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From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 18:32:24 CEST

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    Gummi Stiefel? Rubber wellies indeed! Thanks Nat ;) Thanks also to
    Snatch at Timewarp distribution on where I can purchase some Gummi
    Stiefels! Thankfully Bootsville is three stories high and not affected
    by the horrendous floods that have ravaged through Europe these past
    weeks. Many thanks to all who were concerned enough to write e-mails
    asking about the safety of Cuki Pops and Dr Boots. One e-mail actually
    said "Cuki, are you still alive"! Yes Cuki is alive and merrily typing
    away to all his wonderful friends! Bootsville lives on, the vinyl and
    CD-R mountain continue to grow and Bela Bela in the Italian restaurant
    around the corner is as beautiful as ever. Talking about the vinyl and
    CD mountain! Many apologies to those who have sent me music of late and
    have had no replies or returns. I'm working on it, promise! I think I
    may need to employ a secretary to do some of the listening. All
    applicants must have bunny credentials of course.

    On the subject of bunnies! Did you know 'Arnevet' is Hebrew for bunnies?
    Thanks to Nadav in Tel Aviv for that. We also got our first bunny tee
    shirt last week too. Many thanks to the anonymous sender, whoever you
    are! If you look closely too, you will find a new feature to this
    circular. Yes, you guessed it! It's called 'Bunny of the week' and if we
    get good feed back it will remain a feature.

    Anyway, on wit da trips! Off to Salzburg and basically the biggest
    rabbit hutch in the universe! Yet another fine place to play records.
    Man, the place was crawling with fur and floppy ears! Riddled with tidy
    backsides, shaved legs and fluffy tails and I'm stuck behind two
    turntables! Just not fair! As you know, Salzburg is the home of that
    Mozart man (Isn't it about time there was a Mozart remix album done?)
    It's a very musical city and the peeps know a good tune when they hear
    it. Thankfully, Cuki brought along some of his good choons and played at
    the excellent Republic bar www.republic.at <http://www.republic.at> The
    peeps of Republic having a good time and Cuki also enjoying himself in
    the presence of such niceness and wonderful folks. Stuck in the middle
    of a giant rabbit hutch is not such a bad thing we think! Many thanks to
    my hosts Werner, Eva and Michael for their wonderful hospitality.

    Back to wet and windy Wien for a gig with DJ Gumix of Dub Club fame at
    the Sequence festival at the Krieau. Cuki and Gumix playing strictly
    Brazilian vibes old and new. The night was topped off before we even
    started when DJ Gumix picks me up in his brand new Citroen automobile
    outside Bela Bela's place! In the back seat of this automobile are two
    Brazilian bunnies of ridiculous proportions. These girls just happen to
    be dem carnival style dancers that don't wear many clothes while they
    perform. For a moment we thought we were in Rio and not flooded Vienna.
    Many thanks to the Trife Life crew, Gumix, Adriana and Monica for a
    great night. Ouch!

    Next night, Mr K is playing one of his splendid sets of which he is
    renowned for at the Flex, so Pops and friends can always be found on the
    dancefloor or peering over the decks to check out the man. Dr K of
    course is one of our fav boys in town and many thanks to him for being
    such a lovely fella. Nothing nicer then getting a tele call and
    hearing "Dr Booooooots". In fact, you can blame Pepe for all this bunny
    malarkey of late! We luv ya boots sir!

    The very next morning, very early next morning in fact, Cuki Pops is
    invited to attend Popkomm in Cologne! Popkomm is a sort a gathering for
    friends in the music biz. It's a place where you will find Joe Davis
    (Far Out) trying to sell Yoshi Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive) another dodgy
    Brazilian record! It's a place where you can find Cuki Kasia (Compost)
    and Berndt (Stereo Deluxe) giving away freebies to their friends.
    Basically everybody is under one great big dome exchanging business
    cards and mobile telephone numbers. There were some good parties by all
    accounts but the biggest and the best of course would be the G Stone
    bash on the Saturday night. DJ DSL (Check him out), Stereotyp with
    Tikiman, Cesar and Hubert and of course not forgetting dem Bookends look
    alikes, Herr Dorfmeister and Frau Kruder. Killa sesh.
    Respect to all our friends who attended Popkomm especially the Stereo
    Deluxe posse who are giving Oli the respect by working their butts off
    for the label.

