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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 23:25:14 CEST

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    First off, thank you to everyone who responded to my original post. It's good to see debate and others point of view. I told you from the beginning my post was just a rant email. Sorry, if I confused or frustrated some of you. I didn't mean to. I agree, with you can't change the masses way of listenning to their kind of music. I tend to get into a snobbish, holier than thou mode when it comes to my favorite music. Which pisses some people off. But I like what I like to the limit, sometimes.

    Second, I would love to see more of our favorites get a chance to be heard by more of the listening public. I mean, that usually is the only way they'll ever hear nu-jazz or broken beat if they either hear dj's like us playing out, tune into some internet shows, or just happen to find it in their local stores. It's hard for some of us (especially for peeps in Phoenix, when there's only one person spinning broken beat, afro-latin, & rare groove regularly), to find the records, when they live in smaller cities. And not everyone is hip to Groove Distribution, Satellite, Juno, and the rest of the online stores. If some U.S. radio stations were hip to carry a syndicated show like Worldwide, it would be definitely better for the distribution of nu-jazz/ broken beat music.

    I have seen alot of peeps come up to me after they catch a Phusion night (my bi-monthly event), and ask me where they can find this music. Some of them have no clue of the artists we like on the list, but they dig it. I usually tell them about on-line stores like Groove Dis., or Tweekin', since we are on the left coast. I've gotten at least 20 peeps into the Jazzanova record, since I started playin' cuts from it two months ago. Now, I see people react positively to Vikter Duplaix, King Britt, and 4 Hero.

    I hope this clears up a lil' misunderstanding from my last post.

    dj essential.

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    > is still around to only minor success. What is shoved down people's throats
    > on the radio, tv, and commercials is bullsh*t like Nelly, Ja Rule, Cash
    > Money allstars, Jay-Z, Ludacris, P. Diddy, DMX, and R&B/ Hip Hop crossovers
    > Jagged Edge, J- Lo, Ashanti, Eve, etc. It's makes sick and saddened by the
    > state of so- called urban music. The only thing saving it is stuff like Jill

    So, if YOU don't like it but "the ignorant masses" do, it must have
    been force-fed to them? No offense, but I don't quite think it works
    that way. Personally, I don't much like e.g. the mainstream bling bling
    hiphop thing you're referring to in the passage quoted above, but I know
    many who do, even though they very well know different kind of music
    exists. I know people who have seen Common or Lootpack live here,
    thought they were boring and kept listening to whatever more mainstream
    stuff they were listening to before.
    I think it would be healthy to each one of us to understand, that
    although for many of us music, and not any music but only certain kind
    of music, is the thing world more or less revolves around, this is not
    true for many others. Some people have as obsessive relationship with a
    another style of off-mainstream music you or me might find terrible,
    like hard NRG, death metal or Bavarian alpenhorn & accordeon music
    (sorry for the inaccurate term in case someone on the list is heavily
    into that stuff.. =). Most people just like to have something in the
    background they can hum to while working or doing the dishes.
    I think the world would be an immensely boring place if everyone was
    only into the same kind of music as myself (although I'm pretty much
    into any kind of music, if it's good, from trance to klezmer) and
    nothing else. Little progression would happen in music if people of
    different musical preferences didn't get together from time to time and
    fuse something from those different musical backgrounds (think how most
    styles of music were born). And surely there are other valuable pursuits
    in life than collecting obscure acid jazz vinyl. =)

    Different strokes for different folks. Nothing more complicated than
    that. Personally, I think we're currently living the musically richest
    time in history, so what if you don't like what's on MTV? Turn the TV
    off and go to your specialist record store, your local club, the
    internet... There is more good music in the world that any of us are
    ever going to get to hear in the scope of one lifetime. And more is
    coming every day, with an ever increasing pace. I could spend my salary
    many times over just to get the great new music coming out, not to
    mention digging back in the crates.
    So my bottom line is: chill out. If you don't like it, fine, but
    instead of complaining why other people aren't into "our music", dig
    deeper yourself. It's a lot more rewarding.

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