[acid-jazz] cody chesnutt and more

From: GlesneM@aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 21:51:32 CEST

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    blew a load on downtempo soul music yesterday. its called a golden age yall. i think the most impressive thing though, was probably the cody chesnutt song "serve this royalty" on the new dublab _summer_ comp. a masterpiece of revolutionary soul "we can run this game if we serve this royalty!". so i want to know where i can pick up the LP "headphone masterpiece?" i imagine its a ATL only thing.

    Other goodies - the amp fiddler 12", particularly the songs eye to eye and superficial (play this loud at bourgouis clubs). the james poysner 58th st. mix of the new duplaix 12". the raphael saadiq cut "skyy, can you feel me." the pevan everett cd is now available at dustygroove. highly recommended chicago experimental grooves. the anxiously awaited julie dexter is out and sounding lovely at first listen. the gilles peterson is loaded with morsels we've been waiting for on wax - the mad madlib "flowers" joint, dwele's first angelic appearance, the mighty mos def with charlie hunter sounding lovely, the blissful forss track and of course the drum n bass samba anthem "easy boom" better known as ben's "take it ez my brother charlie." other more experimental winners include the homelife LP and the Dabriye LP on Hefty. The Warp records tour finally got me off my ass and into Prefuse 73 and his folks.
    Last but not least is the new Companionship -- The Sound Of Scandinavia LP on newcomer April records. Filled with unreleased Andres Saag (swell session, stateless, ernesto) joints, as well as the great new kahuun track, funky butti 49 and universal funk jams and other jazzy goodness. the future of music is way north folks.

    saw a wonderful performance by joi yesterday at chicago's neo-soul summer concert series, which deserves mad props for bringing the likes of mrs. dexter, mr. everett, bilal, fertile ground, amel and others to our fine lakefront outdoor stage this summer. floetry plays tonight on the dl at the club. life is good on the leftside.


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