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Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 20:30:50 CET

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    Two and a half weeks without a proper coffee is a long time!
    A few thank you's to those on my travels

    Zurs and the good Doctor
    Firstly a big thank you to Christof Murr aka the good doctor of Zurs. Cuki spending 5 wonderful days at the beautiful ski resort of Zurs, Arlberg before heading off to London and Oslo. A remarkable place to ski and chill one's boots before such a trip (need one after too). Christof also running the weekly 'Pleasure Lounge' club on a Monday night where I was playing a few tunes for the locals. So mending broken bones, dislocated shoulders and torn ligaments by day, organising the very best parties in the Arlberg region by night. Hats off to the Doc! Yes, a sort of DJ junction and stop off for those hard working travelling DJ's on their way to wherever.
    I have to say many thanks also to Michael aka DJ Hopfi for getting me up when I was down and down when I was up. And believe me after Zurs to Lech ski run, I was pretty tired and down more then I was up! In fact two weeks later and I'm still feeling my quads! Greetings also to the lovely Sammy and Irene at the Enzian Hotel, all the crew at the Edelweiss hotel. Charly at Radio Antenne and everyone else in the town. See you all in early April

    Give me back my Jaffa cakes?
    To the person who stole the box of Jaffa cakes out of Release the Groove last Saturday! Can you return them to their rightful owner please?
    Yep, only this could happen in London town folks. Mind you, that's peanuts after having your digital camera, 3 memory cards with over 200 pictures on, mini disc player, microphone, diary, the 'hush hush' CD-R collection (50 CD-R's) stolen from the same city a week earlier! No doubt the Cuki happy to be back in wonderful Wien and making even more sense why I left that soulless place in the first place! Sorry guys, but not much soul in a city that steals Jaffa cakes and digital cameras :( We just don't do that sort of thing here.

    Oslo and a new undisputed international playboy DJ champion!
    When Jim Jarmusch made the film 'Night on Earth', he missed out on the surreal city of Oslo. I guess only me and Nik can truly understand the situations we sometimes find ourselves in. Yes, another strange night on the road for the Granny boys? Finding yourself at a dinner table with DJ Cliffy, Chris Ducksworth (Swag), 'Hearsay' (some pop group they tell me?) on another table nearby (Nik very excited by this, bless him). Also in attendance, original playboy international jazz DJ himself Eivind Olsvik, Andre from Jazid and that man Morten who brings us over for the fine and enjoyable 'Head On' gigs. The Lotus restaurant/bar the venue for the first part of the evening's adventure. DJ's Cliffy(Batmacumber/Future World Funk) and Oslo's premier and OPIJDJ Shaven Eivind (Moosjuus/HiFi Terapi) playing there that night at the Lotus and probably the reason why they had twenty plus 'bouncers' at the door. I reckon it was to keep all those girls at bay Eivind. Anyway, me and 'Nippon' head off to 'Head On', asking all the right people for directions of course. And if in Oslo, do head off to 'Head On' and go straight to the bottom bar and check out the very lovely Maren! Many thanks to the most beautiful bar person in the universe. Check out too the new Cuki choice of liquid refreshment for travelling DJ's. 2cl of peach liquor, 2cl Vodka, cranberry juice, lemonade. It's officially called a 'Boots Juice'. and Cuki happy to let Nik play 3 x 8 minute tracks while propping up the bar drinking plenty 'Boots juice' ;) Did ya notice how short my tracks were Nik!
    A special mention to the space princess on a journey from love. We think her name was Anett but we believe even she isn't sure of this? Next time you see Cliffy, do ask for more details? And don't tell me you fell asleep Mr Batmacumber? Quote of the night....... 'I LOVE', righteous words indeed from the space princess.
    Many thanks again to all in Oslo especially Morten.

