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    Hi there. Its Matthew K from Interactive in Glasgow, Scotland here. Weekly
    residency on Tuesdays at Firebird on Old Dumbarton Road in Glasgow's west
    end. Also forthcoming dates at Pyrotechics at Club Alaska on 15th March with
    Aim (Grand Central) and the new 2nd room of the Sub Club on Saturday 9th
    March with Harri & Domenic.
    Also be sure to check out Matthew K in the mix with loads of special guest
    DJ's at the Interactive webstation at and on
    the Fenetik Radio Show on Radio Magnetic
    monthly on Wednesday's. Last date 20th March - Check the archive.

    Matthew K DJ Chart 6th March 2002

    1. Various: Music & Movement Vol 1 (Climate)
    Double CD of utterly stunning music, with countless Japanese nuggets finally
    getting a release over here. Compiled by Nik Weston, this is the perfect
    indicator of where music is just now. With an 8 track vinyl sampler to
    follow, this is comiplation of the year so far.

    2. Incognito: Reach Out - Remixes (Talkin Loud)
    Excellent package with remixes from Alex Attias, IG Culture, Pepe Braddock
    and Groove Chronicles on this double slice of vinyl. Go straight for the IG
    Culture Mix for the best thing he's done in ages.

    3. Ras: Rhythmic Altered State (Best Seven)
    Forthcoming on this Sonar Kollktiv offshoot, this CDr shows yet another
    genius talent from the Jazzanova family.

    4. Plej: Sampler CD 2000 (CDr)
    These guys are going to be massive. Following the release of their mega rare
    debut 12" (does anyone actually own a copy) they follow it up with a taster
    of their future releases. These guys need to be signed.

    5. 4 Hero: Hold It Down - Teebone & The Exemen Mixes (Talkin Loud)
    The remixes keep coming with some amazing sub bass 2 step buisness.

    6. Angie Stone: Wish I Didn't Miss You - Backroom Mix (Bootleg)
    More bootleg buisness with this gorgeous house reworking of Angie Stone. One
    for the Naked fans.

    7. Victor Davies: Sound Of The Samba - Remixes (JCR)
    Masters at Work do the remix treatment of this already classic track.
    Similar in style to their cover of 'The Ghetto' with George Benson, this
    shows them at the peak of their production skills. Truly delightful.

    8. Block 16: Morning Sun Remixed (Nuphonic)
    The original Block 16 album was arguably the finest long player in
    Nuphonic's catalogue and this remix album is full of gems. From Dubtribe
    taking on the Bim Sherman track to Attica Blues highly underrated Charlie
    Dark reworking the Jon Lucien track, this is very exciting.

    9. Stevie Wonder / D'Angelo: In My Mind / Da Joint (Bootleg)
    More smooth house reworkings on cheeky bootlegs. Stevie Wonder sounds as
    though he is the vocalist on a Mr Fingers track while D'Angelo moves into
    jazzy house territories. Superb.

    10. 4 Hero: Hold It Down Remixes (Talkin Loud)
    West London remixes of the mighty 4 Hero and every one is a gem. With Kaida
    Tatham and Bugz in the Attic both on remix duties and a whole slice of vinyl
    with Osunlade reworkings, this is nothing short of sublime.

    11. Jung Collective: Injustice (Nanny Tango)
    Through the Kudos crew this lovely 7" single has an amazing Plaid remix on
    the flip.

    12. Victer Duplaix: Sensuality (K7)
    Following on from the blinding DJ Kicks compilation here is yet more
    evidence of Victer's stunning future music.

    13. Zero 7: Truth and Rights (Another Late Night)
    A lovely exclusive from their forthcoming Another Late Night compilation.
    I'm sure they played this on their recent tour and it is as good, if not
    better, than anything off their album.

    14. Aqua Bassino: Baby C' Mon (F Com)
    Go straight for the Ron Trent mix which reinterprets the amazing album track
    into a Body and Soul style anthem.

    15. Su Paka Pooh: Sunny Side Garden (Disorient)
    Following on from their amazing cover of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, here
    we have a full length album from these amazing Japanese producers.

    16. Klaus Doldinger: Passport Remix 12" (Warners)
    Promo only 4 track vinyl with some amazing re-interpretations of this old
    jazz artist. Really going for the Rainer Truby mix but with the likes of
    Fauna Flash and Marsmobil also here, this is a must have.

    17. The Shiba Experiment: Hanadokei EP (Bambola)
    Fantastic future jazz house from Japan. With 3 excellent tracks on offer,
    the forthcoming compilation on Bambola should be something special.

    18. Ruisort: Acapulco Now (Certificate 18)
    Hailing from Mexico this long player shows Cerificate 18 following the Good
    Looking camp into a more nu jazz mould. Excellent.

