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Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 09:14:49 CEST

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    Welcome to the new folks who are receiving the weekly circular for the
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    The best laid plans...I didn't get to much of the new music that I've
    thought I'd play last week. So to start off tonight's show, I'm going to
    do my best to jam-packed those essential tunes to carry you into the
    Summer Quarter Rewind Special. This will take up most of the first hour,
    and then we'll be moving right along into Rewind mode.
    So what's the Rewind Special, you ask? This is where we take a musical
    look back at some of the great musical highlights of the quarter,
    pointing you to great albums to add to your CD or vinyl collection as
    well as 12" singles for the dance floor. The Rewind Special will play
    out on two consecutive Fridays starting tonight. 
    I have to give thanks to DJs Stiltz & Adam 12 for a very deft live DJ
    set on last week's show. In the future, expect to hear more live sets
    from locals who can cut their teeth relative to the sort of sounds that
    Urban Landscapes represents. Given a bit more time and effort, we'll
    work on having DJs who are travelling through California come through
    SLO and give up some of their time to spin live as well. We are actually
    working on some things in the background, and I will announce more when
    the time is right.
    Next Friday will be Part Two of the Summer Quarter Rewind Special, as we
    focus mainly on the best 12" singles from the past 10 weeks. Part One of
    the Special will be available online at the Urban Landscapes web site by
    the end of the weekend.
    More surprises are in the works, so watch this space folks.
    Frederic Galliano & The African Divas (PIAS America/F Communications)
    Damn, this album gets deeper and deeper under my skin with each listen
    (and, sometimes, each press of the repeat button)!
    It's been a few years since we've last heard from the Frenchman Frederic
    Galliano. He follows up the excellent "Frikyiwa" world music/remix
    compilations (seek both volumes out domestically on Six Degrees Records)
    with an even more ambitious milestone, spanning four years across four
    "The African Divas" project isn't just about the 12 "divas" of West
    Africa represented here, but it's also about 30-plus musicians, and
    about Galliano putting it all together to make a rich and cohesive
    masterpiece of African sounds, jazz, and dance culture. The results
    yield songs that are quite breathtaking to listen to, and also to groove
    While many attempts of such marriages come off as pretentious,
    Galliano's "Divas" lends credible authenticity by weaving the different
    strands into a musically brilliant interconnecting unit. Hats off to
    France's F Communications, and hats off to Mr. Galliano. You've both
    made this album among my top five favorite full-lengths this year so
    far, and that's no small feat to accomplish.
    The album is available as an import, for now. Watch for this long player
    to drop domestically on September 24th, and then do grab and listen
    without delay.
    Plankton Man Vs. Terrestre--S/T (Provider/Run)
    The sounds of Nortec takes a stage left as two former members of the
    Nortec Collective from Mexico collaborate on this new full-length. In
    comparison with most of the previous Nortec sounds that most are
    familiar with, this has a surprisingly good dose of nu-jazz and funk
    thrown into the mix to create music for the head as well as for the
    feet. The Nortec sounds are definitely moving into new and creative
    directions, so feel free to take the journey and experience for
    Llorca--Indigo Blues 12" (F Communications/France)
    From the excellent F Communications label once again comes another album
    going domestic. Llorca's acclaimed "New Comer" debut long-player will
    get a stateside release on September 24th through PIAS America (stay
    tuned for a review of the album soon). "Indigo Blues," one of the tunes
    taken from the album, is now released as a set of remixes. Faze Action
    does a remix, as well as labelmate Alexkid. But the dope mix on this wax
    comes from none other than Llorca himself, doing an "interwoven Mix"
    that has an atmospheric house feel in sort of a Scuba style. But do
    check out all of the mixes and tailor them to your listening/dancing
    Toy Division--Budapest Resonance (Juice)
    Apparently, this tune from the Hungarian group Toy Division has 
    been floating around in select tastemaker's crates since last year. 
    Now the single goes official, with a couple of remixes in addition to 
    the original. I'm very down with the original though with its loungy, 
    bouncy, swingy jazz feel inna Latin/ethnic style. A great summer 
    soundtrack for this new millennium from Hungary.
