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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 19:29:26 CET

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    So I'm a little slow in going through my email.

    To me, it seems a natural and intentional fit with
    their music...if you listen to the inner lines and
    melodies they use, many times it all comes together
    for me as some sort of a dream-like childhood memory,
    something introspective and innocent, simple yet
    profound. I'm not dismayed by it in the least. Its
    not like the kids are naked or being portrayed in a
    sexual manner. So unless I hear some better evidence,
    this whole pedophilia accusation is utterly


    --- Pedro Cevallos <> wrote:
    > I'm not trying to hunt down any witches. I just
    > don't get why they continue
    > to recycle the kid motif. The music is great
    > regardless...
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