[acid-jazz] Art Blakey Stuff

From: thomas.giles@st-annes.ox.ac.uk
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 01:39:36 CEST

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    Cheers for all the Art Blakey replies (my computer's been broke for
    a month... finally fixed). I have 'Drum Suite' and 'Roots and Herbs' ,
    both of which are excellent. (PS when i first heard Cubano Chant, i
    had the strange feeling of it being very familiar. so did my friends,
    but none of us have been able to work out where we'd heard it. are
    there any famous cover versions?) Moanin' and A Night in Tunisia
    are excellent lps, but i haven't got round to getting them on vinyl
    yet... But i'll look out for "The Freedom Rider" and "The Witch
    Doctor" 'cos i've never heard of these two.
    I've been reading Snowboy's coloumn in Big Daddy about Jazz
    Dance. He's always so elliptical though. I really want to find out
    about a lot of this stuff. The problem i find is that you need to know
    not just the artists, but which particular songs cut it on a dance
    floor. Anybody know of any good websites that would help? What
    about sites giving the history of the "Jazz Dance" scene in the UK
    (PS I don;t want a discussion of what Jazz Dance is, lets just
    concentrate on the tunes, folks.)

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