    Avalanches--Since I Left You Remixes 12" (Modular/Elektra)
    The title track from the Australian collective off their sampadelic
    long-player from last year is now put out as a 12" single with three
    remixes, in addition to the original.
    Prince Paul gives the tune a Jeep beat hip-hop feel, adding vocals from
    Kelli Sae and some MC biz from Breeze of the Juggaknots. Then Stereolab
    adds of slice of kitsch to the mix inna lounge style. There's a break in
    between that seems to have been pulled out of the go-go music of the 60s
    for good measure. My favorite remix, though, is from Cornelius. His mix
    starts off ambient, then expands into an electro-funk style that still
    maintains its downtempo feel. 
    This 12" is out now.
    Diablo Dub--Tomorrow's Radio EP 12" (Dis-Joint)
    This is the second 12" release from the fledging San Francisco-based
    Dis-Joint Records, founded by former Ubiquity Records side man Vinne
    Esperanza. The EP has six tracks to keep you occupied, being very high
    on the sampling scale of things. From the first track "Lessons In
    Style," you know you're in for a journey.
    DJ's Scottmatic and Diabolic seems to have the ear to find the right
    samples to blend into the hip-hop sensibilities of the EP--most
    listeners will be able to pick out at least one sample that they
    Check this one out...and judge for yourself.
    King Of Woolworths--Dew Point EP 10" (Mantra)
    Not new, but new to us. Beggar's Banquet sent this tasty double 10" to
    go alongside the domestic release of King Of Woolworth's "Ming Star"
    album. The EP itself is very much in the blissful downtempo vein, and it
    goes up against some of the best downtempo works this year so far. "Tone
    Poem," a tune awash with sampling from a instructional audio, is a
    favorite of mine. But all of the songs here are worth your while to
    explore. The packaging is icing on the cake. Seek out, and play out.
    Layo & Bushwacka!--Night Works (XL)
    The new full-length from UK-based Layo and Bushwhacka! is not quite what
    I was expecting. The sounds on this one varies by different styles, in
    addition to the breaks style they are best known for. Surprisingly
    engaging and mature, this one deserves a listen...especially during late
    nights. Album will hit stateside on September 10.
    Uschi Classen--Soul Magic (Earthproject/UK)
    Originally released late June in Europe, but new to us here. This is the
    debut long player from composer/producer/artist Uschi Classen. She's no
    stranger to the music scene, being verry much a veteran for her 32 years
    age. Having work for a variety of projects and labels over the years, it
    took getting to UK-based label Earthproject before we finally get to
    hear a full-length from her.
    The 12" singles released through Earthproject, "Home" and "Now
    Illuminate," were warm ups for the "Soul Magic" album (both tunes are
    included here). Very much a future soul album with lots of different
    elements, smooth and broken. The production is solid with its fresh take
    on the tired tried-and-true R&B sounds, especially with a confetti of
    jazz elements throughout. Great vocal contributions from the likes of
    Eska, Dee Ellington (joined by UK hip-hop goddess Wildflower on one
    track), and Robert Owens. It's a treat to find Uschi Classen
    reprazenting fully. 
    Domestic release is expected this fall.
    Los Ladrones--Montana Rosa (Earthproject/UK)
    Originally released back in May, but new to us. This is really, really
    good! Los Ladrones are a collective from the UK who somehow ended up
    meeting modern jazz sounds with a Latin slant. Very much a UK
    production, the album exubes Latin culture from start to finish and
    never lets me down for a second. This is rich with musical flavor that
    is just stunning and satisfying. I'm not sure if this will get domestic
    love, but it surely is deservant of worldwide love.
    Various Artists--Fluid Ounce Unmeasured (Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity)
    You know the guys...Zero dB are probably one of the most sought-after
    production duo right now. The meteoric rise of two year-old UK-based
    label Fluid Ounce is quite a success story in a sea of independent
    labels seeking to get noticed. From Zero dB's first single "Come Party,"
    major players such as Rainer Truby and Gilles Peterson were already
    embracing the duo warmly. Since that time, Fluid Ounce has built a
    reputation for putting out quality music through its 12" singles. Be it
    with Zero dB, the duo's individual projects (Chris Vogodo as The Vogodo
    Project; Neil Comstock as Frank de JoJo), or the artists they've signed
    (Carmel, John Kong & Moonstarr), each Fluid Ounce release became highly
    anticipated moments.