    Back to sunny Wien! Yes the sun has finally come back to warm our boots
    here in Vienna. Sunday night and we have a bash at one of my fav places
    in town. Soulsugar at the WUK http://www.soulsugar.org/ and Pops gets
    together a box of old tricks to play alongside DJ's Jurgen Drimel and
    Niklas from the Vienna Scientists camp http://www.vierecordings.com Nuff
    nice Viennese peeps in attendance and nice that the weather held out for
    these nice peeps to enjoy the backyard. Respect to Ziggy da Mack on his
    birthday and for his wonderful club night.

    Monday night and some bloke called Shadow is in town. Off we go then to
    the Flex http://www.flex.at to check him out, not forgetting to take
    some records along too. This is a Dub Club
    http://www.dubclub-vienna.com/ party and this where Vienna's
    most party-able people hang out. Bollocks to the Monday night thing and
    just get your arse off to the Flex for some fun is their motto! I have
    been going to the Dub Club religiously since I moved to Vienna and it is
    without doubt one of the best clubs I have ever come across. A killa
    sound system, great DJ's playing a diverse and quality selection, great
    guests, and people who don't give a shit about anything else apart from
    music and dancing. Me seeing Shadow live was kinda cool, but me playing
    for three hours after him was even cooler. Yeah, looks like Shadow was
    the warm up DJ for Dr Boots. Aiiiiight!
    The most love to some of the greatest peeps on this planet. Talking
    about Martin aka Sugar B, Sweet Susie and my dear friend GŁnter aka DJ

    OK, enough for now, check the chart coz we got shit loads of new bitz!

    Dr Boots prescribes the following for your forthcoming aural pleasure.
    *Nu Bitz to chart this week

    Bobby Hughes Combination - Nhu Golden Era (Stereo Deluxe) CD-R
    Oh my god! This really could be contender for album of the year. If you
    got wet over the Koop album then you'll be needing nuff nappy changes
    with this player too. 13 tracks (one hidden) from Espen Horne, the Moose
    juice man from Bergen. Most tracks dedicated to his new girlie (her name
    is Nhu) well two are anyway! Sounds like a recipe for a broken
    relationship if you ask me but hey its a truly great album and it will
    have headz turning and tuning in with its catchy, funky, groovy

    *DJ DSL - #1 (G Stone) 3xLP & 12"
    DJ Who? Yeah, another Viennese secret to give up and of course its the G
    Stone boys who give up the most precious secrets. I saw this guy DJ in
    Vienna last Christmas and he blew me away with his turntable trickery
    and atmospheric sound offs. Even better, he produces the most
    interesting hip hop I have heard for ages. Given the choice between
    hanging out at in those wonderful coffee houses of Vienna or digging
    through the crates for some obscure piece of vinyl, DSL will be sipping
    mucho java juice! My kinda guy! And by the way! If you bump into a
    certain DJ Krush in your local coffee house, ask him all about the DSL
    and you'll get the most respectful reply and response. DJ DSL is a
    legend in Vienna and to DJ Krush and the time is right for him to get
    legendary elsewhere.

    *dZihan & Kaimen - Gran Riserva (Couch) CD-R & 12"
    Big second album from the boys and an essential player for the clubs as
    well as your bathroom. 'Stiff Jazz' getting quality time in GP's and
    Truby's box and the album getting lots of love from those who have been
    lucky enough to hear it. Favourites depend on your mood and that's one
    of the attractions of the album, its as happy as it is melancholic. A
    great combination of all moods and all flavas. A album with some mighty
    fine moments.

