Salve and Greetings to all the CDI friends and family!!!

From: Chicks Dig It (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 19:41:09 CET

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         Salve and Greetings
          to all the
          CDI friends and family!!!

    We have some important news for y'all - and guess what? We've got a lil' rhyme for you AGAIN! Seeing as how many people said how much they liked our silly rhyming couplets, we thought we'd try some limericks.. Here's our story, why we've moved Monday nights to Apothecary (340 Adelaide W) and what we're up to in general:

    From the T-Dot, there once were some chicks
    Who liked to play records and mix
    They all got together
    (like birds of a feather)
    And decided to show off their tricks!

    They got a nice venue for the show
    And let all of their friends know
    but then came a hitch
    with a venue-owning bitch
    who told them the night had to go!

    So out with the old, in with the new
    It's to Apothecary that we now welcome you
    Temple said give us only 4/4

    We'll always do that but with more
    Genre prejudice at Chicks Dig It won't do!

    So 340 Adelaide St. West is our new weekly place
    With cheaper drinks and a much better vibe in the space

    This week has Chocolate, Sabrina, AMTrak
    Freedom and Denise Benson finish the pack

    So please come support, enjoy and show your face!

    That's it, really. Oh, we're having DJ Maus come and play next week, along with some new Chicks who Dig, who you can read more about if you want to in next week's e-mail.. She's really good and she's from Montreal, so if you don't get to see her over the weekend, come out and see her with us! She's ONLY playing d'n'b at CDI, and goodness knows what else. It's kind of good, actually, that Temple decided to oust us for not playing only house music just the week before one of the country's best tech-house DJs decided to mix it up a little (and play something non 4/4!gasp!) at our night.

    We really appreciate all the love and good wishes that oue-mail list brings us! Thank you for reading these, and next week we'll be offering some Snug giveaways ONLY to our e-mail listees. Have a great week and hopefully, we'll dig YOU on Monday night..

    The Chicks Who Dig



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