[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes Tonight: News, Reviews, Last Week's Playlist, and Oli

From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 04:06:59 CEST

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    Urban Landscapes hits the airwaves tonight and every Friday evening from
    8-11pm PST on KCPR 91.3 FM.

    Don't forget that if you miss the live show, you can hear it anytime via
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    Be warned...I've hadn't the chance to thoroughly play editor before
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    apologies in advance. :-)


    NEWS Tonight's show will be loaded with new goods. Minus 8's second album for Compost (5th overall), "Munuit" is a fine follow-up to their "Elysian Fields" album. Also on tap, another remix from the series of 4 Hero's "Hold It Down" remixes. Also, there's new music from Nightmares On Wax...two 12" singles of the lead single "Know My Name" from the forthcoming "Mind Elevation" long player, with various remixes from the likes of Will.I.Am (of Black Eyed Peas), Mark Pritchard, and Harmonic 33 (featuring Pritchard) all contributing. I'll play one fo them tonight. Two new albums from London-based label Earthproject are also in the pipeline--Los Ladrones and Uschi Classen. They, too, will get musical love tonight. There's more new music, as well...but too many to mention here.


    STEREO DELUXE: TRIBUTE TO OLI During the second hour of tonight's show, a tribute will be paid to Oli Roesch, the founder of Stereo Deluxe Records who passed away last week. Music from the label will be featured in remembrance during that hour.



    By now, many in the know are aware of the sad news of the passing of the founder of Stereo Deluxe Records, Oli Roesch. Established in 1995, this German independent label has solidly established itself as a pillar for the downtempo and nu-jazz scene to this very day.

    I think it's safe to say that those of us who have at least one Stereo Deluxe album or 12" vinyl can take comfort in the fact that the music they own wears well, even after months--sometimes years--of collecting dust.

    Oli was the guiding force behind Stereo Deluxe, helping by both establishing its identity and to allow artists to let their creative horizons leap without bounds. He and his colleague has helped shaped a reputation that, many would argue, has been impeccable.

    With the volume of material that's been highly anticipated all year long, and with Oli's hands in everything from compiling tunes for upcoming compilations to performing DJ gigs around the world, it's especially tragic that life was cut short for a man who has done great things for the electronic music scene.

    I have personally never met him, much less correspond with him. But people that I do know who have met with him in one way or another have nothing but the most admirable things to say about Oli. Through the experiences of people who knew him personally sharing their thuoghts with me, I've felt a bit closer to them in a way. The fact that we are all bonded by this musical thread that's been interwoven within us makes Oli's remembrance all the more meaningful.

    I was talking with someone on the phone yesterday who knew Oli. I could feel the pain in his voice as he's spoken to me of the news, given to him by Oli's girlfriend. He was shaken, but he also have spoken of hope. He told me that some people who have left Stereo Deluxe at one time are not rallying behind it to help shape its future. If the promise holds true, then this will be a beautiful gesture of turning pain into love...love for the music, love for club culture, and love for Oli.

    Sadly, I will never meet Oli here on earth. But his spirit and legacy will live on in all of us. We have the music in our collections to remember him by, and surely upcoming material to look forward to from Stereo Deluxe that should embody the warmth and the spirit that is Oli.

    May you rest in peace, Oli.


    SLIGHT CHANGE IN LABEL IDENTIFICATION These days, more and more independent music from overseas are getting U.S. distribution, which is a very good thing. It used to be that one had to pay the import price for a CD, then wait about six months to a year--if ever--before a release goes domestic. It still does in cases, but the wait time is becoming lesser nowadays.

    To help you identify which releases are either released or distributed in the U.S., You'll see in parentheses the name of the label only (ie, (My Label)). If the work is an import, it will be designated as such (i.e., (My Label/Country).

    I hope this helps....suggestions are welcome.



