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Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 18:43:30 CEST

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    Spanish Dancehall is large in Panama and P.R.
    I have a question though...based on the following observations.
    Electronic Jamaican Music, coined for the last two decades as Dancehall and
    incorrectly termed as Reggae, (just take Nor-Tec for example) has gone
    through a lot of changes mainly due to technology and the tight knit group
    of producers and their knowledge of making music.

    This is just one example: the 2hard label's biggest tune is the playground
    riddim which made it's debut in 1996 with the now overplayed Beenie Man
    version of Who Am I. Was created using a Roots sample, a Korg workstation,
    and sequenced on an Atari 1040st.

    We could break down earlier styles of production, for example, Tony Kelly's
    early 90's staccatto driven riddims...using early 90's drum machiens and

    Fast forward to the 21st century and you have a lot of newer gear and sounds
    coming out of Jamaica and everyone has Triton's Emu Phatt Planets and Full
    Blown Protues's
    Few people use MPC's but i know of a couple labels that use the sample based
    of production. (they buy cd's l sounds already like the big fish audio cd's)

    However when i listen to a lot of stuff coming out of PR and Panama I hear
    that early 90's style of beat production similar to the stuff found of the
    CBS release of Supercat and early Killa records.

     I can get a hold of people making new Jamaican Electronic Music and I can
    ask them all sorts of production questions aand their style of making music
    but i can't seem to find out what is going on in PR or Panama...

    As off topic and non AJ as this is...anyone know of anyone making this music
    and why the old style of making riddims are ridiculously popular.

    People i know in sounds from NYC say that most Carribean people are hungry
    for new sounds while the scenes in the Spanish speaking countries are hungry
    for the older stuff.

    I'm in LA and struggling to find a decent audience to spin dancehall too...i
    had better luck in jersey city

    Here;s a link to some old stuff...enjoy

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