    Nice people in London?
    Well after losing my Jaffa cakes and all, it was still reassuring to know that there are still some honest and worthy people in my old home town.
    A little bit of Vienna came to town to keep me company too! Stefan Morth aka Stereotyp in town to cut his new long player for G-Stone, nuff shopping with his lovely girlfriend Sara and we reckon London is a top quality rip off! 25 quid for a buzz cut and what about the hairdresser who said 'we only do scissors'! Er
    Shouts and praises to Chris Fleming and Ben at Laws of Motion records. Look out for plenty goodies from the LOM camp in the forthcoming weeks. Kaidi album ready to shop too.
    Mimi and Alex at Cisco, again so may goodies getting their way into Cuki's bag. In fact I came back to Vienna with 50 kilo's! Not bad since I only went out with 20 kgs. All things Japanese at Cisco worth investigating and look out for some serious Kerbcrawling very soon. To Stefan, Simbad, Fred, Andy and the crew at Special distribution. These guys moving such fine labels as Earth Project, Chilli Funk, Yellow, Papa etc. Look out too for some mighty productions coming from the basement of 91 Brick lane in the spring. Talking about the labels and the men behind them? Felix at Earth Project, look out again for plenty runnings from EP. Waiwan, Uschi Classen albums bagged and some new twelve's to roll out too. Oli, Louise and 'chill' Will at Papa records. Again another new label that just keeps on hitting the right buttons. Mr Jamie Jimpster, at the moment somewhere doing his thing in the USA. Look out also for quality twelve's coming from Freerange records and hold tight for a new Jamie Jimpster long player in the spring. Mum doesn't sing this time but Jamie's girl does. Alex and the crew at Rocket Science, Duncan and posse at Zzonked, both promotional companies mailing out the right things and to the right DJ's. Cuki happy to support all you send. Sherri aka little Sista Soul and another very lovely Mel, this one though from sunny Southend. Looking forwards to your chart little sista and your visit to Wien in April. The shops especially Matt, Sean, Kev at Release the Groove, All at Flying, JP and the crew at Junkies. Yukimi, Magnus, Oscar the Koop crew, Tom and Phil at Head On management. Great time at Cargo and cool to see Koop thing finally on the road. Mr Allan Sovs as ever and of course my big bro Nigel Prankster and the crew at the Charterhouse. Ade the man at PP. Simone aka Big Bang. My ol buddy Nippon Nik and the peeps who came down to 'Bite your Granny', Sophie, Lucy P, Koh, Gabor, Erykah and Sean, Natalie and Saira, Mari, Bob,
    And finally to my two favourite peeps in London. Anna and the original Cuki B (see ya on the 26th ;) Hanging out in Queens Park always the sweetest! The comfiest bed in the world, the best food outta Baker & Spice, best selection of music in London town and the two sweetest girls. I love your boots :)

    Check out the adventures of Carly An old London friend back in LA and writing many an entertaining article.
    Well, you'll be pleased to know that I am away next week too so no circular for a fortnight. I'll try not to lose anything else

    And finally, happy birthday to the P_EACE man.

    Dr Boots prescribes the following for your forthcoming aural pleasure.
    *Nu Bitz this week
    So many records to check up on! I'm not even half way through the mountain of records and CD's I brought back from London and of what came through the mail box while I was away. Please be patient with the Cuki as he slowly but surely gets those reactions back to you.

    *The Bug feat Tikiman - Live & Learn (Morpheous) 12"
    A flipside with Tikiman? Is someone having a laugh! Hey Duncan, shift me ten copies for Vienna bro. This is what we do over here. The best record not recorded by the Typ and exactly the type of deepness you experience at a Monday night Dub club session here in Wien. It's got the worst jacket in the history of cover art but man does it go deep. I'm thinking of the original lick regarding Kosheen's 'Hide U' and that genius Tikiman soothing over his wordly selection.

    *Quant - Stimulus (Hollow) 12"
    New Hollow single with Joans Quant this time at the controls. Expect super richness and many textures in the keyboard work out as ever from Jonas. Add some soulful beats and a hint of that Gonkyburg bass and you get a recipe for another monster groove from Sweden.

    *Chari Chari - In Time (Toys Factory) CD
    Excellent musical experience and everything a modern day sonic soundscape should be. Everton Nelson steals the show with the most amazing string arrangements. A truly epic aural journey with the music captivating the listener from the very first note. This is exactly what the Japanese do so well at. Arrangements, production, sonics.

