Groove Dis Highlights For 3-4-02

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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 20:10:02 CET

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    The New Releases List and The restock List for this week are now posted
    on our website at

    These are just some of the highlights from this week New Releases List

    Abstract, etc: Abraham's "What Gives With You" remixed by Herbert, Aim's
    latest album "Hinterland" on Grand Central, the limited edition 7" from
    The Boy Lucas on Output should actually come in this week, Capitol K 7"
    on XL, moody downtempo from the Deep Water label and Hint (with Tru
    Thoughts' Jon Kennedy remixing), two singles from Kelli Ali with Jagz
    Kooner remixing one, Jazzland's Mari Boine gets remixed by Mark De Clive
    Lowe, Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell, Those Norwegians and many more on her
    remix album in this week, New World Romantic 12" on Delsin, new Slop
    Shop album from Poets Club, new Stereo Total 12" on Bungalow, the Zero 7
    compiled volume of "Another Late Night" in on domestic CD from Kinetic,
    the latest compilation from Catskills: "Straight Out Of The Cat Litter
    Vol. 3", several new triple album Blue Note France compilations, and the
    new CD from Jazzland's Wibutee (now sans vocalist).

    Beats 'N' Breaks: New Backdraft white label 12" on Botchit Breaks, two
    new kick ass singles from Plastic Raygun: "Red Skull" by Incredible
    Melting Man and the "Raygun Sessions 1" 12", Raw Deal drops "Dark Horse"
    on the new "Long Time Dead" sampler 12", Cali's Soul Brotha records
    followup their Oaktown Players 12" with a new one from the Mole People,
    new TCR promo with Rennie Pilgrem teaming up with both Meat Katie &
    Arthur Baker, the Run DMC sampling "Shockyourself" from DJ Herbie &
    Sergio Brrreak (the same guy behind the Par-T-One remix of INXS), and
    two 12"s from the bastard child of a collaboration between Botchit &
    Scarper and Mechanoise with cuts from Atomic Hooligan, Digital Pimp, and

    Drum & Bass: New A-Sides & Randall 12" on Eastside, Danny Byrd gets
    remixed by Calibre on the new "Plastic Surgery 3" sampler 12" from
    Hospital, also from Hospital comes the latest from High Contrast called
    "Return Of Forever" , check the Krust (with Breakbeat Era's Leonie Law)
    track on the second "Long Time Dead" sampler 12", restocks of the
    Krs-One "Step Into Another World" drum & bass remix 12", new 10" on
    Double Zero by Raf, new Hard Leaders compilation "Go Global" in on
    vinyl, the "Old School Jungle" DCD from Relentless, and the 2nd triple
    vinyl set in the "Harder They Come" series from Renegade Hardware.

    Hip Hop: A new battle record from France's DJ Krooger, fellow Frenchman
    DJ Medhi drops his new album, DJ Def Cut drops a single from his "Street
    Level" album, restocks on the excellent RJD2 12" "Here's What's Left",
    new 12" from Florida's Supersoul, and a new 12" from Zeb Roc Ski called
    "Keep Prepared For Battle".

    House: The Charles Webster remix double 12" makes it in (along with the
    last domestic vinyl copies of his album), new David Duriez 12" on Phil
    Week's Robsoul, new Frankie Valentine album "Below The Radar", Illicit
    mixes India Arie with some Stevie Wonder samples on their new 12", new
    Liquid People 12" "I Am Somebody", new Needs 12" "Walkin' Thru Circles",
    new Ne-Grove 12" on Pure Filth, jazzy French house from Neo on "Crazy To
    Be Mad", dirty electro 12" on City Rockers by Northern Lite, Ewan
    Pearson as Partial Arts gets remixed by Russ Gabriel and Riton on his
    new 12" from Out Of The Loop, new Rinocerose album in stock on vinyl,
    and a new Roger Sanchez double 12" "Nothing To Prove" with Silicone Soul

    Nu Jazz: New 12" from Amalgamation Of Soundz with Smoke City's Nina
    Miranda on vocals, the full length album from Aromabar on Infracom, new
    debut CD from Art Konik on Comet, the Bebel Gilberto remix album FINALLY
    in stock on
    (triple) vinyl, another new 12" from Fluid Ounce this week this time
    from Carmel called "Nujazzkiller", Manni Montanna remixed by Sofa
    Surfers on "Walking Jazzman", Marc Moulin's latest 12" "Organ" has
    remixes by La Malice and Cosmos, the Latin flavored jazz sounds of
    Xploding Plastix are showcased on the b-side to the new "Plastic Surgery
    3" sampler 12", Fussible's "Odyssea" finally gets re-released (with new
    mixes too!), new Joakim (as in Joakim Lone Octet) 12" on Versatile, La
    Taverne De Lac's new 12" gets remixed by Mo' Horizons, the Japan's DJ
    Lava drops a new album and 12" (with remixes from Moodorama and
    Brown,Smith & Grey), killer new 12" from MaddSlinky (aka Zed Bias) on
    Sirkus, new Modaji 12" "Pre-Sets Sampler" with rare and unreleased on
    vinyl tracks, and a new Puddu Varano 12" with a remix by Raw Deal.

    2-Step: Daniel Bedingfield remixes the new Beverly Knight single
    "Shoulda Woulda Coulda", the "Pussy (remixes)" 12" a new breakstep
    monster from DJ Hype, the Dred Controllers chop up Jennifer Lopez's
    "Ain't It Funny" and turn it into a tasty 2-step track, and Go Beat
    promo 12"s of Platinum 45's "Oi".

    Other: Latest issues of Big Daddy, Plastiks (the Belgian SNC), Straight
    No Chaser and Wire magazines.

    For more info on these releases and the full listing of what new titles
    we have in stock this week please check our new releases list. If you
    would like to receive this list and our weekly new releases list
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    or call 888-GROOVE-4 ext. 103.

    Dirk van den Heuvel
    President/GM, Groove Distribution
    "Your Guide To The Underground"

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