Urban Landscapes: News and Last Week's Playlist

From: Velanche Stewart (mail@urbanlandscapesshow.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 04:49:48 CET

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    Velanche here with a reminder that Urban Landscapes is about to start
    full-throttle at 8pm Pacific Time. Catch it via the Internet at
    http://www.kcpr.org/, or on radio if you are in San Luis Obispo at 91.3

    Some changes are in store for show and beyond. With its fifth year in
    full effect comes some expansion plans to move forward.

    The Urban Landscapes website has been moved onto a new server. The
    address for the web site is http://www.urbanlandscapesshow.com. There
    are some goodies coming this way that I'm not yet ready to spill the
    beans on, but I'm very much looking forward to it when the time comes. I
    will let you know when things are ready. The morphing will be piecemeal,
    but it's coming for sure. I hope you will will enjoy what you'll see and
    feel in as much as I look forward to presenting what's up my sleeves.

    The time will also come for short reviews of the newest music received
    here. With that, the reviews will be in full-effect starting next week.
    There's already so much great music coming out in 2002, and the year is
    still very young. I will clue you in next week.

    Finally, I'd like to thank all of the radio promo people, artists, DJs,
    and other like-minded music lovers who have supported Urban Landscapes
    since its inception in January 1998. This goes also for those that I've
    interviewed over the years, as well as those I hope to in due time.

    I especially would like to thank KCPR radio for allowing me to do what I
    absolutely love to do, and that's to share forward-thinking and
    forward-feeling music with as many people as possible.

    Some massiveness are in store this year...stay tuned.

    And now, last week's playlist:

    1. Rollercone--Javance (Duvolsin/Audetat/Rosset)
    Om Lounge 6 (Om)

    2. Jimpster--Funkifier
    Deepdown EP 12" (Kudos)

    3. Trouble Man--Lullaby
    Where We Stand 12" (Far Out)

    4. Nepa Allstar--The Way
    Vikter Duplaix: DJ Kicks (!K7)

    5. Briskey--Conchita's Cabin
    Lovelier Without Make-up 12" (Downsall)

    6. Snorre Seim--Brassepark
    12" (Hi-Fi Therapy)

    7. Duran Y Garcia--Eternal Sun
    Irma On Canvas: Exhibition #1 (Irma)

    8. Joakim--Cotton Gun
    12" (Versatile)

    9. Beatless--The Truth Part Two (King Britt Scuba Mix)
    Like Sugar Like Rain 12" (Ubiquity)

    10. Kabuki--The Tempest
    12" (Head To Toe)

    11. Something J--Mercedes Bentley vs. Versace Armani (Nu Skool Rave
    12" (Warp)

    12. Masters At Work--Work (Work The Walk Mix)
    12" (Tommy Boy)

    13. MJ Cole--Tired Games (MAX Remix)
    12" (white)

    14. Blue Six--Music & Wine (Teksoul Dub)
    Beautiful Tomorrow (Naked Music/Astralwerks)

    15. Serge Gainsbourg--Lola Rastaquouere (Chateau Flight Remix)
    I Love Serge Electronica Gainsbourg (Pagan)

    16. Hopper (featuring Carina Andersson)--Welcome To The World
    Vikter Duplaix: DJ Kicks (!K7)

    17. Flora and Fauna--Teak-Paneled Gangway

    18. Fauna Flash--Mother Nature (Dhizan and Kamien Remix)
    Confusion (Compost)

    19. Fila Brazillia--Rumblehaun
    Jump Leads (Twentythree)

    Thanks to Sasha at Codek for some very tasty goods! Look forward to more
    from the label.

    Shouts also to Didier at Versatile for passing on the new Joakim 12.
    Grows on ya!

    Submissions always welcome. Please send CD, vinyl, and minidisc to:

    Velanche Stewart, RPM Director
    c/o Urban Landscapes
    KCPR 91.3 FM
    Graphic Communications Bldg. Room 201
    Cal Poly State University
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

    Please mark PERSONAL clearly on the package.

    The show will return to its three-hour format starting in April. Expect
    more new music, more interviews, and...well, you'll find out soon.

    A pleasant weekend to all.


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