    *Zero 7 - Distractions (Bugz in the Attic remixes)(Ultimate Dilemma) CD-R
    Who's bigger? Zero 7 or Bugz in the Attic? Round our way, its the Bugz! West London musical hooligans deliver two distinctive north Acton rubs for the next Z7 single. Check for the minimal and darker second mix. Lets hope they both make the cut. Maybe that jazzy Stockholm track will surface too.

    *Karin Krog - Raindrops, Raindrops (Crippled Dick) 1xLP
    Excellent compilation of Norway's first lady of Jazz. Nice to see such compilations of true underground jazz singers such as Karin Krog and Kitty Winter appear on labels such as Crippled Dick and Spinning Wheel in these times. This compilation of music just showing how far forward her music really was. There will be some really interesting remixes of KK coming too.

    *Uschi Classen - Album (Earth Project) CD-R
    Uschi pushes the envelope even further. 10 top selections from the forthcoming album and reinforcing the super consistent Earth Project imprint. Past favs like 'Home', 'Now Illuminate are included too. Eska and Robert Owens list as featured singers.

    *UFO - V (Cutting Edge) CD
    This is deep. Forget that campness in past close encounters with UFO, this goes very deep and very spiritual. Only really towards the end of the selection do UFO remember their roots. Personally I think this is their best album ever. Heart felt, deep, sincere and very moving.

    Gotan Project - Triptico (Peter Kruder 'Trip De Luxe' remix) 12"
    This back in Fall! Secret rendezvous at the Wirr! Dr Boots undercover bizniz with his big mac on. Man dressed in black walks in with a package. Dr Boots unnoticed, slips this package into his raincoat. Thankfully the raincoat is heat resident cause this package is hot. So hot, he needed oven gloves to put it into the CD player when he got home. Aiight, the best dance record of the new century gets the Viennese treatment. And oh my god, what a treatment it is. P_EACE ,man delivers what Dr Boots thinks is his finest and most respectful remix ever. A tough job to remix the Triptico track. Its just so f**king awesome as it is. But Mr Kruder comes through with flags, horns, bells, flying colours and a big smile on Cuki's face!

    Jazzanova - In Between (JCR/Compost) CD-R
    Well, if you need oven gloves for the 'Trip De luxe' mix then you need full asbestos lining to protect you from the heat with this 13 tracker. Jazznaova come through with the first of what we hope will be many long players. 'In Between' is everything Jazzonva promised to be. All the other tracks they did before, all the remixes! They were just the paving the way for this baby. And you know how good the tracks before were! Hold your horses for April release, because thats when it arrives.

    *Neon Phusion - Its Another EP (Laws of Motion) 12"
    Yes the boys are back! Alex, Kaidi, Orin and probably a few more of those giving us the Nu phusion lick. Do they ever sleep? Thankfully for us it seems not! 3 tracks including a vocal of 'Timeless Motion' apear on the new twelve.

    *US3 - Get out (Afronaught mix)(Universal) 12'
    Bugz come through yet again. No I'm not on the payroll at Minerva road though it may seem that way! Afronaught to be more precise, and Mr Orange Water even manages to blow away a reasonable Truby Trio mix too. Daddy O-Bug on top form and check out their weekly new night at the 'Cherry Jam' venue in Royal Oak. West London of course

    *Rima - Try to Understand (Papa) 12"
    Pressure mix the one for me. Another worthy outing for the Rima crew and Papa just going from strength to strength. Already at number 9 and no signs of holding back. Expect all the west London boys to be playing this. Check the excellent Everyday People twelve too featuring Marcus Begg

    *Brandy - The Ritual (Yellow) 12"
    Both sides epic on the floor. Original rub on the deep tribal route while chateau Flight take the nu jazz path. Another CD-R that I can discard and nice to see all these tracks finally surfacing after what sometimes seems an eternity.

    *Difusion - Khamelion (Far Out) 12"
    Nice to finally see this surface as a twelve after many a month on CD-R. Another super strong outing from Jamie and Daniel and those who worshiped the 'Illusive Angel' track sure not to be disappointed.

