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Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 06:45:02 CET

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    The Power of Sound - 3/7/02 - streaming at 90.3 fm
    Produced, programmed and mikkledd gllooppe by the - Leslie Shill
    Big thanks to Bob Duskis and Six Degrees Records for having the audible & rhythmic vision!
    Huge WOW to OM Records and Dirk for "Departures" my favourite OM release so far!
    Compost for Joseph Malik - Yes Indeedy!
    1/.  Interview with Gavn Hardkiss aka Hawke with a mix featuring tracks from the new album
          by Hawke
    a/. Mass
    b/. Now We Know - Lovesky Remix
    c/. Party People(We're Gonna Change The World) feat. Sir Adamsmasher
    d/. Midnight Ravers - feat. Joe B.
    e/. Sticky Trumpets
    f/. Pacificodelic feat. DJ Adnan
    g/. Le Le Lengwe
    h/. Salome's Last Chance
    i/. Starfish Waitress feat. Sir Adamsmasher
    j/. Everything Will Be OK
    k/. High On The Sea
    Six Degrees Records -
    9-10 pm
    1/. Joakim Lone Octet - Sphinx(next evidence remix) - Departures - OM
    2/. The Bluefoot Project - Acetate Remix - Observations Remix - Chocolate Fireguard
    3/. Telefuzz - Hindenburg - Sleep - Upstairs/Nettwerk
    4/. Afro-Mystik - The Odyssey(Instrumental) - Departures - OM
    5/. Joseph Malik - I Don't Want - Diverse - Compost

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