    *Pressure Drop - Back to back (Dr Rich and M.D.L.A remix)(White) 12"
    Those boys in Brighton happy to hear about coffee with friends at
    the Cafe Salzgries and hence we get to inform you of last weeks little
    quiz. Serious dancefloor floor pressure here, and if you drop this
    little obscure twelve then you could be in for a mighty fine time wit da
    ladiez. It's a foot stomper from the top drawer and its got bunny action
    written all over it. A right proper musical monster mash up you could
    say. Could be a tricky one to find as it is extremely limited and may
    never see the light of day in your local Virgin or HMV megastore.

    *V/A - Black to the Future (Handcuts Japan) 2xCD-R
    King Britt puts on one of the best compilations of the year. Full of
    exclusivity, surprises and killa grooves. King turns up the heat when he
    remixes, produces or just plain spins records. Now he heats it up with a
    killer Japanese comp. All his buddies add to the Flava too, Dego and
    Face, Capital A, Alma Horton, Phillip Charles, Yesterdays New Quintet.

    *The Other Peoples Place - Sorrow and a cup of Joe (Clone) 12"
    This is one sick tune. If some big dick DJ's get hold of this then off
    we go with a monster groove. A sweet and simple moody Detroit house
    groove that will sure have agents Mulder & Scully dancing their boots
    off! It's got a spooky X Files feel about it too. I am gonna stick it on
    some radio mixes for some forthcoming shows so look out for it in a
    playlist or two. We gotta get you a copy Mr K, its right up

    *Truby Trio - High Jazz (mixes)(Compost) 2x12"
    That exclusive V.I.P mix finally about to the see light of day alongside
    some outstanding mixes from Nicole Conte and Freeform Reform. High Jazz
    of course first hit the streets through the K7 crew but it's the Haagar
    Str peeps who give it the most love with decent remix package. Could
    this be the start of a new Compost corner?

    *Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit of the sun (Compost) CD-R
    Yes, here it comes, the Compost corner. Nuff bullets about to drop from
    one of our favourite labels. Okino bros get spiritual and deep with
    their debut album and no better label to give it the love it deserves
    then Compost. Victor Davis, Vanessa Freeman, Chris Franck and Guida De
    Palma add to the spirit of the sun. No wonder Nik is wetting himself!

    *Bootsy Collins vs Fauna Flash - Life is Rhythm (Warner) CD-R
    Many thanks to Roland from Fauna Flash for giving me a nice CD with this
    killa groove on. OK, so the guy is called Bootsy and I maybe am a bit
    biased, but then again, the guy did play some killa bass on my old
    Parliament and Funkadelic albums. Great story from Roland too about how
    this all came about. Fauna Flash vs Bootsy Collins! Yeah, we dig the
    combination bro.

    *V/A - Glucklich V (Compost) CD-R
    One of our favourite compilations about to get it's fifth edition.
    Rainer Truby (another Evisu man at heart) always comes through with the
    goods with his Brazilian selection of old and new. Another great release
    and another top joint from the Compost corner. I sometimes wonder if
    Frieburg is another suburb of Rio or Sao Paulo. 14 wonderful tracks to
    make you glucklich. Nice exclusivity from Nu tropic and Wagon Cookin'

    *Suba - Tantos Desejos (mixes)(Ziriguiboom) 12"
    Nicole Conte, Bigga Bush, Modern Quartet & Cibelle remix the mighty
    Suba. We are gonna miss the Suba man as he was one outstanding talent
    yet to be fully realized or appreciated. Cool that the remixes keep the
    taste of his original and great work before a tragic house fire killed
    him a few years back. Quality twelve as all four mixes cut it. Thanks to
    Mrs Morpheus for dropping this in the shop. Catch ya this week Mr

    *Chris & Nina & Friends - Mash Banana (Especial) 12"
    Many thanks to Yoshi for passing this my way in Cologne. And it really
    is Especial! Another quality percussive outing for one of our favourite
    Japanese labels and another reason for my bro Nippon Nik to go all
    wobbly at the knees! And it doesn't just stop with the music either. The
    packaging is enough for every one else to go wobbly below the belt. The
    Japanese treat music like a gift from the gods and package it like it is
    present back to them. Excellent.

