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From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 08:52:22 CEST

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    Urban Landscapes hits the airwaves tonight and every Friday evening from
    8-11pm PST on KCPR 91.3 FM.

    Don't forget that if you miss the live show, you can hear it anytime via
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    NEWS Keeping things a bit short here...

    It's nothing but the music this week, which is good because there's quite a bit of catching up to do. More recent music instead of new, though there will be some new bits coming at ya tonight.

    The summer is winding down here at Cal Poly, which means that we're due for the Summer Quarter Rewind very soon. In fact, it will start as soon as two weeks from tonight (the Friday before the Labor Day weekend, which will be August 29). Per usual, it will be the first of two consecutive shows highlighting the best goods from Summer Quarter 2002. Listeners of Urban Landscapes, and lovers of the underground in general, have been all the richer for some of the great sounds that have been released this summer from around the world.

    Some good surprises are in store as the fall is fast approaching. There's still a lot of potentially great sounds worldwide that you'll hear. More interviews/profiles are in the works, live mixes are in the cards (including from yours truly...wish me luck!), and other items that I shall keep under wraps are being worked on behind-the-scenes. More information is forthcoming.

    During the Summer break, the interviews/profiles of Zero dB, Gilb-r from Chateau Flight, members of Subthunk, and Atjazz will be available on Urban Landscapes web site. We are currently working on upgrading some equipment to improve the quality of interview post-production. In any event, I will let you know when the interviews are online.


    CORRECTION As I've written in last week's circular, I've indicated that I would probably have some typos and such found here and there because I haven't the time to thoroughly edit it before showtime. I've made one glaring error that needs to be clarified here. In the third to last paragraph of the section "Remembering Oli," there was a sentence that went like this...

    "He told me that some people who have left Stereo Deluxe at one time are not rallying behind it to help shape its future."

    The word "not" should have been "now" instead. I'm paraphrasing the person I've spoken with over the phone, and do not wish to have this person misquoted. So this is the only correction that I needed to let you all know about.


    THIS WEEK'S REVIEWS (rather abbreviated this week)

    Tied & Tickled Trio--Electric Avenue Tapes (Clearspot) A late review for this album here. This is terrific modern jazz courtesy of Germany's Clearspot label. Hearing the Tied & Tickled Trio, the group seems to be quite adept with jazz--very much fitting into the modern jazz scene of Europe that's been resurging over the last decade. Though named as a trio, the liner notes suggests that there are actually six members. No matter, because the tunes are very lively and complex, yet very listenable and engaging. Can go from straight-ahead one moment and can venture into free-jazz the next, all the while not losing anything in the process. It's out domestically, so don't sleep jazzheads!

    Les Hommes--Les Hommes (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music) Originally released on Nicola Conte's Schema label, the album is being released stateside by way of the Thievery Corporation's Eighteenth Street Lounge Music. What a seductive album! It's deep into the bossa sounds with a bit of lounge and jazz to the mix, taking one back to the 60s in a kitsch sort of way. Les Hommes has been together since 1994, and the quality of the collective musical experiences comes through oh so nicely. I'm finding myself listening to this one over and over and I love the warmth of the music. Goes up there with Los Ladrones as one of my favorite Latin-influenced albums of the moment.

    Various Artists--Hi-Fidelity House: Imprint 4 (Guidance) This is the newest compilation from the Chicago-based label Guidance Recordings, the latest in the "Hi-Fidelity House" series. As ever, the collection continues to explore the deep and soulful side of house music...and what a cool selection indeed! We have another sweet Butti 49 remix, as they do Spylab this time around. Quality goods, per usual...check it.

    Playground Vol. 4 & 5 (Ecco Chamber/Austria) I don't play mix CDs on the show, but I just wanted to give you heads-up on a couple of excellent ones sent to me by Ecco Chamber in Austria. The Playground series focuses on artists who use vinyls from their crates to tell interesting stories.

    Vol. 4 features Madrid de los Austrias, who's been gaining more attention of late since collaborating with Richard Dorfmeister on some prominent remixes. Vol. 5 turns to Eddy & Dus as the focus. I've listened to both albums while driving, and I must say that the musical selections were impressive from each artist across-the-board. Each were very eclectic, and it shows how deeply entrenched each are. You'll have a better appreciation for their varied musical tastes once you listen again to some of their production work.

    Check them out...and learn.


