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From: Dr. Axel Barcelo Aspeitia -- Investigador (abarcelo@minerva.filosoficas.unam.mx)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 00:56:10 CEST

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    Last night I stopped by the Supermarket (yes, the Supermarket!) to do my
    groceries and left with a new batch of Mexican Electronic Music CDs that I
    must comment on:

            1. Nopalbeat Collective: Acid Cabaret (vol. 2?)

    This is the second compilation from this Guadalajara electronic music
    collective, and it also bears the same awful name and bondage imagery (on
    the graphics side, not on the sound itself). However, this is the first
    one on their own Noaplbeat label. After the disappointment of the first
    Acid Cabaret, I was more than hesitant to pick this one up, but what I had
    already heard on the radio was good enough (and it was cheap on sale!).
    Fortunately, this second volume is many times better than the first one.
    Even thoguh the latin samples (mambo, mostly) seem more of an
    afterthought, the beats are fierce this time. The production is still
    lacking, mostly in the mix, where instruments seem to fight for
    centerstage, instead of working together to create a groove. My
    favortie, of course, is Sussie 4 SUITE TROPICAL. Sussie 4 is still miles
    away from the rest of the jarocho scene and remains one of the best
    Mexican Electronic musicians of late. I cannot wait for his album to come

            2. Noiselab Compilation 001

    This is simply awesome. Almost half of the songs come from DJ Uriel E,
    formerly of Abstract Massive and currently at the head of Bounce, the deep
    house radio show and monthly night at Colmillo club (a must for any deep
    house fan when coming to Mexico City). The rest of the lineup is as
    impressive: Digi + Gabo, Club Soda (aka Decada 2) and the now defunct
    Sanchez + Ruiz team of, duh!, Andre Sanchez (formerly of Titan) and Alvaro
    Ruiz (aka Balboa, aka Ruisort, and formerly of Conjunto Perla Caliente!).
    From deep, deep house to groovy bleepie drum and bass, noiselab is the
    most sophisticated of the Mexican Collectives without a doubt and this
    compilation is a must. I think this is the third time this album has been
    released (and I heard the actual songlist has changed a little bit since),
    so the songs are not actually new, but now it is widely available thanks
    to a distribution deal with Asterisco, a division of Universal records in
    Mexico. The selection is by Hector Mijangos, and thank god, it is much
    much better than his own remixes!

    Noiselabs site: www.noiselab.com.mx

    If you read Spanish, check this CD review on Imagen:


            3. Noiselab Compilation EP 002

    This second release by Noiselab is still dominated by house beats, but
    lacks the depth of its predecessor (even though it includes one track from
    Compilation 001 (Club Soda: Fizz my Soul)). Digi+Gabo and Yo+Yo deliver
    solid house tracks, but legendary (?) DJ Koggi (aka Erich Martino, former
    Abstract Massive and current host of Referencia 98.5 fm) gives us a pretty
    disappointing house track, called organik fantastik, which unfortunately
    is neither. The CD also contains some extra goodies from the
    excellent Noiselab designing team: icons, wallpaper and screeensavers. I
    still have not installed them, so I cannot tell you much about them.
    Plus, it gives you access to extra downloadable material online.

     Dr. Axel Arturo
    Barcelo Aspeitia

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