    *Modaji - Pre Sets sampler (Laws of Motion) 12"
    West London restless soul boy with the skill to bring London soul back into the 21st century. A few tracks that didn't make the last album and a few that only featured on those ultra rare and collectable Japanese twelve's. Quality always assured with Dominic Jacobson

    *Dudley Perkins - Flowers (Stones Throw) 7"
    Madlib on his magical music journey again. This man dosen't need mushrooms! On a roll with everything he touches and this my favourite incarnation of him with the low fi minimal soulful jazzified hip hop flava. Yesterday New Quintet all over again.

    Plej - V/T (?) CD-R
    My exclusive CD-R just got better and I'm not kidding when I say this is the best unsigned music out there. The Plej consortium come through with a 14 track CD for the Cuki and selected friends. New cuts, tighter mixes. Its the best soft electronica I've heard in ages folks and is the Cuki choice for future success. Arvid, Jabo and Eerik (Plej) also get this sound out live.

    *Jol - V/T (?) 2xCD
    Yes its the Gothenburg section of the chart, and why not with what's coming out of Gonkyland. They weren't kidding when they told me the west coast is the best coast. New and improved selections from the Jol man and one CD containing his awesome soundtrack stuff.

    *Stateless - Falling into (Swell Session remix)(Freerange) CD-R
    Andreas Saag aka Swell Session teams up with Jamie Jimpsters Freerange label to give us a slightly more electronic side to his soul. This chart is containing at least 4 positions form the crews in Gothenburg and believe me there is plenty more to come. Check the remix for the soulful voice of Ernesto.

    *V/A - Music & Movement (Climate) 2xCD-R
    And about time someone gave Nik Weston a proper musical journey to compile. One of my favourite musical selectors gives us his vision on all things latin, broken, phuture and nu. 21 track CD with a few top exclusives to keep the headz happy. A 8 track vinyl will follow too to keep the jocks happy. You'll be pleased to hear that there are 5 tracks from the land of the rising sun. Only 5? Hats of to my bro.

    *Pacific Express - The way it used to be (Misa Negra mix)(Counterpoint) 12'
    A choice track for the 'Afrika Underground' compilation gets rubbed up the right way. Misa Negra, could that be another codename for a Minerva Rd outfit? Of course it is and yet again the boys deliver another wonderful excursion into all things phuturistic and broken while still retaining the essential elements of Afrika.

    Yukihiro Fukutomi - Play back (Forma) 12"
    My ol' mucker Nik Weston been teasing me with this for too long! I didn't even have a CD-R. But my bros far east come through wit readies and I get to slam this in my toolbox with a big grin :) Just to show there is truth in the old saying, ''good things come to those who wait''! Or that you have the right contacts! Limited Japanese pressing and guess what? Some big boy American label got twitchy enough to sign it up. Expect Nitegroove bizniz and a release for the UK soon from Disorient.

    *Guida De Palma - New Morning (Soul Source) 2xLP 1x12"
    Kitty Winter classic produced by Da Lata and friends. Typically Japanese and enough campness to move the floor at any time. Seek out on a Routine album or twelve. Japanese so you'll have to seek hard.

    *Atjazz - Lab Results (Mantis) CD-R
    A selection of remixes from the excellent Lab Funk album with some new remixes and new tracks to boot. The ever consistent Atjazz and Mantis records never letting go of the groove. This may not see light of day as a remix album but you can bet your last Euro that there will be some tasty twelve's in the stores in months to come

    *Yukihiro Fukutomi -Expressions (Jimpster remix)(Forma) CD-R
    Hackney Wick lick for the very talented Yuki Fukutomi. Jamie not lacking in the talent stakes either. Another guy that just doesn't let go of the groove either. Always extra helpings of bass and the warmest keyboards in the land when Jamies around.

    *Scuba feat Alma Horten - Give it all you got (Archive) 12" Another CD-R that can be taken out of circulation! This CD many a moon old and mighty fine news to see a vinyl copy in my mail box. Ta to the 4-4-2 man. Volcov's sometimes partner in crime, the Domu adding another 'out there' remix.

    *Paradox - A Black Sun (Archive) 12"
    The B side with its roots strictly imbedded in proper breakbeat. This is heavy metal for he jazz headz. Hard and fast, so you'll need some of Austria finest Red Bull to keep up with the pace. Takes me back to the good ol' days of Reinforced.

