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From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 03:26:53 CEST

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    Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 17:46:16 +0200
    From: cukipapa@chello.at
    To: cukipapa@chello.at

    No bikes, no Alabama bunnies but hey, you know we got some tales to
    tell. We also got a chart too

    Yeah, some DJ's come with some half decent charts and chooons, Fred even
    comes with a choice bottle of plonk for you to check out! Q Burns
    Abstract Message comes with a movie to spot and Da Cuki comes of course
    with the complete guide to essential European bunny watching!!! Get your
    priorities right we say!
    Wez been getting some excellent feedback on bunny situations
    worldwide (probably because 95% of the Cuki readership is male!) Some
    quality links for the Bootsville household to check out too. Someone did
    send me a link that they thought was appropriate.
    http://www.platinumgrit.com/poke.html They thought I was into poking
    bunnies? Keep poking the bunny and see what happens? Poke it about 22
    times and hold tight! Cuki prefers to caress and stroke bunnies in a
    deep massage stylee.
    Some folks have been kind enough to forward me some translations too!
    Hungarian for bunny is 'Nyuszi'. Many thanks to Anita from Debrecen for
    that. I'll tell ya about Anita from Debrecen another day. After our
    wedding day that is! Ouch! Man, she is hurting my heart after that train
    ride. Cuki got it bad and that ain't good!

    is German for bunny apparently. Not that I would know many words in German.
    'Il coniglietto' is of course Italian. What a language, what a word!
    Bella bella! I'm gonna order it at La Favorita ristorante here on the
    corner of Pillergasse.
    On the Italian tip. Shouts also to our wonderful Italian friends over
    from Milan this weekend. Right Tempo's Rocco P and Paine and outta sight
    bunnies Christina and Lady G who were over for the start of the Sequence
    festival here in Austria http://www.sequence.at/ Great old school
    selection from Rocco at the Club Meierei and do check his wonderful
    compilation of the Vincent Montana Jr classics in the shops now on
    Temposhere records.
    Hats off to the Rockers Hi Fi crew also and to Dr Rich for much deepness
    at the monthly G Stone/Flex bash

    Before we start of with another lickle Cuki trip, we have to say many
    thanks to all who wrote such wonderful things about Oli Rösch and the
    Stereo Deluxe label. I had tons of mail showing respect and love to the
    man and the label and plenty of glorious stories about Oli of times gone
    by. It was great to hear and see such respect paid to our dear beloved
    friend. Oli Rösch will be missed by never forgotten. Music lives on
    forever. I was really proud of the good guys at Pulver records who have
    dedicated their homepage of their website to Oli. Do check out
    www.pulver-rec.com <http://www.pulver-rec.com> I also had mail from
    people who do not receive this newsletter directly but somehow managed
    to read my notes in some way and wanted to reply. I had to add about 30
    addy's to the book last week. The funeral was last Friday and it was
    noted that everyone was in high spirits and full of hope for the future
    of the label. In fact, I got some great new records in the post directly
    from the label last week. Oli would be extremely proud to know that
    there is business as usual and that his wonderful label is still fully

    OK off we go then! We are a little late delivering this news as of
    events last week but just as with the vinyl mountain here at Bootsville,
    better late then never seems to be the new motto. Off to Sweden we go
    with a stop off inn London town beforehand. Checking dem boys and girls
    at 'Granny' (Yemi bro! Wez in need of the tele numbers for foxy Roma's 1
    and 2 you brought down to 101. Can you deliver da goods! Bella bella's
    indeed). Sorry, got distracted there! Where woz we! Oh yes some record
    shops, promotional co's and friends that supply Dr Boots with nuff
    freshness for this circular and sets! So we say ta to Da Brixton Cat,
    Gabor aka DJ Shuriken, Lucia, Mike and Spencer, RTG crew, Pete Herbert,
    Joe Davis, Adrian from Ether, Nippon Nik, Liam, Junkies crew, Anthony
    and Andrew at Flying, James at EPM, Charlie at Victoria music, Gerry,
    Alex from Cisco, Cuki's Anna, Lisa & Reka for the flat share to name
    just a few.