    VELANCHE'S SOUNDSCAPES FOR AUGUST 2002 (in no particular order) Note: Labels with country names are imports to the U.S. 1. Uschi Classen--Soul Magic (Earthproject/UK) 2. Nightmares on Wax--Know My Name 12" remixes (Warp/UK) 3. 4 Hero--Hold It Down remixes (Talkin Loud/UK) 4. Inverse Cinematics--Slow Swing 12" EP (Pulver/Germany) 5. Focus--Having Your Fun 12" (Versatile/France) 6. Dzihan & Kamien--Stiff Jazz 12" (Couch/Austria) 7. Bassman--Doorpusher EP 12" (Fabrique/Austria) 8. Nightmares on Wax--Mind Elevation EP 12" (Warp/UK) 9. Dubarchanoid Trim--S/T (Ultima/Portugal) 10. Los Ladrones--Montana Rusa (Earthproject/UK) 11. Ras--Rhythmic Altered State (Best Seven) 12. Jazzanova--In Between (JCR/Compost) 13. King Britt Presents Scuba: Hidden Treasures (Om) 14. Various Artists--Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia (April) 15. The Bobby Hughes Combination--Kerma Elastica/Karins Kerma 12" (Stereo Deluxe/Germany) 16. Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying: Butti 49 Remix (test) 17. Various Artists--Fluid Ounce Unmeasured (Ubiquity) 18. Various Artists--Co-Operation Session 2 (Goya Music/UK) 19. Cousin Cockroach--This Ain't Tom N' Jerry 12" (Bitasweet/UK) 20. Jazzanova--Soon 12" remixes (JCR-Compost/Germany) 21. Brooks--You, Me & Us (Mantis/UK) 22. Stereotyp--My Sound (G-Stone/Austria) 23. Tied & Tickled Trio--Electric Avenue Tapes (Clearspot) 24. Les Hommes--S/T (ESL Music) 25. Minus 8--Minuit (Compost)


    LAST WEEK'S PLAYLIST (listen at http://urbanlandscapesshow.com/shows/09Aug02.ram) Note: Labels with country names are imports to the U.S.; * indicates as new albums or singles to us

    1. Antenna--Going Out Mundial Muzique v2 compilation (Guidance)

    *2. Los Ladrones--Daddy Chocula Montana Rusa (Earthproject/UK)

    *3. Ras--Do Your Dance (featuring Wunmi) Rhythmic Altered State (Best Seven)

    4. Inverse Cinematics--Slow Swing Slow Swing EP 12" (Pulver/Germany)

    *5. ?--Untitled track (test/Sweden)

    6. Zero dB--The Snare Fluid Ounce Unmeasured compilation (Ubiquity)

    *7. Minus 8--Badman & Throbbin (Gabor Deutsch Lovely Vocal Mix) Minuit (Compost)

    *8. 4 Hero--Hold It Down (Bugz In The Attic Remix) 12" (Talkin Loud/UK)

    Tribute to Oli Roesch, Founder of Stereo Deluxe Records

    9. Boozoo Bajou--Yma Satta (Stereo Deluxe)

    10. Jaffa--Elevator Elevator (Nude; Stereo Deluxe in Europe)

    11. Soul N' Soda--Sol Bassic Instincts No. 3 compilation (Stereo Deluxe)

    12. Sieg Der Liebe--2 Tag Future Lounge 03 compilation (Stereo Deluxe)

    13. Boozoo Bajou--Divers (Funky Lowlives Immersion Dub) 12" (Stereo Deluxe/Germany)

    14. Funky Lowlives--Inside (Richard Dorfmeister vs. Uptight Dub) 12" (Stereo Deluxe/Germany)

    15. S-Tone Inc.--Rendez-Vous A Minuit Coming Home II compilation (Stereo Deluxe)

    16. Mo' Horizons--Nuday Remember Tomorrow (Stereo Deluxe)

    17. Trio Electrico--Return Of The Coconut Groove (Raw Deal Mix) Bassic Instincts No 3 (Stereo Deluxe)

    *18. The Bobby Hughes Combination--Karins Kerma (featuring Karin Krough) Kerma Elastica 12" (Stereo Deluxe/Germany)

    ...End Of Tribute

    19. Focus--Having Your Fun (4 Hero's Bonus Bop Step) 12" (Versatile/France)

    *20. Nightmares On Wax--Know My Name (Harmonic 33 Remix) 12" (Warp)

    *21. J-Live--A Charmed Life All Of The Above (Coup d'etat)

    *22. RJD2--Final Frontier Dead Ringer (Definite Jux)

    *23. Root Manuva--Witness Dub Dub Come Save Me (Big Dada)

    24. Prefuse 73--Desk.Pencils.Bottles The '92 vs. '02 Collection (Warp)

    *25. Uschi Classen--Fire (featuring Dee Ellington & Wildflower) Soul Magic (Earthproject/UK)

    26--Kahuun--Striladans Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia compilation (April)

    *27. Binder & Kriegistein--Desayuno (Extended Version) 12" (Zeiger white/Germany)

    *28. Scuba--Beauty & Warmth Of An Ultra Violet Memory Om 100 compilation (Om)


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