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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 23:34:14 CET

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    Dirk van den Heuvel wrote:

    > Sorry. I bought my Cowboy Bebop remix CD at a Japanese magazine/music
    > store in Arlington Heights and I think I paid $30 or so myself. Never
    > really been able to sort out a good, reasonably priced source for
    > Japanese music to wholesale.

    I buy Japanese music all the time, so I know the best places to get
    releases of specific genres, labels, etc... Here's some selling from $16
    and up:

    [places with the largest selection]: HMV, CD Japan, Fujisan, JPopHelp

    If you're buying a lot, and are the best
    places. Both have interfaces in English. HMV's shipping is the steepest
    of all the shops I have listed here, but they've got shopping credit, so
    in time you'd eventually $20+ discounts to cut down some of the shipping
    CD Japan has lower shipping prices and very favorable Yen to USDollar
    conversion. CD's there sell for around USD$23, but there is no shopping
    credit. Go to HMV if you intend on buying more than once so to make use
    of the shopping credit. Go to CDJapan if you're just in want of a single
    purchase. CD Japan and HMV take only 2 to 3 days to ship.
    There's (also available in English) which has some of the
    largest inventory along with CD Japan and HMV. And they've got the
    cheapest shipping prices of these three.

    And there's JPopHelp, with similar prices as FujiSan. But they also
    carry pirated copies, which are easy to spot (see below)

    [best prices, and some with smaller selection]: YesAsia, (also) Fujisan
    and JPopHelp

    There's YesAsia. They generally have the best prices because of two
    things, 1) their shipping is among the cheapest, 2) and they stock
    overseas releases of Japanese albums which means you can get them for
    around $16. But their selection is the smallest, they carry mostly
    mainstream releases. However, like all the stores mentioned, you can
    special request order for things they don't have listed. They're also the
    slowest of the three in shipping. And when you choose items from this
    store make sure you check who the record label is, as recently they' been
    carrying more "faun baun" release, meaning they're pirated copies. You
    can easily tell however by looking at the tracklisting (ie. if there's a
    ridculous number of tracks) and the publisher. Some of the known
    pirating publishers: Ho Sun, Ever,...

    And there's OtherMusic which carries a nice selection of Shibuya-kei
    release and other indies and underground stuff. Favorably shipping,
    similar prices as YesAsia, Fujisan, JPopHelp.

    There are many others, those are the better ones that come to mind at the
    moment. It's somewhat unnerving with all the choices and various
    pricings. If you have any questions, or you know which releases you want
    and would like to know the best place to get 'em, feel free to e-mail me.

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