    *Joseph Malik - Remixed (Compost) 12"
    Aqua Bassino & Grand Unified deliver worthy mixes for fellow Scot Joseph
    Malik. Grand Unified totally reconstruct the track and take
    it through a tech soul corridor up the broken beat elevator and back
    along the atmospheric hallway, and that's only the beginning. It's a big
    remix anyway you look at it! Aqua Bassino take it on deeper journey
    through some dark and spooky stairways up to a sparse and minimal room
    with bunnies dancing their booties off. Twelve's like this make the
    Compost corner such a hard act to follow.

    *Jazzanova - Days to come (Ayro & Ian O'Brien mixes)(JCR) 12"
    No rest bite from Haagar strasse. Detroit stylee in the mix too. Ayro
    come with a monstrous mix straight out of his Detroit cellar. Compost
    had to pick one of the eight mixes he submitted for this twelve and
    knowing the eight mixes, then had one helluva job to cut it down to 1.
    Ian O'B as always can sniff the Detroit air whether he is in Essex or
    Glasgow! His techie productions are always on the mark and 'Days to
    come' is the perfect track for O'B to get his grubby little hands on.
    Big twelve.

    *I Wolf - Positivity (Klein) CD-R & 12"
    Lone Sofa Surfer Wolfgang Schloegl gets together his solo album project
    and forthcoming twelve's and hits the preverbal musical nail on the
    head. Commuting between Vienna and LA to see his bunny (she must be
    hot!), this one captures the essence of soul, jazz, hip and European
    electronica through the two continents. Definitely softer and more
    soulful but still Sofa Surfing.

    *Oreja - Vazilando (Papa) 12"
    Seiji in Puerto Rico guise. So enthralled was he with the sound of the
    'Samba', 'Rumba', 'Bomba' and the traditional 'Plena' on a trip to
    Puerto Rico, Paul Dolby got it together with lthe local musicians and
    recorded this excellent track for the Papa label. Something different
    for the headz to get around for sure but still an inspiring piece of
    music for the nu jazz brigade.

    *Paprika Soul - Into the light (Baseline) CD-R
    Outrageous soulful album. Four continuous plays at Bootsville one night.
    Soulful grooves of some classic tunes like Gloria Scott's 'Too much love
    makin', Herb Albert's 'Slick'. Duke Pearson's 'Xiababa'. What really
    fuelled the fire on this night at Boostville was the broken beat 'Ginza
    day' with George Benson stylee guitar and atmospherics and a great cover
    of 'Music of life'. This the type of CD that makes the vinyl and CD
    mountain grow as nothing else gets a crack at the sound system. Soulful
    types be on the look out.

    *Pepita Project - Intro (Personal) 12"
    Smoab comes with another fine laid back groove and again, right up
    Petersons alley. Part of the Viennese deep house mafia and generally
    producing deep house music for the deep house types of Austria. Smoab
    does it else where though with those chilled and blissed out grooves
    like he did with the 'Still waiting' EP. 'Intro' is exactly what is
    says. An opener for sets, shows, bring on the meat and two veg!

    *Patricia Marx & 4 Hero - Submerso/Dona Musica (Nova Vida) CD-R
    Dollis Hill crew give it up and the Brazilian vibe and sensual vocals of
    Patricia Marx come to life. More broken then Brazilian but the essence
    of the carnival is fully intact. Dollis Hill could really be a suburb of
    Sao Paulo as everything Dego and Marc touch in that Brazilian vein comes
    good! The remixes fro Joe Davis's Far Out recordings being a good

    *Domu - All Creation (Delsin) 12"
    Another quality outing for Dominic Stanton this time out of the Rush
    hour crew. Simple groove but with brokenness a plenty for the non
    conformists amongst us. This time Domu teams up with Dave Farlem for
    this 3 track EP. All tracks do it but then again you knew that already.

