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From: t-bird (djtbird1@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 21:05:50 CEST

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    i'm writing from the comfort (hah!) of park slope, bk,
    nyc, usa, earth...

    i played ny's weekly 2-step party last night--wikkid!
    i got so much love from the crowd! i love playing
    here because the people are so responsive. last time
    in was in the city, we played wikkid! our first
    night--jet-lagged as a ___ and people from that gig
    went to most of the other spots we played. i hate to
    admit it, but i don't get love like that where i
    live--l.a. peeps, we gotta be more supportive of our
    homegrown, y'know? i'm at freeskool sat (thanks,
    mark!) @ opaline. i'm looking forward to chillin'
    w/nickodemus & crew. i'm also, trying to hook up a
    set at halcyon--is that shawn dude really hard to
    reach? i'm gonna go down there after i sign-off and
    do a face-to-face--damn, all i wanna do is just play
    some records, not take over the joint, y'know?

    andyways, thass all f' now...

    310.913.9321--if anyone in nyc wants to hang, gimme a call!

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