Re: zero 7 on sale cheap

From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 05:35:20 CET

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    At 17:03 +0000 03/05/02, mark givens wrote:
    >dear list: I purchased zero 7 's cd at Barnes and Noble(brick n
    >mortar) for 11.99 . i dont know if this is a system wide sale but
    >its the going rate in Baltimore md. I heard them playing"this
    >world"( a gilles petersen fave for 2 years now) on the PA and walked
    >up and asked " are you selling that here now?" lo and behold its
    >the cheapest thing in the store(besides the blood n fire dub
    >samplers you see from time to time) at 11.99 plus tax> great cd

    I noticed that it was down at that price at Tower the last time I
    wandered through. But, now that my Brother has his own copy, I can
    listen to mine.

    erik g


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