Interview tonight

Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 19:24:34 CET

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     Tonight during the Power of Sound (8-10 PM Pacific Standard Time) Gavin
    Hardkiss will be my guest! We will talk about his new music and he will
    conjure up a short set during the first hour of the Power of Sound as
    well. The Power of Sound can be found at on the internet and
    for those of you who are fairly local it can be found at KAZU 90.3 fm!
    Gavin and I will probably converse only in a strange African tongue
    (learned when we were still amateurs!) but listeners should easily
    understand the sign language we will also use simultaneously(well,
    almost). Music will be featured from the new Six Degrees Records release.

    Check it OUT!

    the - leslie/The Power of Sound

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