    Anyway, armed fully with fresh Goya 'promos' and organic carrots outta
    Marks & Spencers (only da best for Swedish bunnies) we head off into the
    Friday sunset for Gothenburg aka land of the Volvo and land of some of
    the most outstanding young musicians/producers of the 21st century. Some
    of these musicians are so young that they cannot even get into the clubs
    that their music is played in. This was most certainly the case with
    Elsa, one of the talented singers for the awesome Swell Session releases
    forthcoming. We hope she has a great 18th birthday next month and gets
    completely off her rocker in the process!
    My host for this wonderful trip is Chris Berg who also contributes
    musically to the wonderful sound of Gothenburg. He also co runs a club
    night called Meccca at the very prestigious Nefertiti jazz club
    http://www.nefertiti.se/ My second visit to Nef this year and unlike the
    very early January report, this one is in the height of summer.
    Approaching 30` degrees on the thermo and Swedish bunnies 'well into'
    the hottest part of the year which is cool cause Dr Boots is 'well into'
    Swedish bunnies at any time of the year. Summer though and my attention
    span was no further then my immediate eyesight and vision. Cuki really
    could have bumped into some lampposts if it was not for the helpful
    guidance of Chris and Mimi. These guys taking me to all the best cafes
    and eateries in town and generally looking after me as if I was Stevie
    Wonder without a white stick.
    As you know, Gothenburg is blowing up musically big time and I don't
    have to go through a list of the main protagonists yet again. Peterson
    playing Swell Session tracks week after week, Kruder digging the Plej
    stuff, Co-op massive on the bus with Ernesto's and nuff underground DJ's
    knowing the score with the rest of the crews who reside there. Yeah, its
    beginning to happen! Lots of nice things about to happen at Hollow
    recordings too http://www.hollow.nu/ Albums and compilations in the
    pipeline, broken beat versions of the awesome 'Let me decide' track just
    about to drop on a tasty twelve. Hollow is at the forefront of the
    Gothenburg scene and nuff respect has to go out to this label for
    spreading the vibe.

    My love and respect as always to my wonderful host Chris Berg. To Stefan
    Bede from Hollow recordings and to his lovely girlie Jill, to Mimi and
    Jonatan aka Ernesto's, To Andreas aka 'Swell Session'. Eerik and Arvid
    from Plej http://www.plej.se/ Paul, Elsa, Stefan at Nef, very crazy
    Anna, very deep Vanessa, all da bunnies I met and anyone I fogot. We luv
    ya Swedish boots!

    Something my dear host wrote before I set off to Gonkyburg, Check the
    G/burg chart by Chris Berg

    Sorry it's a bit delayed, folks, Chris has been busy checking out the
    bunnies passing by the coffee shop window, travelling a lot - by tram,
    record shopping, twiddling knobs and answering all my e-mails. Phew!
    Almost didn't make the time for playing a round of disc-golf with
    Jonatan! Anyway here it is:

    The Gothenburg Chart (no specific order): Location - Item (label)

    Café Publik - Cappuccino (large)
    You come into the coffee shop and the first things you see are two sweet
    girls behind the counter smiling and saying "Hi, how are you?" to your
    friend. You almost have time to finish thinking "Why haven't I been here
    before?" when you realise that they are playing Ella Fitzgerald in here!
    Yeah! The song finishes just after you get your perfect specially
    imported coffee and the girl behind the counter turns to the decks and
    mixes in Stevie Wonder. And then you ask for her phone number and e-mail.

    Evisu Shop - Sweater (blue/red)
    They get the things you don't even get in London, according to Evisu
    experts from there...
    Blenda - Records (vinyl)
    This is the place to spend time if you loose your records in Amsterdam
    on the way here. The only descent vinyl shop in Gothenburg, apart from
    the second hands.

    Ici - Bona Fide (club)
    If you want to check out the new oven fresh sounds spreading heat over
    Gothenburg, this is the place to come. One Thursday a month the Sound of
    Habib boys present the best catches of the months, not from the local
    fishermen, but from the music makers. This is where you are most likely
    to hear the first spin of CD-R's from Plej, Stateless, Ermine,
    Ernesto's, Swell Session, Jol & Quant, among many others. Any new
    visitor will be amazed by the quality and quantity of producers from
    this little town, I assure.

