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Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 10:48:11 CET

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    Can anyone give a tracklisting for this compilation?

    I think this music is mainly rio funk, quite popular in Brazil for a while
    and quite known in Brazil in general. A lot of them are JB covers and covers
    of other well known funk songs.

    I have a cd-r compilation which is quite dated now which I got from listee
    Tahira in São Paulo which has the following grooves:

    100% Festa vol.3.
    1. Almir Ricardi - Festa Funk
    2. Landy Zu et Totó - Hora da União (Sabasoul)
    3. Gerson King Combo - Good Bye
    4. Tony Bizarro - Estou Livre
    5. Painel de Controle - Black Coco
    6. Almir Ricardi - Pura
    7. Tim Maia - Do leme do pontal
    8. Sandra Sá - Quero ver você dançar
    9. Tim Maia - Sossego
    10. Marcos Valle - Estrelar
    11. Sonia Santos - Speed
    12. Luis Wagner - Guitarreiro
    13. Franco - 80 km/h
    14. Baiano e os novos caetanos - Veio Zuza
    15. Tim Maia - Mal de Amor
    16. Gerson King Combo - Just for You
    17. Jorge Ben - Veruschka
    18. Tim Maia - Pelo Amor de Deus
    19. Tim Maia - Reu Confesso

    I think you can still get these comps in Brazil. Just because Cliffy brings
    it out it finally gets some attention from the western hemisphere. I think
    brazilians find this music a bit corny, am I right Tahira? Oh I saw it
    mentioned in Big Daddy magazine btw.


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