The Down Low #22 Playlist

From: Wayne Pate (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 14:16:26 CET

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    From the "make-shift studio" in Brooklyn, NY it's The Down Low Net-Radio

    show with your host Wayne Pate. Check out the show for the latest
    beats-universal sounds.


    The Down Low #22 Playlist with guest Alan "Cukipapa" Brown

    1. Astrud Gilberto W/ Stanley Turrentine- Travelling Light- Wah Wah
     2. Jiva- Love Chooses Lovers- Giant Step
     3. Air- People In The City (Modjo Version)- Virgin
     4. Peven Everett- Soul Tempura/Good Lovin'- Diaspora Recordings

    Alan "Cukipapa" Brown DJ Set
     1. Intro
     2. Stereotyp- Gazzui Matter- G Stone/Ecco Chamber
     3. Disfusion- Khamelion- ?
     4. Sonar Lodge & 404- Celsius- SSR/Crammed
     5. Gotan Project- Triptico (Peter Kruder Remix)- Ya Basta
     6. Needs- Worlds (Beyond The Ozone Mix)- Needs
     7. Cuicia- Afrique- ?
     8. Sun Ra- The Satellites Are Spinning (Zero dB Mix)- Mo Smog
     9. Espen Horne- Karma Elastica- Stereo Deluxe
     10. Joseph Malik- Futuristica- Compost

    End of set
    1. Yesterday's New Quintet- Heaven Must Be Like This- Ubiquity


    Next show, dj set by Rainer Truby plus new music by: Misa Negra, Black
    Rio Comp, UFO,Nu Spirit Helsinki and more!

     Guest dj set upcoming line up: Nik Weston, Michael Rutten, Fabrizio
     Carrer, Nickodemus & Osiris, Swell Sessions and more in the future.
     Don't miss out!


    Want your music played on The Down Low and out & about in NYC, send it
    Wayne Pate
    180 Atlantic Ave #3
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

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