Blue Brazil

From: Tom Giles (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 14:43:35 CET

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    dear list,
    I've just recently picked up Blue Brazil vols 1&2. Don't know why
    i've never listened to them before, they're wicked. Anyway, i was
    wondering firstly exactly how one might describe the styles of
    music on this compilations (i'm looking for a bit more than
    'Brazillian' here obviously...). Secondly where can i find out more
    about this kind of stuff? Like webpages, books, magazines, etc?
    Lastly anybody heard the album by Os Tres Morais from which the
    song 'Frei Aerodinamico' is taken, or the album by Antonio
    Aldolpho and A Brazuca 1971 Lp from which 'Transamazonia' is

    Thanks in advance,

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