    *Fresh n Low - Sweet Inspiartion (Papa) 12"
    Produced by the multi talented Scotsman Callum Walker. Soulful and very sexy house riddem straight in the box for all the girls in Trieste, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Debrecen. One of the great things about broken beats is the fact that some less adventurous house producers have begun to add another beat or two to the track. The B side is a perfect example of being creative but staying true to you roots.

    *V/A - No Categories 5 (Ubiquity) 2xLP
    Another strong selection for the No Cats series, including new mixes for Beatless, Cuica and a brand new track for P'taah. Mid March release and just the tip of the iceberg regarding new and exciting music out of the Ubiquity imprint this spring and summer.

    Sun Ra - The Satellites are spinning (Zero dB mix)(Mo Smog) CD-R
    6 in the am. Flex regulars leaving the very first party of December 01. But wait, the P_EACE man has one more tune to drop. In the back ground crashing drums and horns introduce an exclusive. Someone too is calling planet Earth. Could that really be June Tyson? Er, it's at this time that we totally lose control of our boots! Neil and Chris watch on in amusement. So here it is, the maddest, the craziest remix of the year already. Zero dB excel themselves with this, their most outrageous remix. Some how and in some place far from this planet, the Ra is dancing his cosmic boots to the Z dB! Respect to the Ra, respect to the dB.

    Joseph Malik - Diverse (Compost) 2xLP
    I'm getting lost with how many great albums coming out of Haggar St. The first, second and thrid are all on Compost. Every damn track hitting Cuki's neurological, biological and physiological systems. Wow, upbeat, downbeat, nubeat, even beats with drum n bass in it. All songs too. Yep it's all here and it's all very very good. Totally awesome album, it really is. Start saving your local currency now brothers and sisters!

    Seelenluft - Album sampler (Klein) CD-R
    A mad capper from somewhere else! They tell me Switzerland and if its true then Switzerland got a lot to answer for. No really, this total loon on pure class pills as the next level of eccentric mood making and sonic soundscaping gets ready to be released at the end of April. Even those who enjoyed the excellent Synchronschwimmer EP last year in for a shock and a treat.

    Sun Ra - Sunset on the Nile (Eddy & Dus remix)(Mo Smog) CD-R
    Think the boys from Zagreb must have been pushing a supermarket trolley with a wonky wheel when they conceived this remix. It really does go all over the place. Sun Ra gets to go all broken beat. Right now, Eddy & Dus are two of the most exciting producers around and this adventurous remix shows how fearless they are with it. Two Sun Ra tracks in Cuki's chart. Maybe we should give Saturn a call and get him over for a gig?

    John Kong & Moonstar - Future Visions (Zero dB remix)(Fluid Ounce) 12"
    This time Chris and Neil give Toronto the treatment. The ZdB take their imperial measurements to the 'Movement' man and last years dance floor secret weaponry Moonstar and deliver another top form remix for the true nu jazz collective. The vinyl sounds fat and immediately makes it's way into Cuki's toolbox for more excursions into Europe. Check the orignial rub too.

    4 Hero - Hold it down (Bugz & Osunlade mixes)(Talkin' Loud) 2x12"
    Dollis Hill gets the Bitasweet treatment. The favourite track from the awesome 'Creating Patterns' album in clubland gets two excellnet Minerva Road rubs. Bugz as a collective and by the free spirited Kaidi Tatham. Osunlade gets a slab all to himself to warm you up even more.

    Agent K - Feed the Cat (Laws of Motion) CD
    Bugz boy wonder Kaidi Tatham with the long awaited album. I remember all those years ago Chris Fleming at Laws of Motion telling me that he wanted to sign Kaidi for an album. Well, here it is and both Chris and Kaidi can be extremly proud of the result. Always spiritual, Its the way of the Agent K, always moving forward, the natural way of Laws of Motion records. 12 awesome tracks that include Betcha, Ladies, Armz R Deh and nuff tracks about cats. Look out also for a BB Boogie remix of the title track.

