Re: [acid-jazz] Funny requests, was -- 21st century urban music observation.)

Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 09:35:49 CEST

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    >Olaf Molenveld wrote:

    > she answered "it's stevie wonder" and all of a
    > sudden they started to dance! seems they cannot appreciate the
    > music itself anymore these all has to be labeled for them...that
    > was really saddening...

    too true. we'we been having these 'raw'-nights with rare funk, soul and
    dancefloor jazz music policy here in turku, finland. we'we consciosly
    decided not to play more than one or two generally known tracks (in common
    audience sense, funk and soul heads know their tracks) per night. so, this
    one guy comes out of the crowded sweaty dancefloor to the deejay booth and
    requests: 'oi, mate! play some proper funk we all know! play james brown!'
    the track that IS playing is 'get up, get into it, get involved' by a
    certain j.b. ... well, i guess all you've gotta do is try harder..

    good thing is, the venue i deejay regularly at, dynamo, has got an audience
    mostly open to anything, so i don't 'suffer' too many hit music requests. it
    has been worse in some other places.

    heikki kiviluoto | turku soul mafia

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