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    very cool. thank u for that.
    el supermercado? que comico!
    can anyone give a report/update on local artists/releases from spain or
    puerto rico? they are two of my most favorite places in the world (ok so im
    a bit biased) and i'd love to support local artists from those scenes and
    play their stuff on my show.

    >From: "Dr. Axel Barcelo Aspeitia -- Investigador"
    >Subject: [acid-jazz] New Batch from Mexico
    >Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:56:10 -0500 (CDT)
    >Last night I stopped by the Supermarket (yes, the Supermarket!) to do my
    >groceries and left with a new batch of Mexican Electronic Music CDs that I
    >must comment on:
    > 1. Nopalbeat Collective: Acid Cabaret (vol. 2?)
    >This is the second compilation from this Guadalajara electronic music
    >collective, and it also bears the same awful name and bondage imagery (on
    >the graphics side, not on the sound itself). However, this is the first
    >one on their own Noaplbeat label. After the disappointment of the first
    >Acid Cabaret, I was more than hesitant to pick this one up, but what I had
    >already heard on the radio was good enough (and it was cheap on sale!).
    >Fortunately, this second volume is many times better than the first one.
    >Even thoguh the latin samples (mambo, mostly) seem more of an
    >afterthought, the beats are fierce this time. The production is still
    >lacking, mostly in the mix, where instruments seem to fight for
    >centerstage, instead of working together to create a groove. My
    >favortie, of course, is Sussie 4 SUITE TROPICAL. Sussie 4 is still miles
    >away from the rest of the jarocho scene and remains one of the best
    >Mexican Electronic musicians of late. I cannot wait for his album to come
    > 2. Noiselab Compilation 001
    >This is simply awesome. Almost half of the songs come from DJ Uriel E,
    >formerly of Abstract Massive and currently at the head of Bounce, the deep
    >house radio show and monthly night at Colmillo club (a must for any deep
    >house fan when coming to Mexico City). The rest of the lineup is as
    >impressive: Digi + Gabo, Club Soda (aka Decada 2) and the now defunct
    >Sanchez + Ruiz team of, duh!, Andre Sanchez (formerly of Titan) and Alvaro
    >Ruiz (aka Balboa, aka Ruisort, and formerly of Conjunto Perla Caliente!).
    >From deep, deep house to groovy bleepie drum and bass, noiselab is the
    >most sophisticated of the Mexican Collectives without a doubt and this
    >compilation is a must. I think this is the third time this album has been
    >released (and I heard the actual songlist has changed a little bit since),
    >so the songs are not actually new, but now it is widely available thanks
    >to a distribution deal with Asterisco, a division of Universal records in
    >Mexico. The selection is by Hector Mijangos, and thank god, it is much
    >much better than his own remixes!
    >Noiselabs site:
    >If you read Spanish, check this CD review on Imagen:
    > 3. Noiselab Compilation EP 002
    >This second release by Noiselab is still dominated by house beats, but
    >lacks the depth of its predecessor (even though it includes one track from
    >Compilation 001 (Club Soda: Fizz my Soul)). Digi+Gabo and Yo+Yo deliver
    >solid house tracks, but legendary (?) DJ Koggi (aka Erich Martino, former
    >Abstract Massive and current host of Referencia 98.5 fm) gives us a pretty
    >disappointing house track, called organik fantastik, which unfortunately
    >is neither. The CD also contains some extra goodies from the
    >excellent Noiselab designing team: icons, wallpaper and screeensavers. I
    >still have not installed them, so I cannot tell you much about them.
    >Plus, it gives you access to extra downloadable material online.
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