaceable audio data will
    not be harmed, and 2) Your computer will have faster read/write access to
    your audio data, since the HD heads do not have to flip back and forth on
    the same HD.


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