    Linné - Lĺnggatorna (street)
    This is the place where you want to hang out. It is in many ways
    Gothenburg's small version of London's Soho; this is where you buy
    either records, clothes or xxx toys. This is also where Cafe Publik is

    Nefertiti - Mecca (club)
    This is where you can check out DJ's like Seńor Swell, Tel, Ste van B,
    myself, Ernesto, Paul L and international guests every now and then. We
    would all love to see you there!

    /The one sweet mosad banan - Chris

    Yeah, exactly how it is! In fact Scandinavia is blowing big bubbles
    right across the board, check this mail out from Pete Yak, he of the
    'Straight no Chaser' big stories who visited Helsinki very recently.
    Thankfully he doesn't write like this when about Jazzanova or Koop.

    (1) Mr. Brown
    Me thinks you have the most worn out pair of boots in Europe you old
    globetrotting, bicycle riding (yeah I do read your emails!), coffee
    drinking, vinyl spinning man about town.
    Many apologies for not seeing you down at Bionic Boogie a couple of
    weeks back - something to so with a bunny - I know you understand me on
    that one.
    Anyway I'm off to Helsinki on Friday morning to see the city, check the
    Koneisto festival and do an interview with Nuspirit Helsinki for
    Chaser...have you met those guys?
    Tuomas and Kim from the band will be looking after me for a couple of
    days but I just wanted to know if there was anyone else you think I
    should hook up with while I'm there...I know that you have been there a
    few times.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers bro'
    Pete Yak
    PS. Did you see Speedy's barnet last time you were over... very nice!

    (2) What up Pete Yakerty Yak
    All those guys in Helsinki drink like fishes
    Be prepared for drunkenness beyond reality
    Do check Kerma on Saturday for a high dosage of Finnish bunnies and seek
    Lil Tony, one wicked DJ
    No on Speedys barnet, but I'm laughing at his description of a parting.
    Cuki out

    (3) Oh man, Been there and had an amazing time. Drinking Salmiakki was a
    good idea at the time... drunkenness is an obstacle the Finns seem to
    take in their stride!
    Bunnies!!!! Oh my gosh! As the religious Hackney dwellers say. Never in
    my life have I seen such a high percentage of tidy gyal... respect to
    the flyest of them all Eva.
    Lil' Tony was cool although I didn't get much of a chance to speak to
    him that much... maybe if and when I get over there again. Kerma was
    wicked though... a truly inspirational place.
    So much to report my man... check the next Chaser for Yak's Rough guide
    to Helsinki. Thanks for the tips.
    When are you next over?
    Yakerton Levi

    And yes, we have found Speedy Servini DJ-ing at Mouse Organ!
    http://www.metalbaby.com/sux/index.html Don't click on the beer, he'll
    get upset!
    Wanna know how I Iearn all my moves for the dance floor!

    Dr Boots prescribes the following for your forthcoming aural pleasure.
    *Nu Bitz to chart this week

    *Bobby Hughes Combination - Nhu Golden Era (Stereo Deluxe) CD-R
    Oh my god! This really could be contender for album of the year. If you
    got wet over the Koop album then you'll be needing nuff nappy changes
    with this player too. 13 tracks (one hidden) from Espen Horne, the Moose
    juice man from Bergen. Most tracks dedicated to his new girlie (her name
    is Nhu) well two are anyway! Sounds like a recipe for a broken
    relationship if you ask me but hey its a truly great album and it will
    have headz turning and tuning in with its catchy, funky, groovy melodies.

    *? - Behind your back (?) 12"
    Serious dancefloor floor Pressure here, and if you Drop this little
    obscure twelve then you could be in for a mighty fine time wit da
    ladiez. It's a foot stomper from the top drawer and its got bunny action
    written all over it. No info on the artists but sure sound like a mighty
    talented team to the Cuki man. These guys gotta be into bunnies as the
    ladiez just go wild on the floor and undo their clothing to give the
    boys an extra peek! A right proper musical monster mash up you could
    say. Could be a tricky one to find but I'm sure some Cuki folks can shed
    a little light on its origin. OK enough of the this white label
    shenanigans, I'm off to meet some friends for a coffee at the Cafe
    Salzgries to talk about our favourite DJ's! You lot can carry on with
    the chart.