    "Fluid Ounce Unmeasured" is a collection of all of the vinyls released
    thus far in chronological order. Now you don't have to have a turntable
    to own all of these tunes in one collection; it's all here on one CD for
    you to explore and move to. For all of you vinyl heads out there,
    however, the Ubiquity release of "Unmeasured" (so far, in the U.S. and
    Canada) have the compilation on wax. 
    Definitely an essential to add to your collection.
    Minus 8--Minuit (Compost)
    New work from the Swiss-based outfit known as Minus 8, following up on
    the excellent "Elysian Fields" long player. The styles represented here
    are a bit more diverse than the previous work. A bit of bossa, Latin,
    new groove, and other sounds persists throughout, It seems to me to be a
    bit lighter than "Fields" was, but in a very good way. Fresh!
    Nightmares On Wax--Know My Name (Warp)
    Direct from the good folks at Warp Records comes a package with several
    12" vinyls, two of them consists of Parts 1 & 2 of the "Know My Name"
    single. Part 1 features the original and an instrumental version, and
    also features a rather fresh mix job from Mark Pritchard. Part 2 has
    Pritchard again under the Harmonic 33 guise that is very melodic and
    wonderful. Will.I.Am from L.A.'s Black Eyed Peas does a delicious mix,
    also...very strong and tasty and very deep in its hip-hop feel. 
    "Know My Name" is the first single from the forthcoming "Mind Elevation"
    long-player from Nightmares On Wax, due out September 3.
    The Bobby Hughes Combination--Kerma Elastica (Stereo Deluxe/Germany)
    One of the last 12" singles prior to Stereo Deluxe label owner Oli's
    passing shows his uncanny ability for sensing quality music. "Kerma
    Elastica" has been a favorite for awhile in Europe and around the world
    in the underground, and now it's finally released for the masses to
    digest as a 12" single.
    Along with the title tune, we get to hear why Karin Krogh is such a
    jazzy delight to listen to. Known as one of Norway's best jazz singer,
    she croons oh-so-playfully with "Karin's Kerma," which is essentially
    the music of "Kerma Elastica" with full vocals and lyrics. Gorgeous and
    silky smooth, she just graces herself all over this one. It's a nice
    bonus for the "Kerma" aficianados.
    Tied & Tickled Trio--Electric Avenue Tapes (Clearspot)
    A late review for this album here. This is terrific modern jazz courtesy
    of Germany's Clearspot label. Hearing the Tied & Tickled Trio, the group
    seems to be quite adept with jazz--very much fitting into the modern
    jazz scene of Europe that's been resurging over the last decade. Though
    named as a trio, the liner notes suggests that there are actually six
    members. No matter, because the tunes are very lively and complex, yet
    very listenable and engaging. Can go from straight-ahead one moment and
    can venture into free-jazz the next, all the while not losing anything
    in the process. It's out domestically, so don't sleep jazzheads!
    Les Hommes--Les Hommes (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)
    Originally released on Nicola Conte's Schema label, the album is being
    released stateside by way of the Thievery Corporation's Eighteenth
    Street Lounge Music. What a seductive album! It's deep into the bossa
    sounds with a bit of lounge and jazz to the mix, taking one back to the
    60s in a kitsch sort of way. Les Hommes has been together since 1994,
    and the quality of the collective musical experiences comes through oh
    so nicely. I'm finding myself listening to this one over and over and I
    love the warmth of the music. Goes up there with Los Ladrones as one of
    my favorite Latin-influenced albums of the moment.
    Various Artists--Hi-Fidelity House: Imprint 4 (Guidance)
    This is the newest compilation from the Chicago-based label Guidance
    Recordings, the latest in the "Hi-Fidelity House" series. As ever, the
    collection continues to explore the deep and soulful side of house
    music...and what a cool selection indeed! We have another sweet Butti 49
    remix, as they do Spylab this time around. Quality goods, per
    usual...check it.