    *XRS feat Fernada Porto - Caionagandaia (SambaLoco) CD-R
    The next wave of Brazilian drum n bass is nearly upon us. And the
    original SambaLoco imprint from Sao Paulo gets a European distribution
    deal which makes it smiley for those who still get goosebumps with LK
    and the likes! 'Caionagandaia' is my personal favourite from the
    forthcoming batch of Brazilance. Fernanda's vocals always touching
    Cuki's spirit. Excuse me while I go and dance

    *Russ Gabriel - Flip down to the break (Emoticon) 12"
    The turn of Mr Gabriel to go all broken beat! 3 tracks that have a
    certain 4 Hero and IG culture influence for sure. Talking about the
    string arrangements, see! It's a cool three tracker too. Every where I
    go I here this west London influence. House producers from the other
    side of the pond getting it (Wait till you hear the DJ Relms stuff!).
    Cool that the sound has finally hit it off with other producers. The
    rednecks are dancing!

    *Rednose Distrikt - NY Boom (Domu remixes)(Rush hour) CD-R
    Massive tune to many gets the Domu rub! Once again the excellent Rush
    hour peeps on it, and they really do give the Goya crew a run for their
    money with the excellent stuff from Holland. This rub really does get
    broken too, out there keys and kicks and of course, only truly
    understood by the revolutionists.

    *Meikbar - Sunshine (Rush hour) CD-R
    Turning into a little Rush hour corner here! Nothing wrong with that as
    one of my favourite distributors continues to grow with releases of the
    highest order. If you were lucky enough to get one of those very rare
    one side Meikbar twelve's of last year, then you know how groovy this B
    side is gonna be. And that is exactly what it will be. The B side to the
    awesome 'Feelings' track that was killing some folks! 'Sunshine' is more
    on the uptempo with it's 124 kick. Meikbar come with plenty of warmth in
    there groove and 'Sunshine' is an appropriate title.

    *Koop - Walt for Koop (Patife mixes)(Stimulus) CD-R
    The sound of the summer and the sound of Sao Paulo meeting Stockholm.
    The more I listen the more I like. Wasn't sure how Patife could get
    around the vocal parts of this song but after some lengthy listens, I am
    beginning to enjoy and understand this remix. Maybe I will not be so
    frightened to hit the start button in a club ;)

    *Acimo - Album (Lab) CD-R
    The twelve was OK but the album is mighty fine! I'm enjoying this long
    player forthcoming from the Acimo crew and it actually fits better as a
    album. Some things just seem out of place when they are taken away. Nu
    jazz in abundance though and something for the floor if you are inclined
    that way. Track called 'Lovebird' with Jesse Coston on vocals being the
    favourite with the ladiez at Bootsville ;)

    Susumo Yokota - King of my Darkness (Swell Session remix)(Exceptional)
    The boy does it again! Give him a slightly dodgy instrumental to remix
    and he come through with a epic (gotta be about ten minutes) musical
    journey full of surprises and technical twists He even gets his personal
    home bunny in on the act too! Yeah little Elsa comes through with a
    typical soulful and Swedish vocal. Elsa is a sweet seventeen year old
    and Andreas is a mighty swell twenty year old. Shit man, that added up
    is still younger then me!

    Big Bang - Arriving soon (Arison) CD-R & 12"
    Should be called 'Arriving soon with a f**king Big Bang'! It's one
    helluva album believe, 'Pressure' the next single with Don Domu rubs
    included. The whole album is sick. Stand out tracks include Speak Low,
    Ping Pong, Neptune Rising. No actual they are all stand out tracks! No
    Polyfilla! Pure class first album from Simone and the link up with Pete
    Herbert for the Cuica long player sure to follow in these footsteps too.

