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From: Velanche Stewart (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 00:21:53 CEST

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    I've just opened an enclosed Case Logic CD binder that I have not
    touched in many months, and have found other compilations that stood out
    that might be of interests to you:

    Headz (Mo Wax/UK)
    I'm not sure if it's still in print or not, but this is very much worth
    seeking. Perhaps the quinessential Mo Wax compilation, it's very heavy
    on the sampadelic side of things. But the sampling has been put to great
    effect on many of the tunes, here, the likes of which you may never hear
    again (this is sampling prior to vigorous copyright enforcement). These
    two CDs full of tunes in the downtempo/hip-hop musical vein solidied Mo
    Wax as one of the true playaz of the underground in its day.

    Ambient Dub compilations (Beyond/UK)
    I only have the first two volumes in this series, though I believe there
    were three voluems in all. It's been out of print for years, but falls
    very nicely between the cracks of downtempo and ambient. These are true
    chill out masterpieces that have few equals to this day, IMO. Tracks are
    included from the likes of Higher Intelligence Agency, Alphanex,
    Original Rockers, Banco De Gaia, and G.O.L. (their tune, "No Bounds," is
    just amazing). if you're able to spot these, grab 'em!

    No Categories compilations (Ubiquity)
    Originally based in San Francisco and now in Orange County, California,
    Ubiquity has been a label I've fallen for every since the station was
    sent the amazing Slide Five long-player, "People, Places, and Things,"
    back in about 1998. It wasn't long afterwards that the "No Categories"
    double-CD was delivered and immediately the station ate it up. The
    emphasis was, for the most part, mainly on downtempo, nu-jazz, and
    straight-ahead numbers. The series has since evolved over the years,
    adding other elements such as hip-hop, broken beats, future soul, and
    other genres. The quality is very much on the up-and-up. Not every cut
    will suit everyone's tastes, but the compilations have something for

    Hope you find good ones on your continuous musical journey.


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