1 Million Emails inc. 200,000 UK - 5

From: For Sale (ukemailsforsale@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 16:00:08 CET

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    1 Million world wide email addresses including 200,000 UK for just 5 inc

    The list comes on a CD in 2 files, one containing 200,000 UK email
    addresses and another containing 1 million world-wide emails (inc UK) ,
    both in .csv (comma separated value) format.

    The emails have been physically validated in the last 3 weeks, removing
    aprox 25% bad emails from the previous amount, so there should be a very
    low failure rate.

    To purchase the CD please send a 5 cheque/PO payable to "Teletech" (no
    cash please) to:

    Office 434
    405 Kings Rd
    London SW10 0BB

    The CD will be sent by first class post as soon as your money has been
    You will also be given details of a FREE download for FULL version sending

    NOTE: This CD does not contain any personal info of email owners (eg
    name/age etc)

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