    *DJ DSL - Happy Bear (G Stone) 12"
    DJ Who? Yeah, another Viennese secret to give up and of course its the G
    Stone boys who give up the most precious secrets. I saw this guy DJ in
    Vienna last Christmas and he blew me away with his turntable trickery
    and atmospheric sound offs. Even better he produces the most interesting
    hip hop and this the first single from a blinding debut album called #1.
    If you bump into DJ Krush in your local supermarket, ask him all about
    the DSL and you'll get the most respectful reply and response. DJ DSL is
    a legend in Vienna and to DJ Krush and the time is right for him to get
    legendary elsewhere.

    *Susumo Yokota - King of my Darkness (Swell Session remix)(Exceptional) 12"
    The boy does it again! Give him a slightly dodgy instrumental to remix
    and he come through with a epic (gotta be about ten minutes) musical
    journey full of surprises and technical twists He even gets his personal
    home bunny in on the act too! Yeah little Elsa comes through with a
    typical soulful and Swedish vocal. Elsa is a sweet seventeen year old
    and Andreas is a mighty swell twenty year old. Shit man, that added up
    is still younger then me!

    *Big Bang - Arriving soon (Arison) CD-R & 12"
    Should be called 'Arriving soon with a f**king Big Bang'! It's one
    helluva album believe, 'Pressure' the next single with Don Domu rubs
    included. The whole album is sick. Stand out tracks include Speak Low,
    Ping Pong, Neptune Rising. No actual they are all stand out tracks! No
    Polyfilla! Pure class first album from Simone and the link up with Pete
    Herbert for the Cuica long player sure to follow in these footsteps too.

    *Inverse Cinematics - Snowcaps (Pulver) 12"
    Another dosage of class from the U21 division of European musical
    producers, this crew from no mans land in middle Germany. How scary is
    it when teenagers make music like this. This a monster mash up dance
    floor hit and it got a great response at a recent gig in Salzburg last
    weekend. Wacked out jazz breaks and awesome percussion loops the main
    ingredients in the fry up. In Cuki's box for months to come! Anybody can
    be a DJ with music like this!

    *Otto Lamani - Verte Valle (Mixes)(Spectrum Works) CD-R
    Tasty teaser from the forthcoming Folky 2 album and just the type of
    solid groove we expect from the excellent Spectrum Works. Mixes from
    Marcus Worgull and Kabuki keeping the bunnies and the nu jazz warriors
    happy but it is the original that gets the Cuki all hot and bothered. I
    love when new music sounds like old music, there is something very
    special about nostalgia and reminiscence. This a track that reminds me
    of when I first kissed Yvonne Sullivan in the 8th grade. Man, she was a
    bunny. I was never gonna get a wet finger but what the heck, she was
    gorg man.

    *Mustang feat Vanessa Freeman - Give a little love (Freedom Soundz re
    edit)(Visions) 12"
    My favourite ever Main Squeezer and Mustangous track gets a touch up in
    a new stylee. Freedom Soundz is Alex A in house mode. Not your usual
    house mode though. Its that west London house mode which is much more
    interesting. It works too. All the wonderful soundz from the original
    including Vanessa's great vocal still there but this one a little more
    friendlier on the floor.

    *Erik Rug - Universal People (Maine) 12"
    One of my favourite house labels delivers another fine forthcoming
    twelve. Late September for this a classic slice of French house that
    could in all honesty come straight outta NYC. B side got the percussion
    and A side got the jazz. Big in Mad Mats box and he has one of the
    tightest boxes on the European scene.

    *Vikter Dupliax - Looking for love (Original mix)(Hollywood) 12"
    The man has got it! He's the new Barry White! What really makes this
    track so special is Mark Mac of 4 Hero. His beats are the baddest
    without doubt. It's not hip hop and its not house but it is somewhere
    out there on the dancefloor. The similar patterns to the Jackson 5 remix
    4 Hero did a while ago. Super phaaaat

    *In Es Project - I'm feelin Good (Todd Terry remix)(Inhouse) 12"
    Todd the God goes all Seiji! Which just proves he's not God at all. So
    it is in fact Paul Dolby who is God, but we could have told you that
    three years ago! Better late then never Mr Terry. No actually we have to
    give the man a little respect for this wicked broken beat remix
    featuring Nina Simone (not sure if she likes to be on this sort of thing).