    19. Lenny Costanza: Can't Get You Out Of My Bed (Red Egyptian)
    Been out for a short while now but only just tracked down Earl Zinger's jazz
    reworking of Kylie!!!

    20. Rhythm & Sound: We Been Traddin (Burial Mix)
    Those Germans have the reggae flowing through their blood. You know what to
    expect and you are never let down - perfect.

    21. Blue Six: Lets Do It Together (Naked)
    The most consistant house label on the planet never fail to pleasure us with
    their smooth, lush productions.

    22. Sandoz: King Dread (Soul Jazz)
    Richard H Kirk, the man from Cabaret Volataire gives us a sneak preview of
    his forthcoming dub album for Soul Jazz with this highly limited (only 300)

    23. Telefuzz: Sleep (Upstairs Recordings)
    Hailing from Canada, this is one of the most exciting labels around. 3
    tracks of synth led chilled grooves from Telefuzz and a bonus track from Ed
    Swankz, this will surprise many by its sheer beauty. For those who haven't
    heard - check out the 2 awesome 'Deepdown Tempos' compilations from this

    24. Femi Kuti: Do Your Best - Remixes (Barclay)
    With a special guest appearance from Mos Def and Faze Action on remix
    duties, this is the best afro beat release in a long time. Very tasty double

    25. Nu Spirit Helsinki: Album Promo (CDr)
    Only 100 in circulation and forthcoming on Guidance, this is already going
    to be one of the years best albums and we are only in January. Watch out for

    26. Koop: Waltz For Koop (JCR)
    Long awaited and finally released, this is a truly sublime album that sets
    the pace for 2002. Hopefuly this album will cross over like Zero 7 has, as
    it has the potential to be BIG.

    27. Susumu Yokota: Sound Of Sky (Exceptional)
    The most prolific man in electronic music continues with yet another quality
    album. This time its jazzy house grooves with some goreous melodies and
    wicked beats.

    28. Aril Brikha: Departure In Time (Transmat)
    After a decade long break Transmat are back with a full length album. This
    is real deep techno with those subtle jazz influences that the likes of Carl
    Craig and Derrick May first touched upon.

    29. Vikter Duplaix: DJ Kicks (K7)
    By far and away the best DJ Kicks mix Cd yet. On this vinyl version you get
    a stunning collection of future grooves, mostly rare and unrelesead. This is
    a must have LP.

    30. Dimension 5: Alien Artform (Delsin)
    Yet more stunning electronica from the mighty Delsin label.

    31. Fenomenon: Visjon Nord EP (Nuphonic)
    One of Nuphonic's brightest hopes give us their second EP after a long wait.
    Its worth it though with a varied selection ranging from the jazzy downtempo
    grooves, bossa beats and a remix from Compost's Butti 49.

    32. Dub War: Murderous Style / Generation (Tempa)
    Thanks to Dave at In Spirit for helping me track this label down. Stunning
    dubby 2 step that erupts on a loud system. Tempa is the label to watch for
    2002, along with the fab Horsepower productions and Ghost crew. This demands
    to be heard.

    33. Horsepower Productions: Electro Bass (Turn U On)
    More dubby 2 step buisness from Nico's new label. This is some of the best
    music being made today. Highly recommended.

    34.Angie Stone: Brotha - El B Mix (Arista)
    Straight to the El B mix for an amazing tough yet soulful 2 step remix.

    35.Various: After The Playboy Mansion - Laidback Mix (Virgin France)
    An amazing collection of exclusive Dimitri From Paris re-edits as well as
    some other cool gems.

    36. India Irie / Eric Sermon: Bootleg 12" (White)
    With a Naked style house mix of Irie's sublime 'Brown Skin' and an
    instrumental mix (except the Marvin Gaye vocal sample) of Eric Sermon's
    'Music', this will be in the box for a while.

    37. Fug: Thin Air (Nuphonic)
    A perfect meeting of minds with the delightful At Jazz reworking the
    gorgeous Fug. Chilled to the max, this will appeal to all the old soul boys.

    38. Frankie Valentine: Below The Radar (Sunshine Enterprises)
    One of the forgotten heroes of the nu-house sound of the mid 90's hits back
    with a highly musical long player from the excellent Sunshine Enterprises

    39. Subway: Subway Tracks EP (Nuphonic)
    Very Idjut Boys sounding, with some of the best house music around. 4 tracks
    full of funky rhythms and big basslines.

    40. Greg Long: Balance - Sampler (CDr)
    Lovely 3 track sampler from what is going to be an exceptional album and yet
    more evidence that its time to check out the chill out grooves from the USA
    and Canada.

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