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Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 23:36:46 CEST

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    At i night out here i was part of a while back (Grass at Silk City. Brad
    you still on the list?), we used to drop this stuff at the end of the
    night to clear people out of the joint. This was kind of the djs revenge
    after a night of requests... obviously different than a more artful
    combining of elements into a routine it sounds like Z-Trip was onto. The
    suprising part about it is that a lot of people would actually stay and
    try to "dance" to it.

    **Grass "Rock Closer" Top 5**
    Slayer - Reign in Blood
    Billy Squire - The Stroke
    Black Flag - Damaged
    Gorilla Biscuits - Big Mouth
    Black Sabbath - War Pigs

    it was probably moronic but it was a hell of a lot of fun! =)

    On Thursday, August 29, 2002, at 04:47 AM, t-bird wrote:

    > --- Marco <> wrote:
    >> I dunno, it doesn't seem that far fetched. When I
    >> saw DJ
    >> Z-Trip, he spun a pretty eclectic but mostly hip hop
    >> and
    >> funk set... AND he dropped AC/DC's "Back in Black",
    >> doubled
    >> it up and did a bit of a beat juggle on that
    >> ever-so-recogizable guitar riff. Then, if memory
    >> serves, he
    >> let in with an accapella of a Christina Aguilera
    >> track, of
    >> all things. The crowd loved it. Not so completely
    >> out of
    >> place as you might expect.
    > i was telling nat (rhythmlove) about one of my dj
    > partners of yore that used to rock black sabbath tunes
    > in his set back when z-trip was still living in az
    > (and i didn't know who z was--although i had his break
    > record!). you've got to set it up properly, and come
    > out of it right. that's just not my sound, to
    > suddenly drop things in. the (hard) rock thing is
    > almost more of a novelty now (although it's not really
    > novel any more). besides, if i did that, i would get
    > accused of biting z's thang...
    > -t
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