    *Jinadu - Natural thing (Domu Mutant Soul mix)(Bitches Brew) 12"
    Big big mix from Domu for DJ Cosmo and Nikki Lucus. In fact this could
    be one of his best ever mixes to date! I still cannot think of one dodgy
    record Domu has been involved with. Every single release or remix cuts
    it one way or the other. Dominic Stanton has one of the widest sounds
    going and again he is one of the young brigade. We can look forwards to
    years and years of quality grooveness and future funk.

    *Dharma One feat Tuomo - Belong (Nine to Five) CD-R
    Given to me on the 6th of June in Helsinki and finally making its way
    into a Cuki chart. This vinyl and CD mountain here at Bootsville is
    pissing me off. I am missing so many bullets! Oh well, better late then
    never I guess. Still forthcoming so Cuki really can chill his boots on
    this one. Soulful but very broken and reminding me very much of 4 Hero.
    What praise!

    *Karl the Voice - Save the love (L'aroye remix)(Laplarge) 12"
    Thanks to Beat One for the heads up and another lost soul in the vinyl
    mountain for a few weeks before being discovered here at Boostville.
    Classy broken beat house thing that has one of the best singers doing
    the rounds appearing. If you ever did get that Karl the Voice appearance
    on Maine records for Playin' 4 the City then you know what I mean! Class
    mix by who?

    *DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent (BBE/Rapster) 2xLP
    JJ comes with an quality double pack too. Nice to get vinylized with
    this player. I still cant get enough of that Jill Scott collaboration
    and the cover of 'We live in Brooklyn' with the Philly twist. This a
    real shame coz me and my friends were gonna do a wicked two step drum n
    bass hip hop broken beat crossover ting with attitude called 'We live at
    Bootsville' It woz wit lots of effects and tings! Tings! Shame it won't
    happen now!

    *Earth Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Slow Supreme mixes)(?) CD-R
    Maurice and Co get the Oslo broken beat two step treatment and it is
    firing. Boogie Wonderland was probably my least favourite EWF track back
    then but right back in the 02 it sounds more then classic. Not sure if
    these mixes made that Japanese comp doing the rounds but these gotta be
    planned somewhere coz they just too damn hot to leave out. Expect lots
    of fur and floppy ears on the dance floor!

    *Homelife - (Ninja Tune) 2xLP
    Another great album that sat in the Cuki vinyl mountain for over 8 weeks
    without getting a mention. Bollocks to the vinyl mountain and praise to
    those wonderful peeps at Ninja. Its an album that is all over the place
    and you will roar with laughter in some places. In fact one of the most
    interesting albums for many a month. Most of the tunes have been blasted
    out on GP's show and it certainly has a shelf life of more then two
    weeks (the general shelf life of the tripe that is released these days).
    A proper album boys and girls.

    *V/A - Music for dancefloors (Strut) CD-R
    This one on the Bosworth library catalogue which is outstanding to say
    the least. Some heavy duty slam funking on this very special compilation
    and if you own the original pieces then you are one lucky fella. Some
    solid breaks and loops for the beat junkies to play with themselves too.

    *International Pony - Leaving Home (Akufen mix)(Colombia) 12"
    International Pony are Pony! Thankfully Akufen is another God in knob
    twiddling form. Check this if you into the 'deck the house' twelve or
    his great album on Force records. Akefun is the new Herbert and the
    vocalist sounds like Dwele too! That should get a few peeps moving. Very

    *Sonar Circle - Homebound (Twisted Funk) CD-R
    Track 1 from the Scattered Snares comp by Marc Mac of 4 Hero. Domu in
    the days of old, dark and moody but yet still full of soul. A great
    compilation for the very heavy and darkened of the broken beaters out
    there. A tasty Moonstar track also making the comp.

    *Trip do Brasil 2.5 (Larry Heard remix)(Rythmix) 12"
    Classy percussive house trip and the Trip do Brasil series continues to
    flower with such interesting and diverse styles and choices of remixes.
    Another one for the ladiez and that's why it is in the good Dr's box.
    The type of sound that makes them think they are on the Copa Cabańa with
    a skimpy swimsuit and a capriniha cocktail.

    *Freedom Soundz - Sync (Neroli) 12"
    Mustangous back in twisted house mode! Straightish instrumental but with
    a touch of darkness as the Mustang man likes to deliver! I'm getting the
    feeling that Alex has been listening to nuff Phil Asher Moontime mixes!
    The flip has Nubian Mindz inna fast and furious pace with a uplifter of
    a groove.

