[acid-jazz] OT: and effects boxes, I forgot

From: steph99 (beleza@speakeasy.net)
Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 04:39:57 CEST

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    Sorry, left this one off my original request. What about recommendations for an
    effects processor which can apply some simple effects to individual channels?
    I would want at least 3 channels, probably more like 5 or 8, and I would want to
    manipulate each of them seperately. Yes, I could do this to individual tracks
    on the 'puter, but also want to know what the options would be for live

    Again, sorry for the possible redundancy. I'm usually much more resourceful
    than this but the amount of products on the market is absolutely
    intimidating and I really need that warm fuzzy feeling you can only get from a
    personal recommendation. Thanks so much.

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