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Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 00:18:24 CEST

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    I'll take a stab at this one

    One word ---->budget!
    I'll use your examples since those are simple and easy solutions and low on

    >1) a small mixing board and effects unit (to
    >mess with instruments) to combine the instruments and tables into one line
    in to
    >the computer.

    this is a proper solution however the quality of your recording will depend
    on the quality of you sound card.
    for example...a small mackie and a single space effects unit will work
    this won't solve your multitracking but it's a great way to get multiple
    instruments into your PC...
    add multitracking software later and you're set. (shamless plug the free
    version of pro tools is great!)

    let's not get it twisted...

    if you shop for a computer wisely...the existing sound card most of the time
    it's good enough to
    record into using the 1/8 input however the key is to shop wisely.

    however with so much product on the market should go with a simple sound
    blaster PCI or turtle beach card?
    or spend a few extra bucks and get a USB audio interface with better i/o's
    (some with 1/4 and digi i/o)
    check you budget on that one.

    AVOID computers with audio interfaces burned into the
    windows it's a pain to disable them
    because sometimes windows re enables's also a pain to have to
    disable it in the bios if you don't know what you're doing.

    >2) a multitrack recording program that would take a line in
    >from mixer and mic in as seperate tracks, that would allow me to apply
    >to one track at a time.

    software? or hardware?

    software multitracking programs will only take inputs from your audio
    interface...if you have just a regular sound card and a program like
    sonar or the (shamless plug) the free version of pro tools you'll have to
    unplug and and unplug and unplug all your sources one by one...
    add a 4 or 6 or 8 channel mixer and you avoid this or get a break out box or
    pci card with multiple in's and use the software's'll need lots
    of ram and a fast PC for this in order to be able to monitor your sound in
    real time. There is a USB box by emagic that has a monitor out that is real
    time so check into that.

    i don't know why a lot of computer heads knock dedicated multitrack
    some give you a mixer, effects, and recording all in one...and better can be a Mix Down source do dump your computer tracks
    some now even allow for mastering and burning to CD so you can do double
    burns as well as backups. i digress...

    >3) I suppose I could also get a super fancy sound card
    >or other thingamajig for the computer. I know nothing about high-end
    >music stuff and the options and potential money to be spent make my head
    >So I want to keep it simple.

    Keep it simple!

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