Cowboy Bebop

From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 22:15:16 CET

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    Hey, for some great jazz check out the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, the
    intro 'Tank!' is a killer great bass line and killer horns. If you
    buy the complete DVD set it comes with the first CD! The band the
    "Seat Belts" are really good, and the arranger/conductor Yoko Kanno
    really knows her stuff (she also did the Macross stuff.) I even
    noticed in the liner notes that some of the tracks were recorded in
    Rudy Van Gelder's studio (the 'unofficial' Blue Note studio.) I then
    searched on Amazon for them, and though their in the $40 range, I
    also noticed a remix album with tracks by, Matt Hebert, Fila
    Brazilia, 4hero and others, so does anyone know a slightly cheaper
    source? Dirk? At least below $30.

    As for the anime it's really cool and on of the characters quotes
    Bird and other jazz greats.

    erik g


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