    Inverse Cinematics - Snowcaps (Pulver) 12"
    Another dosage of class from the U21 division of European musical
    producers, this crew from no mans land in middle Germany. How scary is
    it when teenagers make music like this. This a monster mash up dance
    floor hit and it got a great response at a recent gig in Salzburg last
    weekend. Wacked out jazz breaks and awesome percussion loops the main
    ingredients in the fry up. In Cuki's box for months to come! Anybody can
    be a DJ with music like this!

    Otto Lamani - Verte Valle (Mixes)(Spectrum Works) CD-R
    Tasty teaser from the forthcoming Folky 2 album and just the type of
    solid groove we expect from the excellent Spectrum Works. Mixes from
    Marcus Worgull and Kabuki keeping the bunnies and the nu jazz warriors
    happy but it is the original that gets the Cuki all hot and bothered. I
    love when new music sounds like old music, there is something very
    special about nostalgia and reminiscence. This a track that reminds me
    of when I first kissed Yvonne Sullivan in the 8th grade. Man, she was a
    bunny. I was never gonna get a wet finger but what the heck, she was
    gorg man.

    Mustang feat Vanessa Freeman - Give a little love (Freedom Soundz re
    edit)(Visions) 12"
    My favourite ever Main Squeezer and Mustangous track gets a touch up in
    a new stylee. Freedom Soundz is Alex A in house mode. Not your usual
    house mode though. Its that west London house mode which is much more
    interesting. It works too. All the wonderful soundz from the original
    including Vanessa's great vocal still there but this one a little more
    friendlier on the floor.

    Erik Rug - Universal People (Maine) 12"
    One of my favourite house labels delivers another fine forthcoming
    twelve. Late September for this a classic slice of French house that
    could in all honesty come straight outta NYC. B side got the percussion
    and A side got the jazz. Big in Mad Mats box and he has one of the
    tightest boxes on the European scene.

    Vikter Dupliax - Looking for love (Original mix)(Hollywood) 12"
    The man has got it! He's the new Barry White! What really makes this
    track so special is Mark Mac of 4 Hero. His beats are the baddest
    without doubt. It's not hip hop and its not house but it is somewhere
    out there on the dancefloor. The similar patterns to the Jackson 5 remix
    4 Hero did a while ago. Super phaaaat

    In Es Project - I'm feelin Good (Todd Terry remix)(Inhouse) 12"
    Todd the God goes all Seiji! Which just proves he's not God at all. So
    it is in fact Paul Dolby who is God, but we could have told you that
    three years ago! Better late then never Mr Terry. No actually we have to
    give the man a little respect for this wicked broken beat remix
    featuring Nina Simone (not sure if she likes to be on this sort of

    Dharma One feat Tuomo - Belong (Nine to Five) CD-R
    Given to me on the 6th of June in Helsinki and finally making its way
    into a Cuki chart. This vinyl and CD mountain here at Bootsville is
    pissing me off. I am missing so many bullets! Oh well, better late then
    never I guess. Still forthcoming so Cuki really can chill his boots on
    this one. Soulful but very broken and reminding me very much of 4 Hero.
    What praise!

    Earth Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Slow Supreme mixes)(?) CD-R
    Maurice and Co get the Oslo broken beat two step treatment and it is
    firing. Boogie Wonderland was probably my least favourite EWF track back
    then but right back in the 02 it sounds more then classic. Not sure if
    these mixes made that Japanese comp doing the rounds but these gotta be
    planned somewhere coz they just too damn hot to leave out. Expect lots
    of fur and floppy ears on the dance floor!

    Freedom Soundz - Sync (Neroli) 12"
    Mustangous back in twisted house mode! Straightish instrumental but with
    a touch of darkness as the Mustang man likes to deliver! I'm getting the
    feeling that Alex has been listening to nuff Phil Asher Moontime mixes!
    The flip has Nubian Mindz inna fast and furious pace with a uplifter of
    a groove.

