Re: [acid-jazz] (beat)mixing old & nu jazz flavaz

Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 08:11:11 CEST

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    on 17.8.2002 07:39, MANUEL MARTINEZ, FOR RICK MARTINEZ at wrote:

    > Is there anyone on the list who mixes up Rare Groove and old afrobeat &
    > brazillian/ latin
    > with nu- jazz, house, & broken beat. I've made an awesome new cd that flows
    > nicely (beatmixed all the way through). Who else does it like the Larry Levan
    > way. I know some dj's on the list spins a similar way like Gilles does, fading
    > in & out. I've been really having fun beat-mixing it all the way like Alex
    > attias, I:cube, King britt, Theo Parrish, Louie Vega. Who else does that, too.
    > Any feedback is much appreciated.

    i do, at least i try to. i mean, my sets include the range of music you
    mentioned + a hunk of funk and northern and modern soul as well - maybe not
    that much latin stuff though. not all of my sets are beat-mixed from
    beginning to end, but there are beat-mixed sections with eclectic music
    selection. i also hallse a lot with drum breaks.

    heikki kiviluoto | turku soul mafia

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