    Paul & Leigh - Sneaky that (?) 12"
    Nice lickle number for the Goya peeps to distribute. No info on the
    label but the inside etching says 'Transition' which could be the Label.
    As with all Goya products, the seal of approval from forwarding thinking
    DJ's and music lovers throughout. Not fully broken but still wonky
    enough for us lot to get high on. Atmospheric and musical and one that
    is growing on me all the time.

    *Iris - Belissimo (Money) 7"
    Moody and moving little seven inch! Come to think of it, I got one of
    those too! Maybe a little tough to track down and the Cukiman had to
    search enough shops before getting lucky. Its more downtempo then
    downtempo but still a essential and beautiful piece of music.

    *Volcov & Paradox - No Europe (Archive) 12"
    Well Co-op is no more but its spirit lives on with such sounds as No
    Europe! A hard hitting and non compromising slice of techno funk from
    Enricos label. Not everyone's cup of tea and you'll be choosy where you
    play it. It could clean the floor very quickly in the wrong environment
    but that not to say its no good or not worthy of a purchase. It's for a
    small minority of future funketeers who like their broken beats pushing
    the boundaries even more.

    *Music for young lovers - Love so sweet (DNH) 12"
    Now it is the time for the DNH mob to go all Seiji on us! Wez enjoying
    the fact that the other side of the ponders are feeling the broken beat
    ting! They may not admit it but wez knows the source of those snares and
    high hats for sure. Very atmospheric broken beat tripper. It's a bit
    wobbly at times but it gets there just the same.

    *Daniel Ibbotson - Stumble (John Tejada remix)(Fenetik) 12"
    Tejada coming over all Herberty and sounding very good for it too. If
    you likes your electronica in a bit of a hurry then this right up your
    alley for sure. It moves with much pace but its beauty is in that you
    hear everything in the correct time frame. So much electronic music
    really does sound like speeded up junk with funny noises that in reality
    aren't really that funny. Tejada though along with Ian O'B
    and Captain Kirk D'G come through with the sound and the spirit that

    V/A - Worldwide Programme 2 (Talkin Loud) 2xLP, 10" & CD
    GP comes with nuff goodies for this programme two in the Worldwide
    vaults of new meeting old. GP is the don and this release confirms that
    reputation. Dwele's 'A.N.G.E.L', Drumagicks awesome 'Easy Boom' and
    Charlie Hunter with Mos Def's 'Creole' being exclusive vinyl choice
    cuts. The butter on the bread though comes with Sun Ra's 'Where there is
    no sun'. Look out for a very rare sampler ten inch to coincide with this
    release, Dwele and Drumagik on that release.

    Povo - Uam Uam (Raw Fusion) CD-R
    Classic minimal percussion with keys that stick in your head weeks
    after. Basically it's Art Farmer gone back to the future. Yep, Mad Mats
    comes with the second wave of releases from the excellent Raw Fusion
    imprint. Povo's 'Uam Uam' already heard on the Worldwide show and set to
    blow up big time to clubs, bars, supermarkets and hairdressers
    everywhere. And it really is a tune that will be heard everywhere. I
    believe some advertising agency will pick this up and use it for some TV
    ad. Mats will be of course driving around in his brand new Bentley with
    two kilos of gold around his neck and fingers, a stack of freshly
    plucked street girls in the back seat. Ghetto B boy comes good. Aiight

    Focus - Sweet & Sour (Versatile) CD-R
    It's coming! October bizniz for one of the best producers around and one
    of the best albums to drop this year. Daddy Phil Asher comes with the
    lick after all the good deeds he did for Nathan and the awesome 'Sound
    Travels' album of last year. 13 slick and super tight productions (in
    fact, tighter then a ducks backside) most tracks staying on a quality
    house tip, a few venturing into territories elsewhere. The sought after
    Hungarian jazz funk classic 'Bamba' gets a west London face lift along
    with the an excellent collaborations with keyboard maestros Kaidi Tatham
    & Mark de Clive Lowe.

