Re: Whatever happened to the single? (Huh?)

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Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 00:17:33 CET

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    The article does point out, though, that only the Dance music
    section of the Virgin Megastore they mention has a lot of singles in
    stock, presumably mostly on vinyl. Its hardly surprising that most
    members of this list buy mostly singles and mostly vinyl, since
    that is the way dance music is produced: it is dj orientated. So
    pretty much everybody who wants to buy dance music has to buy
    the vinyl singles like the djs do, just as has been going on since
    the days of Reggae. It'll only stop when people stop djing with
    vinyl... which isn't going to happen soon, if ever. We'll only start
    buying more albums and less singles when dance music becomes
    less dj orientated, because the nature of djing requires that the dj
    select particular tracks, rather than albums, to play, which makes
    the product output singles orientated. since dance music
    becoming less dj orientated is rather a contradiction in terms, the
    kinds of speculations made in this article are completely irrelevant
    to us.
    Well that's what i think anyways....

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    > I was reading an article on CNN's web site, and I'm rather bemused
    > considering that I've bought more singles in the last several years
    > than I've done albums. It's an interesting take, though, from a U.S.
    > consumer's perspective...and that of the industries.
    > The articles is at
    > /index.html.
    > Thoughts?
    > V.

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