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From: t-bird (djtbird1@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 21:25:12 CEST

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    hey folks,

    more news from planet brooklyn (i could learn to love
    this). for those of you that missed it, i had fun
    playing at halcyon (live on the wizeb, babay!), they
    are really, really good people. they let me play as
    soon as i showed up (cool!), and seemed to really vibe
    on the tunes. i had to run out of there to go home
    drop off the tunes and then head up to midtown to see
    my first play on broadway (they say the women treat
    you fine on...) "topdog/underdog" starring wik-wik the
    mighty mos def and wikkidy-wikkidy-wik jeffrey wright.
     man, it was nice to see the room full of brothers &
    sisters of many complexions (ok, mostly black, but
    come on--that's still good) and obviously from
    different parts of town, not just what i would expect
    the usual b'way crowd to be (mostly white,
    monied-types). that's an inexperienced outsider's
    expectation, so if i'm completely off base, educate me
    brother or sister (off-list, please).

    after that we went on what will be forever known as
    the "food odyssey." i think the play let out at 11pm
    to unexpected rain--well, i didn't listen to the
    weather forecast, so there you go. we shelled out $15
    to those truly entreprenurial souls vending
    umbrellas--one of the few benefits of capitalism (hi,
    steve!)--$5 for the small fold-up type, and $10 for
    the long, masculine, non-folding model--sorry it's the
    testosterone. we ducked into a japanese restaurant
    for tea, sake & tempura while we debated where to have
    a "real" meal. a little note from experience about
    the "a & c" lines--after 12m they run express from
    59th to (sit down for this) 125TH STREET!!! so after
    our little sidetrip to harlem (w/o leaving the
    station), we wound up in the 80's on the upper west
    side looking for an italian restaurant that turned out
    to be niko's (which i think is actually greek), but of
    course we got there about 12:30 after they closed.
    after a bit of fretting and indecision, we decided to
    walk to lincoln center (broadway around the 60s?) and
    ended up having a beer, cheese and sausage at
    fiorello's (i think?). this place was in my
    companion's words "frufru", so we weren't gonna have a
    meal there. after she assured me that little italy
    "goes all night" we asked for directions (which train
    to take). we wound up on canal and lafayette at about
    2:30 in the morning (somewhere you *don't* want to be)
    trying not to look lost although we had *no idea*
    which way to head. in situations like that, i look
    for a street that i know (that also doesn't look
    dodgy). we walked up b'way to houston and then asked
    for directions. some godsend of a person mentioned
    going down spring to mott st. so we finally got to
    little italy about 3am and found 2 bars and a clam
    house that were open. my companion doesn't do
    shellfish, so we went to the bar--what else do you do?
     as we were walking back up to houston (on lafayette
    this time) to catch the train home, we saw puck fair
    (owned by the venerable danny mcdonald of swift's
    hibernian lounge) and since we know the owner we
    decided to stop in and have a drink (again). so
    naturally we ended up leaving there after 4--closer to
    5, i think--to head for an atm to catch a cab to a
    *wonderful* diner that our bartender anthony turned us
    onto--florent!! this place is in the meat packing
    district, and has a neon sign in the window w/the
    name. above that is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME. the
    food is really good, *and* they have a bar (fade in
    "lush life" here)!! it's on some street that starts
    w/a g (i'm not even going to attemt to remember) just
    east of washington and about a block or 2 south of
    13th st. anyway, the trip was worth it, and then we
    walked to the 14th st. station and headed home to the

    opaline tonight for freeskool (85 avenue a btw 5th &
    6th, under takahachi restaurant--mark b says they have
    great sushi). see you tomorrow folks,


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