    Carmel - NuJazzKilla (Fluid Ounce) 12"
    The bomb from Budapest, and this the top tune for the Crate Soul Brothers for many a moon finally finds its way into the mucky hands of those lovely chummies at Floz. Expect girls to take their clothes off to this as you wipe out all competition with the killa track of the night! Yep, another out there party tune that makes any DJ look good. The ZdB and the Floz know how to rock the house.

    Mum - The Fishing (Klein) 2xLP
    No, not my mum but the Mum on Klein records! And Mum mix it up like no other outfit on the Klein label either. Mind you, my mum could mix it if she knew what I spent on records each month. Expect thunderstorms and lightning strikes along side the sweetest slices of melancholy in the forthcoming 'Szabotnik 15 mission' album. The Fishing track though spooking out Bootsville tenants and guests alike. Lights off here in the 15th Bezirk.

    Microfish - Keen/Its me (Stereotyp mix)(Dialog) 12"
    Excellent moody music from the Sonar Kollecktiv group including that man from the 18th district Mr S/Typ on remix duty. In fact both sides kill ya with Stefen's mix and a beautiful ballad featuring Mr Meitz on keyboard duties and Onna on the vocals.

    Art Konik - Vendetta Society (Comet) CD-R
    Excellent long player from Parisian based drummer and percussionist Nicolas Gorge. He's giving us a bundle of awesome twelve's these last few years on the ever consistent Comet label and now 10 tracks sit nicely in the CD player. More educated nu jazz for the headz!

    Total Science - Sugar Sweet (Hidden Agenda remix)(Head to Toe) 12"
    3rd instalment from the nu jazz collective of Italy. This label not letting up it seems. T.Science and H. Agenda no strangers to the future funk scene get it on with a large dosage of thick and chunky groovyness. More then enough bottom end to break a few bassbins.

    Precyz - Comanche (Nylon) 12"
    A favourite with DJ Morpheus and the Straight no Chaser crew for a long time. Fresh music out of sunny Lisbon. Howie B (remember him) turns out one of his best remixes for ages and the original makes me wanna fly to warmer climates. Those who enjoy the sound of Nina Miranda and Smoke City, then this is essential.

    Dom Um Romao - Groovystation (Ian O'Brien remix)(Irma) 12"
    OB the master of combination. Old and new, fusion and funk, techno and house. Excellent tribal remix from the Essex boy and time spent in Brazil obviously paying off as the ride of this rhythm feels as authentic as any Brazilian producer.

    Sepia - Last Tango in Paris (Hammock remix)(Irma) 12"
    Gato Barbieri is the man! Robert Grillo and the Chicago crew know this and give one of the classics the 21st century house treatment. Chicago was the birth place of house music and believe it or not, some good house music still comes out of there. I hear many complaining that what happened to Chicago? Check this out then with it's warm and loving cello's and strings. Those who enjoyed the MKL vs Soy Sos stuff need to get alarm bells set for this.

    Vikter Duplaix - Sensuality (K7) 12"
    Taken from Vikter's forthcoming comp for the DJ kicks series with this the exclusive track stealing the limelight. We though have to wait for a twelve as it didn't hit the finished version of the vinyl album. Without doubt Philli's finest ladiez man in ridiculous form. If 01 was big for Vikter then 02 gonna be even bigger. Check this for the start of it.

    Nuspirt Helsinki - Album (Guidance) CD-R
    It's been a long time coming but Thomas, Kasio, Lil Tony and the crew finally finnish (no pun intended) this their first long player. Anybody that got off on the Compost twelve or the excellent releases for Guidance surely in need of this. Cuki getting excited by the nice down tempo tracks too.

    This weeks Java Joint.
    The Fourth Way - The Sun and the Moon have come together
    Harvest 1C 062-80 507 (1969)
    Some how got into this little gem this afternoon while compiling the Cuki chart. The Fourth Way were a bit of an enigma through the jazz world. I think they only recorded three albums in total and all the representatives of the band were highly skilled and talented musicians. Together though, the band never really took off. Michael White on violin, Mike Nock on keys, Ron Mclure on double bass and Eddie Marshall on drums. This album recorded live in New Orleans. 'Strange Love' with it's electric model feel the stand out track on this album. Worth a check.

    Bussi babba
    Till the next time
    The one sweet daddy

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