    Playground Vol. 4 & 5 (Ecco Chamber/Austria)
    I don't play mix CDs on the show, but I just wanted to give you heads-up
    on a couple of excellent ones sent to me by Ecco Chamber in Austria. The
    Playground series focuses on artists who use vinyls from their crates to
    tell interesting stories. 
    Vol. 4 features Madrid de los Austrias, who's been gaining more
    attention of late since collaborating with Richard Dorfmeister on some
    prominent remixes. Vol. 5 turns to Eddy & Dus as the focus. I've
    listened to both albums while driving, and I must say that the musical
    selections were impressive from each artist across-the-board. Each were
    very eclectic, and it shows how deeply entrenched each are. You'll have
    a better appreciation for their varied musical tastes once you listen
    again to some of their production work.
    Check them out...and learn.
    Harry Whittaker--Black Renaissance (Luv N' Haight)
    This album is just absolutely stunning in its brilliance. What a
    tremendous piece of work it truly is. There are two tunes on this album,
    recorded on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday in 1976, that would
    literally put the "rare" in rare-groove. It's really hard to believe
    that they were both done in one take, and yet what you hear is what
    you'll get. And what we get is music that was so rare, that a scant few
    copies were in existence. Apparently (as you'll read in the wonderful
    liner notes), even most of the participants--musicians, singers, poets,
    etc.--have never heard the finished product. Thanks to Andrew Jervis and
    the other folks at Ubiquity, now you can hear it too. Very much an
    essential addition to your musical collection, whether you're a
    jazzhead, a groover, or simply of lover of great music.
    Szymanski--Lover's Quarrel EP 12" (Omoa)
    Detroit-based Omoa Music once again puts out the goods, this time with a
    new four-track  EP from this Philly-based artist. This is musical
    quality along the levels of labelmate Ayro's "Drink" 12". "Lover's
    Quarrel" is a very tasty downbeat number with tribal rhythms flowing
    throughout. "Contentment In Humidity," which is a bit more downbeat but
    very sensual, is a track found here for the first time since the
    limited-edition Omoa sampler. More and more, Omoa is cementing its
    foundation rather nicely.
    Various Artists--All Star Alliance City Slickers Vol. 2 (STIR 15)
    STIR 15 is out to show the world that it isn't just the U.S. who can
    dish out deep house sounds. The German-based label drops its second
    "Slickers" compilation for the peeps to move and groove with. Indeed,
    the compilation does fit well nicely in the "deep" category, also
    blending in a mix of German contemporary house sounds all its own. Keep
    your eyes and ears open for STIR 15, because its reputation is
    well-earned and should grow nicely. Fresh!
    Blame--Music Takes You Parts 1 & 2 (Moving Shadow/UK)
    Yeah, baby...old skool techno returns as this seminal techno anthem
    celebrates 10 years since its release. So what does UK-based label
    Moving Shadows do? They not only put out one disc that features the
    still-blazing original and a Kaotic Chemistry mix on the flip; they also
    put out yet another piece of wax that features some fiery drum n' bass
    mixes from John B and B.L.I.M. The mixes are quite fine and good, but
    the original mix is sure hard to top even after 10 years.
    Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying 12" (Guidance)
    Thanks to the wonderful Chicago-based label, you can savor the rather
    melodic Butti 49 remix that's been played on the show (as well as
    getting props from around forward-thinking DJs from around the world).
    Also on this 12" single, taken from the excellent debut self-titled
    long-player by this Finland-based outfit, are two other mixes along with
    the original. The Capioera Twin gives the tune a tough, funky,
    stacatto-type bassline that should rattle subwoofers rather nicely.
    Meanwhile,  Abacus (aka labelmate A:xus) does a reworking inna funky
    deep house mode with nice Rhodes-sounding work thrown in. Another
    delicious vinyl from Guidance...play it!