    Paul & Leigh - Sneaky that (?) 12"
    Nice lickle number for the Goya peeps to distribute. No info on the
    label but the inside etching says 'Transition' which could be the Label.
    As with all Goya products, the seal of approval from forwarding thinking
    DJ's and music lovers throughout. Not fully broken but still wonky
    enough for us lot to get high on. Atmospheric and musical and one that
    is growing on me all the time.

    Iris - Belissimo (Money) 7"
    Moody and moving little seven inch! Come to think of it, I got one of
    those too! Maybe a little tough to track down and the Cukiman had to
    search enough shops before getting lucky. Its more downtempo then
    downtempo but still a essential and beautiful piece of music.

    Volcov & Paradox - No Europe (Archive) 12"
    Well Co-op is no more but its spirit lives on with such sounds as No
    Europe! A hard hitting and non compromising slice of techno funk from
    Enricos label. Not everyone's cup of tea and you'll be choosy where you
    play it. It could clean the floor very quickly in the wrong environment
    but that not to say its no good or not worthy of a purchase. It's for a
    small minority of future funketeers who like their broken beats pushing
    the boundaries even more.

    Music for young lovers - Love so sweet (DNH) 12"
    Now it is the time for the DNH mob to go all Seiji on us! Wez enjoying
    the fact that the other side of the ponders are feeling the broken beat
    ting! They may not admit it but wez knows the source of those snares and
    high hats for sure. Very atmospheric broken beat tripper. It's a bit
    wobbly at times but it gets there just the same.

    Daniel Ibbotson - Stumble (John Tejada remix)(Fenetik) 12"
    Tejada coming over all Herberty and sounding very good for it too. If
    you likes your electronica in a bit of a hurry then this right up your
    alley for sure. It moves with much pace but its beauty is in that you
    hear everything in the correct time frame. So much electronic music
    really does sound like speeded up junk with funny noises that in reality
    aren't really that funny. Tejada though along with Ian O'B
    and Captain Kirk D'G come through with the sound and the spirit that

    Povo - Uam Uam (Raw Fusion) CD-R
    Classic minimal percussion with keys that stick in your head weeks
    after. Basically it's Art Farmer gone back to the future. Yep, Mad Mats
    comes with the second wave of releases from the excellent Raw Fusion
    imprint. Povo's 'Uam Uam' already heard on the Worldwide show and set to
    blow up big time to clubs, bars, supermarkets and hairdressers
    everywhere. And it really is a tune that will be heard everywhere. I
    believe some advertising agency will pick this up and use it for some TV
    ad. Mats will be of course driving around in his brand new Bentley with
    two kilos of gold around his neck and fingers, a stack of freshly
    plucked street girls in the back seat. Ghetto B boy comes good. Aiight

    Focus - Sweet & Sour (Versatile) CD-R
    It's coming! October bizniz for one of the best producers around and one
    of the best albums to drop this year. Daddy Phil Asher comes with the
    lick after all the good deeds he did for Nathan and the awesome 'Sound
    Travels' album of last year. 13 slick and super tight productions (in
    fact, tighter then a ducks backside) most tracks staying on a quality
    house tip, a few venturing into territories elsewhere. The sought after
    Hungarian jazz funk classic 'Bamba' gets a west London face lift along
    with the an excellent collaborations with keyboard maestros Kaidi Tatham
    & Mark de Clive Lowe.

    Eerik & Arvid - V/T (Raw Fusion) CD-R
    Aka Plej! Didn't I tell ya these boys will come though! I already know
    of a few labels that have Gonkyburg peeps and in particular the very
    talented Plej forthcoming. Gothenburg really is the next hot spot. This
    release will actually be a repress with some new edits of the very
    limited and original sort after Plej EP that Cuki keeps close to his bed
    each night. Charming electronica from Arvid and Eerik and 4 tracks that
    offer a new dimension in twists and turns. This release may by pass the
    Saturday night crowd (unless of course they are really educated, Plastic
    People types will get it!) but it is an essential piece of music just
    about everywhere else. For me, the most satisfying thing is that Swedish
    music that will come out on a Swedish label. Yeah, we don't have too
    many Swedish labels doing the rounds and hats off to Mats for getting
    this thing going.