    Black Renaissance - Black Renaissance (Ubiquity) CD-R
    Harry Whitakers finest moment, and he had many great moments with Roy
    Ayers and co back in the seventies. This the keyboard player the true
    jazz heads look for and one album that is making a few serious
    collectors cringe! Why? Well its one serious rare record. Japanese
    Baystate bizniz and one album that will make you friendly with your bank
    manager. He is gonna wanna know why you just spent 300 quid on one
    record! Thanks to Mr Jervis at Ubiquity, you are now back on friendlier
    terms with Mr Bank Manager. Ubiquity deem this album fit for a wider
    audience and thus saving you a whopping 285 quid! It really is an
    amazing album that so many people don't even know about. Any mugs out
    there wanna buy an original?

    Dubarchanoid Trim - Dubarchanoid Trim (Ultima) CD
    Modern day Japanese electronica meeting old school acoustic niceness.
    Some headz know about a Japanese twelve a few years ago that caused a
    stir called Sincerity/Atoms in drum. Some may have seem the above
    mention on a Japanese comp from the nice people at Foundation last year.
    This the full monty, the full album and sitting and sounding very nice
    in my CD player too. Chin scratching, toe tapping music for people who
    choose to differ. Not everyones cup of tea, but then again not everyone
    likes a cup of tea! Cuki likes his coffee black, very
    black. Dubarchanoid Trim is Cuki's cup of coffee.

    Da Lata - Golden (Bugz in the Attic mix)(Palm Pictures) 12"
    Bugz doing the bizniz yet again! Another dizzy heights affair from North
    Acton. O bug and the boyz come through with a tried and trusted
    formula that gets the floor filled. Broken beats, this time with
    Braziliance. Seek a twelve as the info sheet instructs that this may not
    get a proper release. If it's broken, don't fix it!

    Nile - 3 in tha morning/Kiss me (Remixes)(Independiente) 2x12"
    Stunning double pack with ridiculous mixes coming from Restless Soul, At
    Jazz, Koop, and Swag. Nile is Jenne Grevious and her album will contain
    ample dosages of tripped out Hip Hop with attitude. At this time we know
    very little about Nile or Jenne but we know enough about our hero's on
    the remix front, and believe me they all come through with bells
    ringing, flags flying and feet shuffling.

    Eerik & Arvid - V/T (Raw Fusion) CD-R
    Aka Plej! Didn't I tell ya these boys will come though! I already know
    of a few labels that have Gonkyburg peeps and in particular the very
    talented Plej forthcoming. Gothenburg really is the next hot spot. This
    release will actually be a repress with some new edits of the very
    limited and original sort after Plej EP that Cuki keeps close to his bed
    each night. Charming electronica from Arvid and Eerik and 4 tracks that
    offer a new dimension in twists and turns. This release may by pass the
    Saturday night crowd (unless of course they are really educated, Plastic
    People types will get it!) but it is an essential piece of music just
    about everywhere else. For me, the most satisfying thing is that Swedish
    music that will come out on a Swedish label. Yeah, we don't have too
    many Swedish labels doing the rounds and hats off to Mats for getting
    this thing going.

    Dom Um Romao - Remix EP 2 (Head to Toe) 12"
    Sonar Circle man or Domu to those who don't know stealing it with a
    tripped out hip hop number. Kinda reminding me of 4 Hero in Tek 9 guise
    with its warming Rhodes and delayed drum sequencing. But then, just when
    you start to think of understanding his programming skills, he throws a
    curve ball in the shape of a percussive broken beat episode. He did this
    with a Alison David remix and he does it again to similar effect. The
    boy is killing it, from now on, he will be deemed 'Don Domu'.

    Ledisi - Feeling Orange but sometimes Blue (Soul Brother) 12"
    If you feeling Fertile Ground then get ready for August 5th for when
    this baby drops. Soulful and spiritual to the max. Ledisi is a quality
    soul singer who can sing with the best of them. This track sending a few
    shivers down the Cuki spine as he remembers the days he first heard Jean
    Carn sing on Black Jazz record. Yep, Ledisi reminding me of the jazz
    masters of old. Check also the new Organic Soul compilation (number 2)
    for more of the same. Classic modern soul with nuff spirituality. Cheers
    to Cypreen at Soul brother fro the tip off. Pure class

    V/A - Companionship (April) CD-R
    Back to Scandinavia again. This time a diverse and very worthy selection
    from some of the main protagonists in the Scandinavian scene. That man
    Jol along with Koop, Swell Session, Butti 49 (yeah, your beginning to
    know the names aren't you!) A Bossa Electrica, Ernesto's, Kahuun are
    just a few of the names to drop for this one of the best comps that will
    surface this year. I know I keep banging on about the Scandinavian thing
    but this selection will inform you why. And with Oslo Playboy jazz DJ
    Shaven Eivind and Stockholm's ghetto pimp DJ Mad Mat's girles up the
    spout, all looks well for the future.