    Layo & Bushwacka!--Night Works (XL) The new full-length from UK-based Layo and Bushwhacka! is not quite what I was expecting. The sounds on this one varies by different styles, in addition to the breaks style they are best known for. Surprisingly engaging and mature, this one deserves a listen...especially during late nights.

    Uschi Classen--Soul Magic (Earthproject/UK) Originally released late June in Europe, but new to us here. This is the debut long player from composer/producer/artist Uschi Classen. She's no stranger to the music scene, very much a veteran for her 32 years of age. Having work for a variety of projects and labels over the years, it took getting to UK-based label Earthproject before we finally get to hear a full-length from her.

    The 12" singles released through Earthproject, "Home" and "Now Illuminate," were warm ups for the "Soul Magic" album (both tunes are included here). Very much a future soul album with lots of different elements, smooth and broken. The production is solid with its fresh take on the tired tried-and-true R&B sounds, especially with a confetti of jazz elements throughout. Great vocal contributions from the likes of Eska, Dee Ellington (joined by UK hip-hop goddess Wildflower on one track), and Robert Owens. It's a treat to find Uschi Classen reprazenting fully.

    Domestic release is expected this fall.

    Los Ladrones--Montana Rosa (Earthproject/UK) Originally released back in May, but new to us. This is really, really good! Los Ladrones are a collective from the UK who somehow ended up meeting modern jazz sounds with a Latin slant. Very much a UK production, the album exubes Latin culture from start to finish and never lets me down for a second. This is rich with musical flavor that is just stunning and satisfying. I'm not sure if this will get domestic love, but it surely is deservant of worldwide love.

    Various Artists--Fluid Ounce Unmeasured (Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity) You know the guys...Zero dB are probably one of the most sought-after production duo right now. The meteoric rise of two year-old UK-based label Fluid Ounce is quite a success story in a sea of independent labels seeking to get noticed. From Zero dB's first single "Come Party," major players such as Rainer Truby and Gilles Peterson were already embracing the duo warmly. Since that time, Fluid Ounce has built a reputation for putting out quality music through its 12" singles. Be it with Zero dB, the duo's individual projects (Chris Vogodo as The Vogodo Project; Neil Comstock as Frank de JoJo), or the artists they've signed (Carmel, John Kong & Moonstarr), each Fluid Ounce release became highly anticipated moments.

    "Fluid Ounce Unmeasured" is a collection of all of the vinyls released thus far in chronological order. Now you don't have to have a turntable to own all of these tunes in one collection; it's all here on one CD for you to explore and move to. For all of you vinyl heads out there, however, the Ubiquity release of "Unmeasured" (so far, in the U.S. and Canada) have the compilation on wax.

    Definitely an essential to add to your collection.

    Minus 8--Minuit (Compost) New work from the Swiss-based outfit known as Minus 8, following up on the excellent "Elysian Fields" long player. The styles represented here are a bit more diverse than the previous work. A bit of bossa, Latin, new groove, and other sounds persists throughout, It seems to me to be a bit lighter than "Fields" was, but in a very good way. Fresh!

    Nightmares On Wax--Know My Name Direct from the good folks at Warp Records comes a package with several 12" vinyls, two of them consists of Parts 1 & 2 of the "Know My Name" single. Part 1 features the original and an instrumental version, and also features a rather fresh mix job from Mark Pritchard. Part 2 has Pritchard again under the Harmonic 33 guise that is very melodic and wonderful. Will.I.Am from L.A.'s Black Eyed Peas does a delicious mix, also...very strong and tasty and very deep in its hip-hop feel.

    "Know My Name" is the first single from the forthcoming "Mind Elevation" long-player from Nightmares On Wax, due out September 3.

    The Bobby Hughes Combination--Kerma Elastica (Stereo Deluxe) One of the last 12" singles prior to Stereo Deluxe label owner Oli's passing shows his uncanny ability for sensing quality music. "Kerma Elastica" has been a favorite for awhile in Europe and around the world in the underground, and now it's finally released for the masses to digest as a 12" single.

