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Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 02:02:01 CEST

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    Favorite compilations....I had to think hard on this one, but actually
    it kinda goes like this...

    Various Artists--Zen Cuts: Funkungfusion (Ninja Tune)
    I haven't listen to this in a long time, but every time I go back to
    this one something new seems to be found by my ears. It's fantastic, and
    still holds up very well. It's 2 CDs of Ninja of the more
    adventurous ones you will hear. If I had to choose a number one
    compilation pick, this would be it.

    Various Artists--The K&D Sessions (G-Stone)
    This is essential downtempo bliss. The flow from both CDs are just so
    well laid-out. There are several K&D remixes on here, as well. This is
    deep and soulful and just plain great music.

    Various Artists--2000 Black: The Good Good (2000 Black/Planet E)
    The best of West London representing on this work from Dego's label. The
    music is very tight here with the full-on sounds that you'd expect from
    that thriving area of the UK. Dope!

    Various Artists--Sundays Vol 1. (Nude)
    This is a really cool set of downtempo sounds from Canadian-based Nude
    Recordings, fronted by the artist known as Jaffa. This is perhaps one of
    the deepest downtempo compilations I've heard so far. Check it.

    Various Artists--Outpatients (Hospital)
    A fellow DJ and avid Urban Landscapes fan lent me the vinyl of
    "Outpatients," and I was blown away with how well this stood up even
    though it was over two years old. If you are familiar with Hospital
    Records, then you can guees what sort of quality can be expected. If
    not, then you are really in for a musical treat. Eclectic, yet fresh
    sounds still. I believe it's only on CD now, as the vinyl seems out of

    Various Artists--Freezone Vol. 5: The Radio Is Teaching My Goldfish
    My first introduction to the Freezone series was courtesy of L.A.'s
    KCRW. I was truly fixated to Rae & Christian's "Soul Magic 98" cut and
    had to get this compilation. Luckily, the rest of this 2-CD compilation
    has quality tracks all over it. DJ Morpheus has a great ear and knows
    how to find the tasty tracks. Excellent!

    Various Artists--Companionship: The Sounds of Scandinavia (April)
    This compilation was just recently released, and now distributed in the
    U.S. Lots of unreleased Andreas Saag productions on this one under
    various guises and guests (ie, Stateless, Swell Sessions, Ernesto's (did
    collabs with Saag)), but don't neglect the other artists on this work
    such as Kahuun. This is strong, and shows the world that the modern jazz
    sounds of Scandinavia are a force to be reckon with.

    Looking forward to viewing the list of other good comps.

    V. wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have been recently enjoying the soothing sounds of the
    > "Supperclub presents: Lounge" compilations and was wondering...
    > 1) How do the rest of you feel about these CD's
    > and
    > 2) Are there any other compilations that you regard very highly
    > and can recommend to me? (*recommendations can be of *any* style;
    > I am not neccessarily looking for more Supperclub-esque comps)
    > Thanks,
    > BNN
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