    Calm - Between (Music Conception) 12"
    The break of dawn being the lift of track on this new 4 tracker from
    Japan. Nippon Nik on the case and giving it nuff support for the masses.
    Cuki in agreement with the Nippon man and respectful of this strong
    release. As always with Calm, the balance of percussion meeting
    electronica in perfect synch. Modern day dance music for educated types.
    Me and Nik included

    Maddslinky - Album (Sirkus) 2xLP
    We got the details, the whites carrying scant information but Rob
    Fleming coming through with titles and info. Enough tracks for all
    concerned to get off on and a real crossbreed between soulful two step
    and broken beats and nu jazz, the final track on the D side being one of
    the best jazz journeys I have going at the moment. As with a lot of this
    music, the expanse of space and travel between London and Detroit
    doesn't seem so great.

    Inverse Cinematics - Slow Swing (Pulver) 12"
    OK, so all you cats who thought the little independent Pulver label
    couldn't climb any higher after the Dublex 'Tango Forte' monster, well I
    got news for you! You were wrong! More wrong then you have ever been in
    your life! Some serious young talent coming through and believe me, they
    have plenty more where this come from. Its Pulver 007 and its shaking
    and stirring its way outta the hush hush into the top spot. Even my dead
    granny is dancing to this.

    V/A - The Good Good Vol 2 (2000 Black) CD-R
    Dego coming with nuff bullets for the next instalment of Good Good!
    Could this be the best nu jazz/broken beat compilation ever? Some of
    your all time 2000 Black favourites and some outstanding new licks
    exclusive to the album. All the usual west London suspects included,
    Domu, Pavel Kostiuk, Seiji, Phlash. Every one a winner.

    Lightning Head - Studio Don (Best Seven) CD-R & 12"
    If you like your bushes big, then this right up your alley! Hard core
    riddems from Glyn Bigga Bush who definitely has more green then brown in
    his roll ups. Bushman technologies coming through from Daniels Best
    super Sevens label and this one great album on a sound tip that is
    developing very nicely. Whatever we are gonna call this sound tip is
    anybodies guess? It's all in there. Hold tight for early September
    release but check early July for the first twelve from the album, the
    awesome 'Message from the Tribes'

    Swell Session meets Ernesto - Let me decide (Broken beat
    versions) (Hollow) 12"
    That bonkerony broken beat track outta Gonkyburg just got even more
    broken. Sick, sick, sick, my London flat mates taking it up a notch or
    three. Told ya a while back that the Gonkyburg crews getting it
    together. Now we seeing Plej, Jol, Ernesto, Quant featuring in charts
    all over the joint. Next level biz from the boys, seek Michael Ruttens
    Tribes comp for the original cut but be prepared for these new rubs
    forthcoming on Gothenburg's own independent Hollow label. Proud of my
    Swedish brothers.

    This weeks Java Joint
    David Crosby - If I could only remember my name
    Atlantic SD - 7203 (1971)
    Cuki going all folky of late. David Crosby of Crosby Stills & Nash and
    of course the Byrds fame did one helluva solo album and this definitely
    one to seek out if you into dreamy American folk rock. 'Traction in the
    Rain' is probably one of the best tracks that Nick Drake never recorded.
    The whole album is full mystical and sometimes obscure lyrics and
    meanings. I have been trying to fathom some of those lyrics out for
    years. Mind you, Crosby did have some hardcore drug problems back then
    but then again, who didn't! His ramblings made little sense even back
    then but it somehow all worked out in this beautifully in this epic
    album. You'll be pleased to know that in 1971, the Cuki was heavily into
    sugar bons bons and junior bunnies.

    Bussi babba
    Stay lovely
    The one sweet Pops

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