    Along with the title tune, we get to hear why Karin Krogh is such a jazzy delight to listen to. Known as one of Norway's best jazz singer, she croons oh-so-playfully with "Karin's Kerma," which is essentially the music of "Kerma Elastica" with full vocals and lyrics. Gorgeous and silky smooth, she just graces herself all over this one. It's a nice bonus for the "Kerma" aficianados.

    OUT DOMESTICALLY IN THE U.S. THIS WEEK A Friendly Warning: The following releases are now available stateside. CDs can usually be purchases for about the cost of a typical domestic release; vinyl releases, however, may still be imported but are priced a few dollars more than the domestic CD. Keep in mind that chances are good that you will not find such releases in stores like The Wherehouse or Tower. They may have it, but it would be a stretch. Your best bet is to either check your local independent record store, or visit the Music area of the Urban Landscapes web site for a list of both online and brick-and-mortar store to investigate there. If you are still having problems, contact me and I'll see what info I can find for you.

    Various Artists--Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia (April/Denmark) This wonderful compilation is from Danish label April Records is now available stateside through some of the usual suspects. It's available both on CD and on wax, so seek it and add it to your music collection for some modern jazz flavor from the Scandinavian area of Europe.

    Various Artists--Local People EP 001 (Local People/Australia) This tasty EP from Melbourne is made available from new label Local People. Find this both on vinyl and CD single.

    Various Artists--Chateau Flight: Remixent (Versatile/France) The U.S. release of "Remixent" is the first release through Versatile's new deal with Studio Distribution. It's out now stateside thanks to Studio Distribution, so find it...play it...love it. Vinyl is also due shortly.

    4 Hero--Hold It Down remixes (Talkin Loud/UK) If you've read last week's circular, you know that separate vinyls are available. The first one features remixes from Bugz In The Attic, Kaidi Tatham, and Osunlade. The second has remixes (each mix with and without vocals) from Teebone (with MC God's Gift doing the gabbing) and Exemen. What I've found out this week is that all of the mixes are available on a single CD, so if you're into having your remixes all on one CD then you'll be happy.


    VELANCHE'S SOUNDSCAPES FOR JULY 2002 (Look for my August Soundscapes next week)

    1. Focus--Having Your Fun (Versatile/France) 2. Dzihan & Kamien--Stiff Jazz (Couch/Austria) 3. Jazzanova--Soon featuring Vikter Duplaix: Domu Vocal Mix (JCR-Compost/Germany) 4. Jazzanova--In Between (JCR/Compost) 5. Bassman--Doorpusher EP (Fabrique/Austria) 6. Various Artists--Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia (April) 7. Various Artists--Fluid Ounce: Unmeasured (Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity) 8. Cinematic Orchestra--Every Day (Ninja Tune) 9. Various Artists--Carte Blanche Vol. 3 (Naked Music/Astralwerks) 10. Various Artists--Local People EP 001 (Local People) 11. King Britt Presents Scuba: Hidden Treasures (Om) 12. Cousin Cockroach--This Ain't Tom N' Jerry (Bitasweet/UK) 13. Various Artists--Co-Operation Session 2 (Goya Music/UK) 14. Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying: Butti 49 Remix (test) 15. Koop--In A Heartbeat: Gerd Remix (test) 16. Prefuse 73--The '92-'02 Collection EP (Warp) 17. Brooks--You, Me & Us (Mantis/UK) 18. Peace Orchestra--Reset (G-Stone) 19. Stereotyp--My Sound (G-Stone/Austria) 20. High Contrast--True Colors (Hospital/Breakbeat Science) 21. Inverse Cinematics--Slow Swing EP 12" (Pulver/Germany) 22. Dubarchanoid Trim--S/T (Ultima/Portugal) 23. Toy Division--Budapest Resonance 12" (Juice/Hungary) 24. Binder & Kriegistein--Desayuno 12" (Zeiger test) 25. Nightmares On Wax--Mind Elevation sampler 12" (Warp)