    King Britt Presents The Philadelphia Experiment Remixed (Rope-A-Dope)
    More Philly goodness. That King Britt guy seems to be dabbling his hands
    everywhere...Oba Funke, Scuba, all of those dope remixes he's
    done...doesn't he ever slow down? Apparently not, as New York-based
    Rope-A-Dope demonstrates. I can't say that I've heard the original album
    from the Experiment, whose members include ?uestlove from The Roots and
    Christian McBride, one of the best bass players in jazz today. Remixes
    are done by the likes of Charles Dark from Attica Blues, Philly's own
    Vikter Duplaix and Oba Funke, and King Britt under his Scuba alias.
    ?uestlove does an unexpected epic twist that's far different than his 
    hip-hop roots (so to speak). It's another excellent journey, thanks to 
    King Britt.
    (listen at http://urbanlandscapesshow.com/shows/23Aug02.ram)
    Note: Labels with country names are imports to the U.S.;
    * indicates as new albums or singles to us
    *1.  Harry Whittaker--Black Renaissance
    Body, Mind & Spirit (Luv N'Haight)
    *2.  Frederic Galliano--Kanboufe
    Frederic Galliano & The African Divas (PIAS America/F Communications)
    3.  Ras--Diggin'
    Rhythm Altered States (Best Seven)
    4.  Koop--Baby
    Waltz For Koop (Quango/JCR-Compost)
    5.  Toy Division--Budapest Resonance
    12" (Juice/Hungary)
    6.  Dubarchnoid Trim--Atoms In Drums
    Dubarchnoid Trim (Ultima/Portugal)
    7.  4 Hero--Hold It Down (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
    12" (Talkin Loud/UK)
    *8.  Nuspirit Helsinki--Trying (The Capoeira Twins Murakawa Remix)
    12" (Guidance)
    9.  Larissa Papp--You
    12" (Neglige/Austria)
    10. Suba--Felicidade (Buscemi Remix)
    Mundial Muzique v2 compilation (Guidance)
    11. Les Hommes--The Way Out
    Les Hommes (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)
    12. A Bossa Electrica--Samba In 7/4
    Companionship: The Sounds Of Scandinavia compilation (April)
    13. Projections--Inner City Sides
    Hi-Fidelity House: Imprint 4 compilation (Guidance)
    14. Uschi Classen--The Path
    Soul Magic (Earthproject/UK)
    15. Brandy--The Ritual (Chateau Flight Remix)
    Chateau Flght: Remixent compilation (Versatile)
    [DJ Set Between 9:00pm and 10:15pm--no tracklistings)
    *16. Gaelle--Rain (Bugz In The Attic Remix)
    12" (Naked Music)
    *17. KP2--Positive Situation
    Playground Vol. 5 sampler EP 12" (Ecco Chamber/Austria)
    *18. Supreme Beings Of Leisure--Divine (Static Revenger vs. SBL Remix)
    12" (Palm)
    19. Cousin Cockroach--This Ain't Tom N'Jerry
    12" (Bitasweet/UK)
    *20. Convergence Club--Just Give It Up
    Allstar Alliance: Cityslickers Vol. 2 compilation (STIR 15)
    *21. Szymanski--Lover's Quarrel
    EP 12" (Omoa)
    22. Nightmares On Wax--Know My Name (Mark Pritchard Remix)
    12" (Warp)
    Urban Landscapes proudly supports quality independent music from around 
    the world. Respect to all the independent labels, radio promotion folks, 
    and related entities for sharing the wonderful musical goods. The show 
    has been keeping it real for over four years, as the movement continues 
    to expand its influence.
    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (CD/CDR, vinyl, and
    minidisc) for airplay and/or review consideration and t-shirts (large,
    if you please) to: 
    Velanche Stewart, Urban Landscapes 
    c/o KCPR 91.3 FM 
    Graphic Communications Bldg. Room 201 
    Cal Poly State University 
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 
    If you're available for interviews, we welcome them as well. Just send
    an e-mail message to mail@urbanlandscapesshow.com.
    This newsletter is sent to DJs, record labels, promotion companies, and
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    removed from the list, please let me know.
    To be added to the weekly mailing list, please email me and I'll add
    Have a great weekend!

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