    Maddslinky - Album (Sirkus) 2xLP
    We got the details, the whites carrying scant information but Rob
    Fleming coming through with titles and info. Enough tracks for all
    concerned to get off on and a real crossbreed between soulful two step
    and broken beats and nu jazz, the final track on the D side being one of
    the best jazz journeys I have going at the moment. As with a lot of this
    music, the expanse of space and travel between London and Detroit
    doesn't seem so great.

    V/A - The Good Good Vol 2 (2000 Black) CD-R
    Dego coming with nuff bullets for the next instalment of Good Good!
    Could this be the best nu jazz/broken beat compilation ever? Some of
    your all time 2000 Black favourites and some outstanding new licks
    exclusive to the album. All the usual west London suspects included,
    Domu, Pavel Kostiuk, Seiji, Phlash. Every one a winner.

    Lightning Head - Studio Don (Best Seven) 2xLP & 12"
    If you like your bushes big, then this right up your alley! Hard core
    riddems from Glyn Bigga Bush who definitely has more green then brown in
    his roll ups. Bushman technologies coming through from Daniels Best
    super Sevens label and this one great album on a sound tip that is
    developing very nicely. Whatever we are gonna call this sound tip is
    anybodies guess? It's all in there. We hoping the rumours are not true
    about this not coming out.

    Swell Session meets Ernesto - Let me decide (Broken beat
    versions) (Hollow) 12"
    That bonkerony broken beat track outta Gonkyburg just got even more
    broken. Sick, sick, sick, my London flat mates taking it up a notch or
    three. Told ya a while back that the Gonkyburg crews getting it
    together. Now we seeing Plej, Jol, Ernesto, Quant featuring in charts
    all over the joint. Next level biz from the boys, seek Michael Ruttens
    Tribes comp for the original cut but be prepared for these new rubs
    forthcoming on Gothenburg's own independent Hollow label. Proud of my
    Swedish brothers.

    _This weeks Java Joint_
    Stuff the java joint! Bring on 'Bunny of the week'!
    I knew that would get you going! And so many to choose from too. Anyway,
    bunny of the week is in fact bunnies of the week and both from Ljubjana
    which is in the good small country of Slovenia. Very nice for Dr Boots
    to come back from the Popkomm festival in Cologne to find that two
    gorgeous honeys have been sleeping in your bed! Serious! Mmmm! Ljuby
    bunnies are in fact very mysterious, they come over all shy and serious
    but in fact they are light and fluffy and very very funny. Humour is
    important to downtown Europeans and Ljuby girls know how to laugh and
    make you laugh. Last weekend we had Mina (which means 'minefield' in
    their language) and Irena staying at Bootsville. They even brought their
    own wine and vodka to the home of Cuki Pops. Both stunningly beautiful
    and both single (are Slovenia boys thick or something? Maybe they are
    all gay?) One of the girls (Irena) knew every word to all the Curtis
    Mayfield songs I played her! Irena is only about 22 years old and I'm
    asking myself how many of you out there got a bunny that keeps your
    belly warm each night and knows Curtis Mayfield's inside leg
    measurement. Wow. Mina was not so involved in Curtis's repertoire but
    still had enough attributes to keep this hare on his toes! They are here
    to see Cuki mash up a Sunday Soulsugar session and for the Dr to get it
    on with some bloke called Shadow (Mo Wax) at the Dub Club/Flex party.
    You can catch Irena and Mina each week in the good small country of
    Slovenia and sometimes on vacation to Croatia. We look forward to their
    return to Bootsville in the not to distant future. Many thanks to Ozren
    for the introduction to these fine bunnies and thanks to Irena and Mina
    for the fun. Hope you enjoyed your stay at Bootsville. We enjoyed having

    Bussi babba
    Stay lovely
    The One Sweet Pops

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