    SHOUTS AND STUFF I wanna say what's up to Christina and Greg at Citrona, Alan in Vienna, and Dirk in Cali...thanks for sharing your Oli stories with me. Gotta say hey to MCC of Microfish for the surprise email in my box...thanks for the info tip. Thanks again to Chris and Neil from Zero dB and Fluid Ounce for their time to profile and interview them...may Fluid Ounce continue onward and upward. I also want to thank Santa for the secret track that I'm about to drop on tonight's show...ho ho ho! Thank you very much to Noah at Earthproject in the UK for the excellent albums. Lastly, hello to all of the new folks added to the circular this week...I hope that your musical horizons will be all the better for choosing to explore this venture.


    LAST WEEK'S PLAYLIST (Listen to this show at http://www.urbanlandscapesshow.com/shows/02Aug02.ram)

    1. Dub Diable--A Lesson In Style Tomorrow's Radio EP 12" (Dis-Joint)

    2. King Of Woolworths--Take The Strain Dew Point EP 2x10" (Mantra/UK)

    3. Nightmares On Wax--Mind Eye Mind Elevation sampler 12" (Warp promo)

    4. The Avalanches--Since I Left You (Cornelius Remix) 12" (Modular/Elektra)

    5. Cinematic Orchestra--Burn Out Every Day (Ninja Tune)

    6. Fantastic Plastic Machine--Todo Os Desejos (Scuba Remix) King Britt Presents Scuba: Hidden Treasures compilation (Om)

    7. Dubarchnoid Trim--Perfumed Garden Dubarchnoid Trim (Ultima/Portugal)

    8. Suba--Felicidade (Buscemi Remix) Mundial Muzique v2 compilation (Guidance)

    9. Toy Division--Budapest Resonance 12" (Juice/Hungary)

    10. Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying (Butti 49 Remix) (Guidance test)

    Zero dB/Fluid Ounce Profile (BG=background music) -Jazzanova--Hanazona (BG) In Between (Rope-A-Dope/JCR-Compost) -Zero dB--Come Party Fluid Ounce Unmeasured compilation (Ubiquity) -Truby Trio--Galacia (Zero dB Remix) Compost 100 compilation (Compost) -Suba--Samba do Paulista Gringo (Zero dB Remix) 12" (Ziriguiboom/Crammed Disc--Belgium) -Frank de JoJo--Turn Off The Lights Fluid Ounce Unmeasured compilation (Ubiquity) -Kyoto Jazz Massive--Crossbreed (BG) Compost 100 (Compost) -Carmel--Harikiri Blues Fluid Ounce Unmeasured compilation (Ubiquity) -John Kong & Moonstarr--Future Vision Fluid Ounce Unmeasured compilation (Ubiquity) -Peace Orchestra--Henry (Zero dB Remix) Reset compilation (G-Stone) -Sun Ra--Satellites Are Spinning (Zero dB Remix) (Mo Smog CDR) -Blakai--The King Iz Dead, Long Live The King (BG) Co-Operation Session 2 compilation (Goya Music) -Grupo Batuque--E Ruim (Zero dB Remix) Rhythmix: Reluque Batuque compilation (Far Out)

    11. Horsepower Productions--Smokin' (CDR)

    12. Stereotyp--Trigger Culture (featuring MC Trigger) My Sound (G-Stone/Austria)

    13. 4 Hero--Hold It Down (Teebone Remix featuring MC God's Gift) 12" (Talkin Loud/UK)

    14. Missy Elliot vs. Mindmuggaz--One Minute Man 12" (white/UK)

    15. Bassman--Play Doorpusher EP 12" (Fabrique/Austria)

    16. Quant--Stimulus Playground 5 sampler 12" (Ecco Chamber/Austria)

    17. Koop--Summer Sun Waltz For Koop (Quango/JCR-Compost)

    18. The Bobby Hughes Combination--Kerma Elastica Coming Home II compilation (Stereo Deluxe)


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